Ford focus 2 fuel filter and replacement

It seems to you that your car accelerates not so fast as before? Push the gas pedal and feel the “dips”, and it seems to you that the car is not very good at thinking Your Ford’s fuel filter is very likely to be clogged. What to do in this situation? It all depends on what kind of fuel is used in your Ford Focus 2: gasoline or diesel. Yes, and the technical characteristics of the Focus 2 will also differ depending on the fuel.

Fuel consumption Ford Focus 2

Замена топливного фильтра Ford Focus 2 в бензиновой модификации

Если ваш Ford Focus 2 работает на бензине, то будет не легко, потому что топливный фильтр Ford Focus 2 на бензиновых модификациях встроен в топливный насос, который находится в баке. Реальная загвоздка в том, что он не разборный. Поэтому, чтобы фильтр поменять придется покупать весь насос, потому как отдельно от насоса он не продается. Стоимость такого насоса варьируется от 15 000 до 18 000 рублей.

Топливный фильтр Ford Focus 2 бензиновой модификации устанавливался заводом-производителем с учетом того, что он не будет меняться, потому как рассчитан на весь срок службы машины. Но в связи с тем, что качество бензина не всегда на высоте, он засоряется гораздо быстрее, чем было запланировано.

fuel filter Ford Focus 2

What to do with the situation when the quality of gasoline does not always meet European standards? There is an option to put an additional cleaning part, but this will not lead to anything good. The filter creates a barrier to the movement of fuel, which creates an additional load on the fuel pump. It turns out that "we treat one, cripple the other."

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Nevertheless, there are several recommendations, following which you can briefly extend the "life" of the fuel filter:

  • It is necessary to refuel the car only with high-quality gasoline at proven gas stations.
  • For each THAT, remember to clean the screen in the fuel filter or replace it.

fuel filter Ford Focus 2

Но и еще один выход из сложившейся ситуации - купить не оригинальный топливный фильтр для Форд Фокyc 2, они продaютcя отдельно на рынках или разборках. Сетка (фильтр грyбой очистки) стоит около 500 pyблей, а колба (фильтр тонкой oчистки) обойдется в 1500 pyблей. Кстати, если кто-то затеял ремонт подвески Ford Focus 2, то можно также сэкономить и купить не оригинальные детали.

Топливный фильтр Ford Focus 2 в дизельной модификации

В случае, если вы владелец дизельного Форда Фокус 2, то все сводится к покупке нового фильтра. Стоимость топливного фильтра Ford Focus 2 колеблется в районе 1000 рублей. После покупки, вам останется только заменить испортившийся фильтр на новый.

To replace the Ford Focus 2 fuel filter, we need:

  • new original fuel filter Ford Focus 2, it is produced by Delphi, the price of which is about 1000 rubles;
  • head for 8;
  • jar for drain;
  • diesel fuel about 1 liter.

The fuel filter is located to the right of the engine and hid under a lid bolted on 8.

Ford Focus 2 Fuel System

We unscrew the bolts, for this we use the head on 8 and remove the cover, photo further:

head for 8

bolts on the fuel filter Ford Focus 2

The fuel filter we need will appear to you:

Fuel pump Ford Focus 2

On the fuel filter at the bottom there is a twist off nozzle that is designed to drain water and other sludge.

Ford Focus 2 Fuel System слитие

To drain the fuel through the bottom fitting, you need to slightly unscrew this "valve" on top of the filter. First, unscrew it a little bit, and only then unscrew the bottom fitting!

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Fuel filter Ford Focus 2 get

Before unscrewing it, place some container under it, because as soon as you unscrew it, fuel will start flowing out of it. You need to wait until everything spills out.

Ford Focus 2

Fuel filter Ford Focus 2 photos

Then you need to remove the cover. After removing the cover, do not hesitate to wipe with a damp cloth and the place of its attachment, and her. This is to ensure that no dirt gets inside.

топливный фильтр Ford Focus 2 фото 2

The filter element will appear before your eyes immediately after you remove the cover.

fuel filter focus 2

Check if there is any fuel left, if there is still some remnants, then they need to be drained by unscrewing the bottom connection.

Replacement of the fuel filter Ford Focus 2

It is seen that the fuel has completely merged, you can tighten the bottom fitting:

fuel filter ford focus

And here is the filter element of 25 thousand km each. mileage:

fuel filter Ford Focus 2 after 25000 km

Pull out the part and wipe the case from the inside with a clean dry cloth or a piece of cloth (the main thing is that they are lint-free). On the top of the new Ford Focus 2 fuel filter there is a cap that needs to be removed. Then put on the filter sealing rubber and you can insert it into the housing.

новый топливный фильтр Ford Focus 2

ставим топливный фильтр Ford Focus 2

Take the diesel fuel and pour it into the hole of the filter element, from which the lid was previously removed. It is necessary to pour up to the moment when the fuel level reaches the edges.

put the fuel filter Ford Focus 2 and salyara

It is necessary to wait a bit until the diesel fuel fills the whole space, then add a little more. Now you need to put in place the lid of the filter element and do not forget to connect the wires and tighten the upper fitting. From above we fix the general cover.

fuel filter ford focus 2 ставим на место

Our next step is to start the engine. Start it and immediately press on the gas pedal. We need to get to 2000 rpm and hold it for one minute.

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Ford Focus 2 diesel

All this is done to ensure that no air remains in the system. Owners of this car recommend replacing the Ford Focus 2 fuel filter after every 25,000 km.

А напоследок видео-инструкция, чтобы наглядно было, как снять топливный фильтр Ford Focus 2: