Which lada grant to choose: liftback or sedan?


Sedan from Lada Granta during their stay in the markets (since 2011) has become the most popular in Russia, replacing the outdated "tag." The first two years, every 15th passenger car sold in Russia was just this model. A large number of orders forced AvtoVAZ to optimize production. In 2014, the official sale received a new model from the Lada Granta - with a body liftback. The novelty is different design and improved design elements. With its release, car enthusiasts wishing to purchase this model thought about the question: What is better than Grant sedan or Grant liftback? Consider the differences between these versions in order to decide which one will be more useful for you and what advantages it will give you.

Car Lada Granta

Benefits of the Lada Granta Sedan

The popularity of this model led to:

  • versatility - the sedan is practical and as a family car, and as a workhorse for the transport of goods, and as a taxi;
  • a rich set of complete sets: from cheap Spartan "standard" to comfortable "luxury";
  • good ground clearance (16 cm) provides cross-country off-road;
  • spacious lounge, comfortable for tall people (above 195 cm);
  • trim cheap, but provides practicality;
  • roomy trunk with full-size spare wheel.

Чиать далее о том, какую Ладу Гранту выбрать: лифтбек или седан?-->Конечно, такие свойства, несмотря на недостаточно представительный и совсем не изящный внешний вид, ценятся и сейчас. Многие автолюбители, размышляя, Лада Гранта лифтбек или седан — что лучше, останавливаются на седане, так как готовы пожертвовать красотой дизайна ради более низкой стоимости и неприхотливости в обслуживании.

Lada Granta sedan

Changes to the liftback

With the release of the Lada in the back, AvtoVAZ lifbek used for the first time the experience of foreign automakers creating in one model options with different bodies. But only if there have been changes in the back or is this version different in design, interior design, driving performance?

Lada Granta liftback

Improved design and advanced options

The new outlines gave beauty a liftback, grace, in comparison with him, the sedan is completely unassuming, next to the liftback it looks rather sad, boring.

  • Bumpers are painted in contrast to the sedan version in body color.
  • The shape of the grooves at the front bumper is changed, which makes the exterior design more modern. The rest of the front is almost the same as in the sedan model, but even the modified shape of the bumper with built-in niches for the fog light made the car's exterior more harmonious and light.
  • Exterior mirrors have become stylish, original, contribute to increased aerodynamic performance. They have built-in turn signal repeater.
  • The license plate is attached to the back of the door; thanks to the vacant space, fog lights were installed on the bumper.
  • Better was the aerodynamics due to the selection of the angle of the rear window.
  • Due to the sloping glass in the rain is cleared by air flow, because there is no need for a rear wiper. This principle was first applied in the development of AZLK.
  • Taillights repeat the shape of a sedan, but have become.
  • Limiters are designed on the front doors; when closing, the effect of the closer is achieved, a new seal is added. This eliminated the creaking when opening the door and the rattle of the glass, as it was in the sedan.

In general, the five-door Grant liftback with a smooth transition to the rear of the top, with a falling roof, original rear doors, self-cleaning rear window looks much more stylish and better than the sedan version.

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Restyling in the cabin

The change in the body did not affect the capacity of the car. On the contrary, the new version of auto liftback is much more comfortable than the previous ones. Finishing also from inexpensive, but practical materials. Passengers are also comfortable, as in the model sedan. But sound insulation is significantly better, which already increases the level of comfort.

Lada Granta salon restyling

Changes in the chassis and bodywork

Automakers as much as possible corrected the flaws seen in the modification of a sedan.

  • Versions of "Standard", "Norm" were supplied with a newly tuned suspension, improved, with liquid shock absorbers. Springs taken from the sedan. The suspension is no longer as accurate when driving, but it works out better on the roads, passengers are much less shaken on the bumps, pits. In the luxury configuration suspension is the latest, with powerful stabilizers, rigid springs. Intentionally hard, this suspension increases the stability of the car on sharp turns, reduces the amplitude of the buildup, roll.
  • The luxury version has been supplemented with gas-filled shock absorbers, which was not previously available in serial LADA cars, with the exception of sports modifications.
  • A significantly more advanced brake booster is installed, a vacuum one, thanks to which the brake pedal has become responsive and accurate, and the braking is less sharp.
  • Ground clearance became higher by 15 mm, which is beneficial for increasing patency.

Classic hatchbacks are made without a reinforcing rear bulkhead, reinforcing stiffness was decided by strengthening the floor, roof, changes in the structure of the middle spar.

Running Lada Granta

Changes in the configuration

The liftback package has become more diverse - various options are included:

  • immobilizer;
  • seat belt indicator;
  • headlight leveling;
  • The buzzer sounds when the key is left in the ignition lock.

Mounting screws, which the sedan easily succumbed to moisture, rusted and destroyed, replaced by improved with enhanced anti-corrosion properties.

Technical specifications: sedan and liftback

Let's compare the technical parameters of both vehicles. The volume of the engine is the same (1596 cc), there are also no differences in the volume of the gas tank (50 l.). The trunk of a sedan - 530 liters against 440 in liftback. However, having lowered the backs of the rear seats in the liftback, it is possible to increase the trunk up to 760 liters. The speed of the sedan develops slightly higher: up to 182 km / h (liftback - up to 179). The dynamics of the liftback is higher - 12.3 seconds (14.2 for the sedan).

This version is equipped with an 8-and 16-valve engine. 98-valve is simpler in design, respectively, reliable and easy to maintain. Spare parts the minimum quantity, service, therefore, inexpensive. 16-valve engine provides higher speed dynamics.

Engine Lada Granta

Cost of

The prices for a minimally equipped liftback are higher than the standard grade of a sedan. Liftback will cost you from 314,800 rubles. Are the improvements worth the price increase, you decide.

Lada Granta in the showroom

It is planned that the innovations included in the liftback will also be transferred to the sedan version. Only the hard suspension on the sedan will not be installed. Restyling is scheduled for the current year. In the meantime, the liftback is significantly better than the sedan in terms of both exterior design and driving performance. Carefully study the features of each version before deciding on the purchase of the model, decide: Grant sedan or liftback - what to choose, what is best for your needs and your budget. Consider the difference in specifications and the corresponding cost. Are you ready to pay more for a beautiful exterior design, presentable and some changes in the chassis - you decide. In general, undoubtedly, today the liftback wins in comparison with a sedan as more comfortable and representative.