The optimal car for the active citizen: chevrolet captiva


Дороги в нашей стране далеки от идеала. Неудивительно, что большой популярностью пользуются машины повышенной проходимости. Однако классические SUVи, мало того, что немилосердно дороги, так ещё и обладают избыточной для города проходимостью. Ну не нужно в современном мегаполисе умение преодолевать пахоту. Так как же быть жителю российского полиса? The best option would be to purchase a crossover.. The blessing to choose is from what. Consider two crossovers - Kia Sorento and Chevrolet Captiva. Let's try to identify their strengths and weaknesses. So, Captiva or Sorento, which car is better.

Chevrolet Captiva and Kia Sorento - which crossover is better?

Chevrolet Captiva and Kia Sorento - which crossover is better?

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Chevrolet Captiva - Korean car assembled in Russia

Chevrolet Captiva - Korean car assembled in Russia

Salon Chevrolet Captiva очень хорош. Прежде всего, он просторен. Сзади без всяких проблем усядутся трое мужчин недетских габаритов. Причём не просто усядутся, а расположатся с комфортом. А уж если их будет двое… Тут и некоторые лимузины могут позавидовать. Кресла регулируются в самых широких пределах. Регулировки электрические бесступенчатые. Кстати, задний ряд сидений складывается. Очень удобно. Лёгким движением руки Chevrolet Captiva превращается практически в мини-грузовичок. Прямо-таки клад для практичных людей.

In the cabin Chevrolet Captiva просторно и комфортно

In the cabin Chevrolet Captiva просторно и комфортно

The trunk is great. Plus there are two boxes under his floor. Although not three. Just the third was originally set aside for the necessary set of tools and a jack. Lovers of various shelves will not be disappointed. They abound in Captiva. Even under the screen of the onboard computer there is a small "nychka." Chevrolet is a seven-seater. But the last two seats will be good except for the child. However, these are almost all cars of this class.

Car Kia Sorento - this is a good grade and increased throughput

Car Kia Sorento - this is a good grade and increased throughput

In our review of Captiva vs Sorento go to Kia Sorento. Discounts for new cars! Profitable loan from 9.9% installments 0% This car also has seven seats and is also very spacious. Chairs with improved lateral support, no doubt, will please the future owner of the car. It is worth noting that in the new version of Kia Sorento there is more space. It has become more comfortable for the driver, the steering wheel is adjustable in height and reach within fairly wide limits.

Car Kia Sorento boasts a large list of amenities for the driver and passengers

Car Kia Sorento boasts a large list of amenities for the driver and passengers

In our harsh climate, the heating function is claimed. But in the class of cars, where we refer Kia Sorento or Chevrolet Captiva, it is not basic. However, the future owners of Sorento will not feel deprived. To their services not only the heated steering wheel (a trifle, but pleasant), but also the warm seats of the last row. I must say, this is rare.

But the finishing materials pumped up. Cheap plastic cuts eyes. And despite the fact that the overall design of the Kia Sorento is not at all bad. Dashboard decorated in a sporty style, aggressive interior lighting - all this should appeal to energetic young people. Good and multimedia system. The clear 8-inch screen supports touch input. It is possible to connect external storage media.


Kia Sorento can be selected with both gasoline and diesel engines. Fans of dynamic driving will choose, most likely, a 2.4-liter petrol power unit with a capacity of 176 horsepower. Well, drivers who appreciate slowness and respectability, will stop their eyes on the diesel engine, issuing "to-the-mountain" 197 "horses". As for the gearbox, the "mechanics" and "automatic" will not yield to the similar nodes of competitors. Choose according to your taste.

Car model:Chevrolet CaptivaKia Sorento
Producing country:South Korea (Russia)South Korea (assembly South Korea, Russia - IzhAvto plant)
Body Type:SUVSUV
Number of places:77
Number of doors:55
Engine capacity, cubic cm:22312199 (diesel) –2349
Power, l. c./about min .:184/3800197/3800–174/6000
Maximum speed, km / h:176190
Acceleration to 100 km / h, from:10.1 (manual transmission), 10.1 (automatic transmission)9,7 — 11
Type of drive:front with plug rearfull plug
CAT:6 Manual, 6 Automatic6 Manual, 6 Automatic
Fuel type:diesel fuelбензин АИ-95 diesel fuel
Consumption per 100 km:city ​​10; track 6.4city ​​8.6–11.4; highway 5.4-7.1
Length, mm:46734685
Width, mm:18501885
Height, mm:17561745
Clearance, mm:210185
Tire size:235/55R18235/65 R17
Curb weight, kg:19031760
Full weight, kg:25382510
Fuel tank capacity:6570

If in a dispute which is better, Captiva or Sorento, we would focus only on the engine, would have won the Chevrolet. Powerful "six" with 24 valves and a volume of 3.2 liters - this is 230 horsepower power output. Impressive. A five-step "automatic" allows even a fragile young lady to easily manage this rather big and difficult car.

Road behavior

Chevrolet позволит вам уверенно чувствовать себя на любом типе покрытий. Конечно, это не полноценный SUV. Предназначен он скорее для спокойной езды по дорогам с твёрдым покрытием. Однако и на глинистом просёлке вы не «сядете в лужу». Автоматика вовремя подключит задний мост. Чуткие электронные системы не дадут машине сорваться в занос. Система помощи при спусках и подъёмах порадует начинающего водителя. В споре Captivates against Sorrento very, very weighty argument. The ground clearance is average, not a UAZ, of course, but not a “puzotёrka” either. In general, for a family man, regularly exporting their many households to the country, Chevrolet Captiva is the best possible way.

Test drive car Chevrolet Captiva:

Kia Sorento, in our opinion, more than a city car. Automatic (already six-speed) directly hints at it. Kia speeds up at traffic lights and when overtaking, easily maneuvers in dense city traffic. However, on the federal highways the car feels no less confident. Affects a decent margin of power.

Test drive car Kia Sorento:

And off-road? And then Kia Sorento did not hit the "face of the dirt." Slippery muddy road, bumps and potholes - the car will not let the driver. Suspension performed well. Even on rather large bumps, passengers will feel only a soft swaying. Among the shortcomings can be noted only the tendency to drift with sharp movements of the steering wheel. Here we must be careful.

So, the advantages of the Chevrolet Captiva include:

  • modern powerful engine;
  • spacious lounge;
  • roomy trunk.

In turn, Kia Sorento is different:

  • rich bundle;
  • "Good behavior" both on the highway and on the primer.

Chevrolet Captiva vs. Kia Sorento. Who won this fight? Definitely impossible to determine. Both cars are good. And in this case, personal preferences will be the determining factor.. Choose the car that will have to heart. And easy way for you!