Volkswagen showed in geneva a new multivan panamericana

Фольксваген показал в Женеве новый Multivan PanAmericana Serial commodity minivan Volkswagen Multivan PanAmericana The Germans presented at the ongoing Geneva Motor Show. The conceptual model of this "trailer" was first shown back in September 2015 at the Frankfurt Motor Show. If you compare the appearance of the prototype and today's serial version, then no visual differences will be found, because the design of the minivan remained exactly the same as it was first seen in Frankfurt. Bumper Multivan PanAmericana have a special shape, the body is equipped with front and rear underrun protection, special moldings are hung on the side sills, the body bottom is covered with a protective film that protects surfaces from rubble and gravel flying from under the wheels. The windows of the minivan are tinted, the rear LED lights, it seems that, too. Volkswagen Multivan Panamericana can be equipped with both seventeen and eighteen-inch alloy wheels. As a customized option, another suspension is available, allowing the minivan to be increased by as much as twenty centimeters. This is already a truly off-road version of the minivan. Фольксваген показал в Женеве новый Multivan PanAmericana In the cabin of the “trailer”, the steering wheel is trimmed with leather and the transmission lever, the climate control system Climatronic will monitor the weather, the PanAmericana emblem has original lights on the thresholds, accelerator pedals and brakes are trimmed with steel linings, the driver and passenger seats have contrasting decorative stitching circle and Alcantara inserts. If the owner likes to sit on the skin, he can order a full leather interior as an option. In Europe will sell Multivan Panamerican modifications either front-wheel drive or plug-wheel drive. As the German developers say, the electronic systems for monitoring the movement of this car, constantly monitoring road conditions, will automatically redistribute the torque along the axes before the start of the slip, and not in fact. Accordingly, the stability and controllability of the minivan increases. Фольксваген показал в Женеве новый Multivan PanAmericana Under the hood at Multivan Panamericana set the same motors that are available for ordinary multivain. No there is only a turbocharged diesel for 84 horses. These are petrol aspirated for 150 and 204 horses and three diesel engines: two with similar power and one less powerful - only 102 horses.

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On European roads, Panamerican can be seen in the next two months. About the Russian market, the Germans still do not say anything. Ordinary models Volkswagen Multivanwhich are sold today at Russian dealers, have price tags of two and a half million rubles.