Volkswagen will soon delight the automotive world with a new

Volkswagen скоро порадует автомобильный мир новым большим внедорожником

Three years ago, in 2013, at the Detroit Motor Show, the German automaker Volkswagen officially presented the automotive world with its conceptual prototype of a brand-new SUV CrossBlue. Then it was promised that very soon this concept car would be finalized to the production model. However, the years go by, and it seems that the serial seven-seater crossover, promised by the Germans, still does not exist. But the Germans, as always, are cleverly encrypted. Judging by the fresh spy shots of automotive paparazzi, which were bought and published on the portal Auto.qq, the Germans are big crossover work with might and main. On them we see a ready-made model, which, even without a protective camouflage net, is being tested in urban environments. In addition to these pictures, there is information that the German developers will officially present this model either at the end of this year, or immediately after the arrival of the new, 2017. Conveyor, from which the collected new ones will massively descend "Volkswagen's big crossovers, located in the Tennessee town of Chittanooga: here Volkswagen has its own rather big automobile plant.

Volkswagen скоро порадует автомобильный мир новым большим внедорожником In addition to the US-German production, there will also be Sino-German, in which province of the Middle Kingdom, it is not yet known. Volkswagen's Chinese representative office only clarified that in China "Volkswagen's big crossovers will start selling in 2017.

Speaking of a brand new off-road vehicle, the Germans for some reason are silent on the fact that it is based on the modular platform MQB, which is not so new. Under the hood of a nameless new crossover, several engines will be installed. So far, something definite can be said about only two of them: a two-liter turbocharged V4 petrol engine and a 3.6-liter petrol V6. It was rumored that electric motors would be added to a pair of these motors, that is, a large crossover would also be available in a hybrid version.

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Volkswagen скоро порадует автомобильный мир новым большим внедорожником The five-seater version of the new all-terrain vehicle will not be only seven-seater. The main competitors in the segment will be Ford Explorer, Honda Pilot and, of course, Toyota Highlander.

The dimensional characteristics of the new German SUV are not yet known. But, I think, they will not be much different from the size crossblue concept. And they = we just know: the prototype had a length of 4 m 89.6 cm, a width of 2 m 1.4 cm, and a height of 1 m 73.2 cm. Under the hood of the prototype there was a 190-strong diesel , turbocharged, and two electric engines for 54 and 114 horses.

Volkswagen скоро порадует автомобильный мир новым большим внедорожником

In addition to the seven-seater crossover, which even the Germans have not yet invented the name, they promise a couple more crossovers in the near future. One of them will be performed in the style of T-Cross Breeze.