Famous koreans hyundai and kia will soon delight the world

Известные корейцы Hyung и Киа скоро порадуют мир новыми кроссоверами The plans of these two Korean car brands include the development of several crossovers in the near future, with which they will be able to restore their somewhat shaky rating in the Chinese automotive market. The results of last year showed that selling Korean cars in the Middle Kingdom began to decline. It was an eloquent signal for action. Than the Koreans and take advantage. Crossovers will be budget-priced, which will undoubtedly increase sales. And Koreans in the Chinese car market were pressed by local manufacturers, for example, Great Wall. Several new products in SUV segment Koreans promise already in the next couple of years. At least, this is what Reuters journalists say, and these supporters always know more than others. Already in the autumn of 2017 Hyundai will become localized to produce one of its new SUVs at a car factory in Changzhou, China. And in the beginning of 2018, new compact compact crossovers will be launched from the conveyors of the Chunqing Automobile Plant. This is about новинок от Hyung.

Известные корейцы Hyung и Киа скоро порадуют мир новыми кроссоверами Kia developers have about the same plans, they are also going to give the world one crossover in 2017 and another in 2018. In a year, the production of a medium-sized all-wheel-drive SUV will start, and in 2018 the Koreans will launch a line for subcompact crossover assembly, practically with the same characteristics as their main competitor in the Chinese car market Hyung. It is clear that for the time being it is necessary to be limited only to such scanty information. There is no data about the complete sets of new products, nothing definite can be said about the names of new cars either. Известные корейцы Hyung и Киа скоро порадуют мир новыми кроссоверами Crossovers, by the way, are rapidly gaining global car market, have become more popular in the Middle Kingdom. Interest in sedans gradually decreases. Many manufacturers are gradually reorienting to this new trend - and, as a result, the crossovers in their model range become larger. To explain growing interest in crossovers it is possible and cheapening oil, which throughout the civilized world, with the exception of our country, reduces the price of both gasoline and diesel fuel. The gluttony of powerful crossover engines in such conditions does not become a hindrance for the poor strata of society, and it is more pleasant for anyone to ride a big car than to go on a puzoterka.

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In June, in Russian dealerships will appear Hyundai Crete, произведенная локализованно на петербургском автозаводе Hyung. Приблизительные цены на этот кроссовер уже озвучены.

Известные корейцы Hyung и Киа скоро порадуют мир новыми кроссоверами Kia is also not sitting idly, currently there is a discussion of issues related to the delivery of a crossover to us Kia KX3. If everything is decided in a positive way, then the competitor Crete will be produced at the same St. Petersburg automobile plant.