Converting a car to gas is a cost-effective solution.

Перевод автомобиля на газ - выгодное решение

One of the interventions in the design of the car, which still generates a lot of disputes, is the installation of gas equipment. The additional possibility of the widespread use of gas and gasoline alarming many motorists. Such mistrust is emerging, primarily due to unconfirmed myths about the alleged danger and harm arising from the operation of a car on gas.

In fact, the gas engine power system turned out to be more perfect than the gasoline one. Over the years of use, a significant part of motorists who switched to gas have already been convinced of this. Dispel the myths and make sure the opposite, the opportunity in this article. To make any assessment, perhaps after reading and exploring the benefits of transferring the car to gas. To him and turn.

The advantages of the gas supply system

1. First of all - it is an economic component. It lies in the low cost of gas fuel. The price of gas, almost two times lower than the price of gasoline. And the cost of mileage for both types of fuel is the same. 2. The possibility of using both types of fuel. The function is useful to those motorists who carry out long flights. For them, it is an opportunity to overcome the distance without refueling. Switching from one type of fuel to another is simple and is accomplished through regular switching. 3. Engine operation on gas is less noisy than on gasoline. The reason for the absence of excessive noise and detonation is the higher octane number of the gas fuel. 4. The work of the car on gas affects the engine resource - it is extended. This is explained by the complete combustion of this type of fuel. The result of complete combustion is the absence of soot on the engine parts. Also, due to effective ignition, shock loads on the cylinder and piston are reduced. All these points and lead to the durability of the motor. 5. The positive effect of working on gas affects other elements. For example, on the spark plugs due to the same pitch deposits no carbon is formed. 6. Gas as a fuel is considered more environmentally friendly. There are no additional additives in it, as in gasoline and the gas burns completely. From the above list it is clear that the advantages of gas fuel are quite enough. In addition, they are all significant and significant, both for the resource of the car, and for the wallet of its car owner. The minuses here have their place, but not so many. And some of them are unlikely to affect public opinion.

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Disadvantages of a gas supply system.

1. Insufficient number of refueling points. Their number is several times less than gasoline refills. 2. Losses in luggage space. Here a gas cylinder is a hindrance; after all, it is of impressive size and takes a small share of the space in the luggage compartment. 3. Loss of dynamics. For some drivers, although it is imperceptible, it is still there. The reason is longer gas combustion compared with gasoline.

Перевод автомобиля на газ - выгодное решение Here, all the negative gas that comes from the owners of gas equipment. Nevertheless, these facts scared few of them. Savings and resource extensions are clearly outweighed. Motorists are ready to sacrifice the dynamics, trunk and service. Yet in our time of economic downturns, the benefits of working on gas are more attractive to motorists.

Statistics of services for the installation of such equipment notes the growing demand, and this means the transfer of the car to gas is really a profitable solution.