For disgusting car owners face a new fine

За свинство автовладельцам грозит новый штраф The government of the Russian Federation has thought about the introduction of liability for swine driver behaviorthat throw all kinds of garbage on the road from the window of your own car: from a cigarette butt to a glass bottle. In addition to the moral aspect, which immediately recedes into the shadow at the sight of such a frank swine behavior, rubbish thrown onto the road often causes traffic accidents in which any road user can suffer, even the same piggy driving. The amount of the penalty for a cigarette butt thrown on the road or any other garbage from the car window, proposed by the deputies, is equal to five thousand rubles in the first incident. With repeated and subsequent - ten thousand rubles. In addition to the fine, a punishment directly related to restricting the freedom of the offender may also be imposed: you will have to spend from twenty to forty hours of your own precious life for correctional work. The initiators of such punishments are the deputies from the Fair Russia. За свинство автовладельцам грозит новый штраф Deputies are confident that the gids will write out the penalties based on photos and video footage taken by eyewitnesses on devices designed for this purpose, including DVRs. Indeed, in the opinion of lawmakers, it is time to eradicate the remnants of the Soviet era, and more specifically, its such an extremely negative element of social behavior, as "штукачество". There is nothing wrong with bring to your neighborwhen he is on the road, it’s not a slander, not a perjury, but an indisputable fact, confirmed by shooting. За свинство автовладельцам грозит новый штраф After all, this practice was adopted as the norm in all civilized countries of the world, including in England and Germany. MPs other than tougher laws against uncultured drivers, they are going to conduct a massive advertising campaign, which, in their opinion, will instill Russians with samples of the cultural behavior of the same German or Englishman on the road. За свинство автовладельцам грозит новый штраф This is not the first initiative of lawmakers about punishment of garbage drivers. Prior to this, the active advocate of the idea was Vyacheslav Lysakov. He proposed to introduce into the Administrative Code a fine of two thousand wooden for turning the road into an ashtray. By the way, in some regions of Russia, fines are already being fined: in the Krasnoyarsk Territory, receipts are issued for 2,000, in Vladimir and the region - 2,500, and in Primorye - three thousand rubles.

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