The new revolutionary cadillac xt5 has already appeared in

The company General Motors has long said that it is time to create something new, to make a revolution in the automotive market. And finally, they released a new Cadillac XT5, which in the class of crossovers will be at the level of German competitors.

Cadillac XT5 2017

The General Motors Company has been working for 2 years as the new president, Johan de Nijssen, who has moved from the Japanese Infiniti and knows a lot about luxury cars. The company decided to refresh the brand, and it seems they managed to do it, the new Cadillac really got Japanese features that look modern and stylish.

The dimensions of the car remained the same as on the predecessor of the SRX, and the layout remained the same, the suspension did not change much - MacPherson racks stand in front, and the multi-link at the back, even the motor is transversely.

But no matter what, it turned out a completely different car. SRX was designed in the Korean branch of General Motors, based on the Chevrolet Captiva and Opel Antara platform, but the XT5 was developed in the USA, its dimensions are slightly smaller — the width has decreased by 7 mm and the length by 19 mm. 17 mm, at the same time, the wheelbase has increased by 50 mm.

Cadillac XT5 interior design

Such innovations were not without reason, space for the rear legs increased by 80 mm. This means that there is more space for rear passengers than in the Lexus PX, which is longer in size. In addition, the Cadillac separate sofa, which has separate halves, each of which can move separately. The same sofa stands on the Audi Q5. And if you tilt the back, you can even lie down, because there is no central tunnel. As an option, you can order a three-zone climate control and a panoramic roof with a hatch.

Cadillac rack

Passengers will be really comfortable, at the same time, the luggage compartment is impressive. The trunk is trimmed with high-quality pile, there is a moving partition. As a result, the amount of luggage is 849 liters, which corresponds to modern standards. If you fold the rear seats, the volume of luggage will be 1,784 liters, which is 150 liters more than the Lexus PX.

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There is also a place under the trunk floor, there may be a spare tire or something else useful. You can open the trunk with a drive that reacts to the swing of the leg. This feature is very popular lately.

Cadillac XT5 Premiere

The body of the new Cadillac is made of very strong steel, laser welding is used, as a result, the body turned out to be lighter, but its rigidity and strength did not deteriorate. For example, if you take the Cadillac XT5 with all-wheel drive and a V6 engine, it weighs 1856 kg, which is 200 kg less than the similar configurations of the BMW X5 and Lexus PX.

The body is made according to the correct technology, as shown in the figure below. Blue is the strongest steel that is used to reinforce the bottom and sides, red is high-strength steel, and yellow is low-carbon steel, from which the outer panels, arches of the rear wheels and the air inlet box are made.

body structure

The instrument panel may vary depending on the configuration. For example, in the top version Platinum there will be a more beautiful and modern instrument panel, between the scales a color display will be installed, on which many useful features will be displayed. The top version in the USA costs 62500 dollars. This version includes chairs with ventilation and heating, 3-zone climate control, projection display, adaptive LED headlights. And for those who want an active cruise control and other assistants for the driver, you will have to pay another 2340 dollars.

In the cabin of this Cadillac, everything is really beautiful, expensive and natural materials are used: aluminum, wood, leather, and plastic can only be found on the lid of the glove box. The multimedia system display has become more beautiful thanks to modern graphics, it has a powerful processor that makes the system faster.

The salon turned out to be stylish, it corresponds to a premium-class car, a big steering wheel, it is felt that the car is expensive and of high quality. It is comfortable to sit in chairs, because they are wide, you can change the length of the pillow.

Cadillac XT5 Salon

There are even virtual buttons on the touchscreen, when you hook your hand to them, they immediately pop up, in general, all modern Apple and Android technologies are used, you can make it so that the image on the smartphone will be fully displayed on the multimedia system display.

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Of course, in the armrest, which is located in the center, there is a niche in which you can recharge a smartphone or tablet thanks to wireless recharging. The phone there can be fixed, that while driving through the pits and bumps, it will not fly anywhere.

Cadillac XT5 salon

The gearbox here is Japanese from Aisin, it looks about the same as on a BMW, but if you look at it and switch it on, there will be some differences.


Under the hood, Cadillac has a 6-cylinder engine with a volume of 3.6 liters, it does not have a boost, so the car can easily work on 92-m gasoline. Power of this motor is 310 l. with. The design of the engine is quite simple, with direct injection, there is a system that turns off 2 cylinders at low loads, as well as a start-stop system, which is very annoying when driving in traffic. In America, at will, you can choose a complete set with a full or only front wheel drive. For Russia, only four-wheel drive versions will be supplied.

Cadillac dashboard

The Japanese box with the American engine works right in harmony. The motor has good traction at low revs, which compensates for the desire of the box to switch to a higher gear.

And if you press the gas pedal sharply, then the box will clearly and in time turn on the necessary gear and the car will sharply rush forward. Fuel consumption on the passport in the urban cycle is 13.1 liters per hundred, and if you do not stand in traffic jams for a long time, the consumption will be even less - 11.5 liters per 100 km.

Cadillac XT5 Transmission

In sport mode - the fuel consumption will be slightly higher, but the acceleration dynamics will be more pleasant - 7 seconds to 100 km / h. In terms of comfort, the previous Cadillac SRX lacked acoustic comfort, the cabin is a bit noisy. In the new HT5 soundproofing worked more seriously. Shin and other extraneous sounds are barely audible.

mirror XT5

The suspension uses shock absorbers controlled by electronics, so many minor bumps on the road are simply not felt. Even if you put the 20th discs, it will not affect the comfort in any way, in the database there are 18-inch discs.

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If you switch the car to Sport-mode, the suspension will become more solid. Feels very reminiscent of German cars. The fact is that the shock absorbers use a magnetorheological fluid, not oil. This liquid is supplied by German ZF.

The power steering also uses the same ZF fluid. This affected the responsiveness of the steering wheel, which immediately responds to the driver’s action.

Cadillac XT5 rearview mirror

On the roads it is necessary to turn on the AWD or Sport mode in order for the car to travel better. But serious off-road is not the natural habitat of HT5. Ground clearance is 200 mm, but the angle of entry is not at all off-road - 15.8 °, just like a passenger car. On the off-road car behaves not very confident. The front wheels slip, and the rear wheels do not get the proper torque.

Cadillac XT5 off-road

What price will be in Russia for this car is not yet known. But the estimated price is known, it will be about the same as for competitors, only slightly more. In America, the Mercedes GLC 300 with all-wheel drive costs $ 41,000, the Lexus PX 350 costs $ 43,300, and the price for the Cadillac HT5 starts at $ 47,400. This means that in Russia the price of this Cadillac will be about 400 thousand rubles more than the Lexus PX. It turns out that the price for the basic version of XT5 will start from about 3,300,000 rubles.

It turned out a quality and expensive car, so it will not be selling very cheaply. And then the video which shows how the Cadillac XT5 goes: