In 2016, nissan will release a new compact suv

Nissan Kicks Concept It so happened that for every Olympics a so-called official car is selected, for the right to represent that all automakers of the world are fighting. The following Games will fire their fire in Brazilian Rio de Janeiro next year, and their official car will be compact crossover Japanese brand Nissan. What kind of car will it be? He will reportedly be built at the base Concept-black Nissan Kicks, presented to the public at last year's autumn auto show in the Brazilian Sao Paulo. Nissan Kicks Concept outwardly it looks very bright and representative, although its technical component is not the last word of technology. This SUV will be produced for Latin American and some other developing countries. Unfortunately, more or less detailed information about Nissan Kicks production models not yet available. The Japanese keep their silence with samurai coolness. But at the same car show where Concept Car Nissan Kicks, the designers of the model made it clear enough about the overall dimensions of the future car. The length of the new crossover with a wheelbase of 2 meters 62 centimeters was announced around 4300 mm, width - 1800 mm, height - 1600 mm. These characteristics are very similar to the size of the first Nissan Qashqai. Nissan Kicks Concept Nissan Kicks will be based on a universal platform V, with front-wheel drive and a semi-dependent rear suspension. Four-wheel drive version will be provided by the coupling instead of the gearboxes that are used in the design Nissan Juke.

There is no unambiguous information about the engines. There were rumors that the attention of manufacturers attracted a 1.5-liter French turbocharged diesel, but there is also information about atmospheric engines operating on both gasoline and alcohol. In addition to manual transmission, as the transmission will use the variator and automatic. Nissan Kicks Concept Nissan Kicks, as already mentioned, will be sold in Brazil and other developing countries of the South American continent. India will definitely become the second sales center. Perhaps the Japanese will continue to look to the Russian side. This topic will be interesting to our car enthusiast, since the Nissan Qashqai, which is closest to the Nissan Kicks class, costs too much. And the future Olympic car promises to be cheaper.

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