In india, may 20 introduces renault kayou

В Индии 20 мая представят Renault Kayou

A little more than a month separates the auto world from the official presentation new budget hatchbackdeveloped by Renault. The car model, marked by the internal XBA index, is likely to be referred to as Renault Kayou. It will be a five-door car of class "A", according to the classification adopted in Europe. The model was developed on the basis of the flexible CMFA architecture, each module of which is executed in various versions, focused on several classes of machines.

According to available information, the design of the new hatchback will be dramatically different from the traditional line of budget models Renault. It will acquire the characteristic features of a crossover, for example, an increased suspension travel and ground clearance. And it will completely satisfy the requirements of motorists from countries with problem roads. Under the hood at the Renault Kayou will be located 0.8-liter three-cylinder engine with manual gearbox or robot box.

В Индии 20 мая представят Renault Kayou

Information that Renault is developing a budget car, at prices affordable to the mass car enthusiast, leaked to the media in March of this year. Obviously, the venue of the presentation Renault Kayou - India - will not be the only place on the world map where these cars will be sold. According to analysts, dealers will focus not only on the Asian-African market, but also on Eastern Europe. In this case, the price tag for this model is expected in an amount not exceeding five thousand euros, and this is a claim that Kayou will become the cheapest Renault car.

Today in Russia, the most inexpensive car from Renault is Logan. It is worth it at the dealers in the basic configuration from four hundred thousand rubles. For Sandero ask from 454 thousand wooden. Between them there is a Japanese Datsun mi-DO with a price tag of 432 thousand rubles.

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