Mercedes ml: rest for the soul on the road or solid

Advanced car model Mercedes ML W164 was discontinued several years ago. However, those copies of this model, which appeared on the market much earlier, are worth more than two new Dusters. So now we will figure out whether to give crazy money for a used Mercedes ML.

Mercedes ml body

Mercedes W164 body is characterized by the so-called exemplary vitality. Its outer surface is covered with high-quality paint and varnish, such a long-lasting paint and varnish coating. Metal, as is typical for Mercedes, is also durable and properly processed, therefore, the owner of this model can forget about the word "corrosion" for a long time. Even chrome from the outside looks representative, of course, chrome on older specimens loses its luster slightly, but this whole thing is everyday. Generally, body Mercedes ML deserves respect.

No less attractively made and salon cars. So, you need to carefully try to at least somehow trim the interior, because it is made of reliable and durable materials. Squeak in the cabin can only curtain the trunk and rear seat backrests, and then, after a long time. The interior is characterized by durability, therefore only the type of wood trim deteriorates - cracks are formed on the lacquer surface.

The patient theme is only the electronics installed in the cabin. In cars that were produced at first, sometimes there are interruptions in the operation of the climate control system. The driver needs to either reflash or install another KLA control unit, which, by the way, is not cheap - about 1000 euros. In addition, after several years of operation, the engine of the heater, as well as the actuators of the air dampers, begins to act up. Replacing these parts will cost the car owner about a thousand euros.

salon mercedes ml

After some time, you can see that the audio system can "be greedy" by moments - it does not give the discs. Therefore, you will have to install a brand new CD changer. Quite often, pressing the buttons located on the steering wheel, the beep stops responding, and therefore you have to install a new stalk wiring harness.

The real scourge for drivers is oxidized electronic boards. At first glance, a minor nuisance, consisting in the deteriorating quality of the rubber seal on the rear right lamp, can turn into just a suddenly-dimmed brake light, or to a damaged rear unit of the SAM information processing system.

No less unimportant reputation and the front blocks SAM, installed in the space under the front passenger seats. As soon as a small amount of moisture gets in there, as soon as the illumination of the devices starts to fail, all electronic devices in front of the cabin can be switched off. And such new SAM units cost around 400 euros.

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Unlike the surface of the body, the driver’s outside door handle is relatively easy to corrode. Poor contacts cause the performance of the optional Keyless Go keyless access system to deteriorate. In most cases, after a few years, door locks have to be changed, because the springs break in them.

mercedes benz ml interior

Due to software failures, the electric lock on the trunk begins to act up, and in a few more years the plastic structure can be completely destroyed. Around the same period, many are beginning to notice failures in the servo drive of the tailgate, which are “treated” as a result of recalibration.

But the biggest problem should be expected in about eight years. It was then that the owner of the Mercedes ML can be surprised by the “behavior” of the ignition switch, which does not respond to the transponder key and as a result simply does not start the engine.

Motors in Mercedes ML

The most popular model is the petrol “six” M272, which has a volume of 3.5 liters. That it is a significant part of the entire automotive market. Such a machine is characterized as the most problematic. For vehicles that have not undergone restyling, there is a jamming of vortex flaps made of plastic, after which it is necessary to purchase a new intake manifold. But for newer cars (released after 2007) this defect has been fixed.

mercedes-benz ml amg

The car uses 2 batteries, costing 55 and 70 euros. They are usually enough for about 5 years, they provide power to all the electronics in the cabin. The Mercedes ML is a fairly reliable generator, it can easily work out 250000 km, a breakdown of the starter retractor relay is possible after about 100000 km. To change it will require 45 euros.

However, the sore point of this motor lies in the cermet gear wheel drive balance shaft. Its teeth sometimes wear out so much that the valve timing shift occurs, and chips with crumbs adversely affect the functioning of the oil pump, which costs approximately 170 euros.

motor 320 mercedes ml w164

When purchasing a used car, you should pay attention to the presence of "diesel" tapping, as well as the serviceability of the engine. Do this test Mercedes ML it is necessary, otherwise you will have to shell out for its repairs, providing for the obligatory removal of the engine, which is approximately 2,500 euros. At the same time, it is possible at the same time to install a new clutch for adjusting camshaft timing and a drive chain with dampers and tensioners, which over time will all stretch out.

Do not particularly relax and the few owners of ML with a motor V8 M273 series. They also have problems with gears. Its only advantage is that there is no need to remove the engine when carrying out the replacement of the balance shaft.

The most reliable model is the "eight" M113. It can be compared with a tank, but such a "rarity" is very rare. Therefore, lovers of reliability should consider, as an option, the diesel "six" OM642. Behind her wheel, you can face a rather serious problem unless you manage a dorestayling version that was released no later than 2007.

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engine mercedes ml w164

The inner surface of these cars is made of the wrong material. In addition, after about 150 thousand kilometers, the welds start to crumble very quickly. Metal crumb enters the turbine, in consequence of which it stops its work.


Pleases one thing: do not have to wrestle with the choice of the type of gearbox. Indeed, today there is no alternative to the 7-speed Mercedes G-tronic 722.9. It was created in 2005 and even then had a large number of minor flaws. In the ISM module, failures occur that do not allow the selector to be switched. The main drawback is the weak Siemens ECM electronic control board. The latter is not able to withstand frying in a special oil box for a long period. In this regard, the temperature of 130 degrees is considered destructive for her.

The hydraulic unit, combined with the ECU in one system, is also not famous for reliability, because with time solenoids of control come out of fitness. As a result, clutch packs are disabled. Exactly the same consequences can occur due to improper operation of the oil pump, in which the gears are deformed after crossing the 150,000 km mark.

razdatka mercedes ml

However, all the problems described above often concern only those cars that were produced before 2007. In the other models, there is only one drawback - in the places of rolling the “automaton” cooling tube flows. But the box itself has the ability to care for about two hundred thousand kilometers without supernatural efforts.

Approximately the same can hold out and transfer case. But occasionally another breakdown occurs after every hundred thousand kilometers. There may be a strong rattle that occurs under the influence of the load from the stretched chain, as well as beeps after speeding, if the planetary bearings are already worn. As a rule, the cause of the buzz is the outboard bearing of the propeller shaft, which varies with the cardan. Replacement gear is required when feeling vibrations generated in the front gearbox.

At this in Mercedes ML flaws do not end there. Many car owners complain about uncharacteristic sounds in the steering system. In instances that are more than eight years old, it is better to immediately replace the power steering pumps, as well as the tank. Such measures are carried out for the purpose of prevention, because the filter screen clogs after a few years and quickly fails.

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As for the steering rack, it rarely breaks, but it can leak. This defect is corrected by using the original set of seals with oil seals. Check the play in the cardan shaft of the steering shaft should be after a noticeable knock when turning the steering wheel.

Car suspension

In the suspension of a car that has passed at least seventy thousand kilometers, the stabilizer bar usually breaks down first. Then the steering rods start to surrender (after about 100,000 km), as well as the rear shock absorbers. In addition, you may have to spend the money necessary to replace the front shock absorbers and at the same time the lower arms, which break the silent blocks in the inner race.

Mercedes ML W164 suspension

The problems arising with the spring suspension end there, which is not characteristic of the rather whimsical pneumatic Airmatic. With her cares only begin. In case of a general vehicle wash, the air bellows should be washed each time. Otherwise, with constant movement, they will be erased to the holes. However, it is worth remembering that even with proper care, pneumatic parts will not be able to serve longer than 120,000 kilometers.

Therefore, it is necessary to change both the front and rear elements together with shock absorbers. Replacement is recommended in pairs. In addition, it is not necessary to be surprised if, with the next comb, the Mercedes ML, in spite of the new air suspension, starts to roar loudly, because over time, the fastening of the front pneumatic elements to the uprights weakens noticeably and needs a special trivial pull.

buy a Mercedes ml with mileage

When choosing between the Mercedes ML with a body W164 and W163, preference should be given to the first, because it is a better option than its predecessor. But here the amount of cash costs required to maintain the Mercedes ML W164, can lead to a stupor, even the most wealthy owners. If so decided buy Mercedes ML with mileagethen try to choose an ML not older than 2007, which is devoid of all defects and is equipped with a diesel engine with a spring suspension. From older cars it is better to choose a five-liter model to avoid problems at least with the engine.

You should not buy a Mercedes ML for all the money saved. Nest is better to leave for small or large repairs. Zanachka always help out, especially if something suddenly breaks in the car.

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