The chinese presented a new "suv" jac refine s7

The Chinese presented a new The Chinese automaker JAC at the dealership "corporate party" introduced a new flagship Refine S7 crossover. The mass audience will be able to admire the next masterpiece of the Chinese car industry during the Shanghai Motor Show, which starts exactly ten days later. Midsize segment chinese crossovers, already crowded with cars from different local manufacturers, has expanded to another model. Competition, of course, is a good thing, but when different manufacturers stamp almost the same thing, besides looking like models of the world's most famous auto brands, this is no longer a competition, but an theater of absurdity. The Chinese presented a new With a length of 4 m 79 cm new chinese crossover has a wheelbase of 2 m 75 cm, the width of the JAC Refine S7 does not reach two meters only ten centimeters. Above the asphalt, the car rises 1 m 76 cm. The original crossover is not observed. This is some tasteless potpourri from the designs of already well-known models, moreover other auto brands, such as Korean Hyundai, Japanese Lexus or Subaru. If we recall the X-Face bends of our Togliatti novelties, then these motifs can be seen in the exterior of the Chinese JAC Refine S7. All this “composition” by the “Zhakis” themselves is shamelessly called “corporate design”. The Chinese presented a new But if you look inside the cabin of the Chinese novelty, you won’t have to guess where the interior of the Jacques is drawn from. This is, without a doubt, one well-known new generation Mercedes E-class model. The Chinese, of course, copied it rather simply, there is no German sophistication in details and scope, but the similarity is obvious. And what Chinese does not want to be driving a European car? The illusion of this will not leave him for a minute, although he is driving a new domestic "Jacques". Probably, it was on this psychological aspect of the buyer that managers put JAC Refine S7.

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How much will a Chinese front wheel drive crossover cost? JAC Refine S7, not known yet. Price tags are not voiced, most likely they will become known at the Shanghai Auto Show on April 19. It is known that sales will start in the near June, and only in the Chinese car market, which is not at all surprising.

The new "SUV" will be available in the five-seater version, and in the seven-seater modification. Its engine line consists of two turbo-compressor gasoline engines. One of them, one and a half liter, on 174 "horses", the second, two-liter, can demonstrate the power of one hundred and ninety horsepower.

Both engines work in tandem with a six-speed manual transmission, as well as a complete set with a two-linked robot box. Full drive assemblies JAC Refine S7 not visible. As the Chinese promise, in the future it is planned to integrate an electric motor into the power units of the novelty. The Chinese presented a new In our Russian car market "Chinese" Refine S7 will come hardly. First of all, JAC traditionally supplies only commercial vehicles to us, and is not going to reorient itself. And, secondly, if she wanted to, the demand for its crossovers would hardly have moved far from zero. Our motorist already has the richest selection of cars of this class, "Zhaki", for example, Lifanovsky "off-road cars" definitely we are not competitors.

At the very end of 2016, the company JAC developed and launched into the series its most compact crossover called Refine S2Mini.

A month before that, the representative “four-door” JAC A60 was presented at the booths of the auto show in Guangzhou. In addition to these events, in October of the same year, the news leaked to the media that “Zhakavtsy” were going to develop a new car brand in partnership with their German colleagues from Volkswagen, and this would be an ecological brand that produces electric cars.

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