Cheap cars for girls: what to buy

The weaker sex ceases to give way to men in many situations, even with regard to cars. Even marketers have allocated small cars for women to a separate class. These vehicles are required to satisfy all women's requirements.


  • 1 Selection features
  • 2 Nissan Micra
  • 3 Nissan Juke
  • 4 Dawood Mathew
  • 5 Kia Picanto
  • 6 Toyota Auris
  • 7 Mazda 3
  • 8 Škoda Fabia II
  • 9 Mini Cooper

Selection features

Various factors can influence women's choices, not just color, as some men think. In many cases, this purchase of auto-ladies is quite deliberate. The main selection criteria are as follows:

  • ease of management;
  • low cost service;
  • good looks of a popular brand;
  • high maneuverability;
  • comfort in the cabin, etc.

how much are cheap cars for girls

Even inexpensive cars for girls, it is desirable to pick up with high-quality audio system and satellite navigation. This approach will create comfort inside and will allow you not to worry that at first the car owner may get lost on city roads.

When choosing such a special car, it is necessary to take into account a certain inclination to the emotionality of such drivers, so the car should be easy to drive, which is facilitated by the presence of an automatic transmission in it. Now they are even on low cost cars.

It is advisable to select female machines with a high degree of protection. This is facilitated by airbags. Not to mention the parking assistant. Electronic Parktronic is desirable to build in both bumpers to get rid of the frequent repainting of bumpers and straightening wings. Great assistance will have a rear view camera that can orient any novice driver who is unable to see the obstacles in the mirrors.

where sell cheap cars for girls

Pretty inexpensive cars for women, it is appropriate to choose for the most frequently used roads. If this is a bumpy country highway, then it is worth considering the presence of high ground clearance in the selection. After all, with a small clearance will often visit auto mechanics.

Choose the first car for the girl better with power, so she could turn the steering wheel without much effort. It is imperative to have a sufficient number of driver’s seat and steering wheel settings, creating not only comfort, but also safe driving with a good overview of the traffic situation.

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В большинстве случаев, когда останавливаются на выборе, what kind of car to buy for a novice female driver, то отдают предпочтение бюджетным седанам, малолитражным хэтчбекам либо городским кроссоверам. Все зависит от кошелька покупателя и некоторых личных предпочтений авто-леди. Рассмотрим некоторые модели машин подробнее.

Nissan Micra

Japanese-made hatchback was thought through by designers and engineers to the last detail. High functionality in it is combined with a decent quality performance, as a result, customers are offered a maneuverable, reliable and maximum safe car.

how much are cheap cars for women

For women, a large number of different pockets, shelves and drawers. In all, you can store important stuff. High-quality review from the driver's seat is provided with the most open windshield.

Nissan Juke

A little more expensive will cost the exotic Nisanovsky bug. It is presented in the form of an urban crossover and is positioned as a car for young people. The combination in the design of the sports coupe and high-crossover has brought some success to automakers.

where to find cheap cars for women

The salon is decorated in a stylish sports direction. Dynamism is felt throughout the interior. To a greater degree of cars will look harmoniously in tandem with an active woman.

Dawood Mathew

The popular minicar is in demand in its budget class as an economical city car. When choosing it, you will need to come to terms with a small trunk and the opportunity to travel with the four of the maxims. However, it impresses with its affordable cost and performance.

what kind of car to buy for a novice female driver

Crumbs are easy to park in a limited space, which is especially important in a large metropolis. A small clearance is unlikely to overcome the deep pits of off-road, but with minimal fuel consumption, the lady behind the wheel will be less likely to attend gas stations. Even such a machine can be bought with a complete automatic transmission.

Kia Picanto

The appearance of this Korean beauty is quite deceptive. This five-door hatchback easily accommodates five people, and the necessary things will fit in a spacious trunk. The updated exterior has become more modern and purposeful. A wide range of colors will satisfy the taste of any young girl.

how to choose the first car for a girl

In the two hundred-liter trunk fits easily as a large set of products from the supermarket, and a baby carriage for transporting babies. The dashboard is equipped with large dials, and buttons on the steering wheel provide ease of control of peripherals. The car is completed with options in the form of climate control or power pack with power windows.

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Toyota Auris

The car is presented in the form of a three- or five-door hatchback. Most women prefer her sporty style and streamlined overall parameters. Roomy trunk and the presence of a huge number of pockets complements the positive impression of buying this car.

how much is a small car for women

On the instrument panel illuminated with a soft orange light. Inside each scale there is an additional informative scoreboard. The car has five safety stars, which is also facilitated by high-quality brakes and near-perfect steering.

Mazda 3

The new generation of the "troika" has received a little large size, nice exterior and an updated interior. The car is available in two body types: a sedan and a five-door hatchback. Ladies with a classic taste prefer the first type.

what small cars look like for women

The spacious trunk and excellent driving characteristics make the car indispensable for country travel with the family. Excellent dynamic qualities make it possible to enjoy the ride at any speed. The rich basic equipment can be expanded at the request of the client due to many additional options.

Skoda Fabia II

After the Czech automakers joined the German concern, the quality of automotive products improved significantly. Its popularity among women won the second generation Fabia. Spacious interior and folding rear seats are not the only new items for the model.

where to find women's cars

The car behaves perfectly to the city in urban environments, and on a country highway. A pleasant addition to any trip will be climate control, power steering and the presence of ABS.

Mini Cooper

The British four-seater car got accustomed perfectly on domestic roads. With its low fuel consumption and high dynamic properties, it is perfectly controlled even by an inexperienced driver. The front-wheel-drive car remarkably holds the road at any speed, while it is always ready to show its sporty character.

how to choose the first car for a girl

A high degree of safety is maintained due to high-quality braking system, the presence of aerobags, protection from side collisions and other systems. Maximum individuality is provided by six dozen additional options.