Ford kuga updated, but not changed in price

Ford Kuga обновился, но не изменился в цене Usually after restyling any model becomes more expensive, which is understandable - new technological and technical solutions that cost money are used. But the recently updated American crossover Ford Kuga has changed this tradition: it has not risen by a ruble. True, only in the basic and maximum configuration. Both the pre-reform car and the updated one in the database cost exactly the same - from a million three hundred and eighty thousand rubles, as if no changes had occurred. Have modernized Ford Kuga complete sets of exactly the same as that of the previous version. In the basic configuration, under the hood, this smart crossover (smart - translated from English - smart) costs a 1.5-liter aspirated one and a half, which is paired with a six-band automatic transmission. This equipment front wheel drive. Anyone who loves a manual transmission will have to be upset: in the updated Ford Kuga it is not in any assembly. Only automatic. Despite the fact that the official price tag on the basic equipment of the car starts with 1 million 380 thousand wooden, after taking into account discounts and promotions that Ford Sollers managers announced before the New Year, you can make a decent profit by buying the coveted model two hundred thousand cheaper.

Basic Ford Kuga grade called Trend. Here are available the ABS and ESP systems, there are assistants to facilitate the start of the hill. In order that the car does not overturn, electronics also monitors, it also monitors the engine thrust according to a given mode of motion. Includes seven airbags. These include the knee airbag for the driver. Engine crossover can be run from the button. Air conditioning in the cabin will be monitored, the audio system comes with six speakers, controlled from the multifunction steering wheel. Steel discs, the seventeenth radius. Ford Kuga обновился, но не изменился в цене As an additional option to the "base" Kuge is a "comfortable" package. Having bought it, the driver will receive electric heating of the steering-wheel of the steering wheel and front seats, the windshield heats up everything, and not just in the parking area of ​​the wipers. Even the windshield washer nozzles are heated. Instead of the air conditioner there will be climate control, two-zone. Electronic handbrake.

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The second assembly - Trend Plus - has undergone technical changes: the 1.6-liter 150-horsepower EcoBoost, which worked with the manual, is no longer there, just like the boxes. He was replaced by a 1.5-liter Ecobust, also for a hundred and fifty horses, but working only with a gun. This version is all-wheel drive. The price tag on it starts with 1 million 600 thousand rubles. Available in the Trend Plus assembly and front-wheel drive model, with a 2.5-liter engine and automatic, it costs from 1 million 470 thousand wooden. This is without any discounts. Ford Kuga обновился, но не изменился в цене The third grade Ford Kuga  titled Titanium and it will no longer be front-wheel drive models. Here, two engines are installed under the hood: a 2.5-liter 150-strong aspirated and a 1.5-liter Ecobust for 150 and 182 hp. The price tag starts from one million six hundred thousand.

The coolest build of the smart crossover - Titanium Plus is now driven by a 1.5-liter engine of the same performance (182 hp). This all-wheel drive crossover with an automatic transmission. Million nine hundred sixty thousand - and it is yours. Prereform Ford Kuga in this assembly cost, by the way, exactly the same. Ford Kuga обновился, но не изменился в цене Gather Ford Kuga at the US-Russian Automobile Plant near Elabuga. And for the full cycle. Updated crossover here for several days as stamped serially.