Rating of the best pumps for cars


Every motorist is literally obligated to have a car pump at its disposal. It can be useful at any time, because it is better to keep it in the trunk, and not in the garage.

flat tire

The pump must be in the trunk of every car.

Многие не пытаются найти действительно хороший агрегат, а просто выбирают первое попавшееся устройство для подкачки автомобильных шин.Читать далее о лучших автомобильных насосах-->

Finding the best pump, you guarantee yourself an efficient and trouble-free operation. All automotive pumps are divided into several categories and are produced by different companies, which somewhat complicates the process of finding the optimal device.


Before you choose a pump, you need to figure out what they are and what are their features. Drivers have to choose among the three main types of autopumps:

  • manual;
  • foot;
  • compressor.

If you rely on the type of drive, then the classification implies 2 categories:

  • mechanical;
  • electric.

They are also divided into:

  • membrane;
  • piston
foot compressor automobile

Mechanical pump car

To determine the choice and buy the most suitable car pump, you need to get acquainted with them in more detail.

  1. Механические. Подразделены на мембранные и piston Первый тип имеет мембрану, которая выполнена из резины. При низких температурах такой насос теряет свою эффективность, потому поршневой тип в приоритете. Механические устройства не зависят от наличия источника электроэнергии, чем превосходят электрические аналоги. Современные ножные и ручные модели оснащаются дополнительным оборудованием, повышающим комфорт подкачки колёс и упрощающим сам процесс.
  2. Electric. They are compressors. Also there are membrane and piston. The first ones are gradually leaving the market because they have low reliability and low speed of work. The composition of a piston pump includes an electric motor, a cylinder and a piston. Almost all models are equipped with pressure gauges for determining tire pressure. It is best to take those devices where the connecting rod works directly from the shaft. In the presence of intermediate parts, efficiency and service life are reduced. Especially if these components are made of plastic. A relative disadvantage is the dependence on the power source. Connect via cigarette lighter or directly from the battery. The second option is less preferable, but implies the presence of a more powerful and productive compressor electric motor.

    compressor for cars

    Electric car compressor

Both options have their strengths and weaknesses. But it is obvious that between the membrane and piston type, preference should be given to the latter.

Ideally, the car owner should have a main compressor and a spare mechanical type of pump. This will allow in different circumstances to be able to pump up the tires to the desired parameters.

We also recommend that you separately purchase a quality manometer, and not electronic, but analog. On compressors with built-in pressure gauges, there is often an error due to build quality or impaired operation. Since compressors vibrate heavily, heat and wear, over time, the built-in pressure gauges may produce incorrect data.

If you are interested in foot pumps for a car and which ones are better to buy in addition to the electric pump, then focus on the following models:

  1. GT Auto SD 1031. Taiwan production and the price of 700 rubles allows you to get a fairly reliable foot unit for a car.
  2. Airline PA 300. Completely completed, has a number of nozzles, an all-stamped frame of the pump and a welded pedal. Support teeth provide stability to the pump on different surfaces. The manufacturer gives a guarantee for 1 year and sells his creation for 550 - 600 rubles.
  3. ALCA 201000. The most compact and lightweight foot unit in the ranking. Equipped with a special arrow on the pressure gauge, putting it on the right size, you can easily get the tires to the required performance. The plastic manometer produces up to 7 atm and has an error of up to 0.1 atm. It costs about 500 rubles and fully justifies the low cost.
  4. Salute 2M. The design in the form of an inverted cylinder is interesting and convenient in practice. The frame and pedal are assembled from 3 elements. Included is only a low-quality plug-in cartridge and pressure gauge. But the price of 540 rubles does not allow to impose increased requirements.
  5. Car. Leader ranking among foot pumps. The device is made on a durable aluminum frame with a cylinder of plastic. The support and the pedal are notched, which simplifies the tire inflation process. Although the pump is produced for a long time, it costs about 800 rubles. Reliable, simple and trouble-free.

Top Compressors

Since mechanical devices are not particularly in demand and are used in exceptional cases, when there is no possibility to use a compressor, manufacturers focus on electrical devices.

Therefore, the rating includes electric pumps with good technical characteristics and value for money. Among the leaders were domestic and foreign devices of the following manufacturers:

  • Katun;
  • Monsoon;
  • Ducks;
  • Mustang;
  • Sturm;
  • Ring;
  • Black Decker;
  • Elegant;
  • Heyner;

Consider the representatives of these brands, which this year have won the greatest popularity and are considered the best choice for car owners.

Rating is only a recommendation. It is up to you to decide on which compressor or mechanical type of pump for the machine to choose.


New from the company Sturm, which recently entered the market, but managed to gain a good popularity. Power is connected to the battery terminals, which for some is not the most convenient option.

The cost of the device is about 1500 rubles. Capacity of 50 l / min, power up to 0.16 kW and robust composite construction make it possible to treat the model as a compact and functional car compressor of a budget category.

If you do not want to spend a lot of money, but want to get a durable device, you should look at the model MC8850. In the assortment of Sturm, there are a number of other worthy devices for tire inflation.

ASI 500

ASI 500 compressor

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Interesting externally and in terms of its functionality, the electric compressor performed by Black Decker. The multipurpose automobile device uniting in itself at once two devices.

One allows you to pump up car tires, and the second serves for domestic purposes (mattresses, balls, inflatable accessories, etc.).

The device is equipped with a built-in flashlight and an auto-stop system. It is also possible to bleed off excess air by the compressor itself, which somewhat simplifies the process.

The device operates through the cigarette lighter and with the help of terminals connected to the car battery.

Katun 320

katun 320 compressor

Autocompressor Katun 320

A good and affordable option autocompressor, which won wide popularity among owners of cars, small trucks and various minibuses.

The design provides for a built-in pressure gauge and flashlight. For operation, a line voltage of 12 V is used.

One of the best solutions among pumps in terms of price and quality. Long served, no complaints in terms of damage. But during long-term operation it overheats, therefore it is better to take breaks if it is planned to pump more than 4 wheels.

Муссон AD

In the domestic market is considered the most popular compressor among our manufacturers. Adapted for work with cars up to 5 tons. Produces pumps plant in the Kaluga region, which has a positive effect on the price.

The indicator sensor paired with a pressure gauge allows you to automatically turn off the device when the tires reach the optimum pressure. The declared term of no-failure service makes 10 years.

Сейчас цена на Муссон AD варьируется от 2 до 3,5 тысяч рублей.


compressor K 90

Automobile compressor

One of the best representatives of the domestic market and the best option among the entire range of the brand Kachok.

The K90 model is characterized by increased reliability and adaptability for all types of passenger cars. Able to overpower a small truck and minibus.

Mustang M

компрессор mustang M

This compressor does not work on the cigarette lighter.

The device is made in strict accordance with the standards of safety and quality. To work, a current of at least 14.5 A is required. Therefore, the compressor does not work from the cigarette lighter. The connection is applied using crocodile terminals directly to the battery.

It takes 2 minutes to pump a wheel with a diameter of 14 inches, which is a good indicator. But for a long time without interruption to operate the unit is not worth it, because it can overheat and fail.

Force Plus 100043

force plus 100043 compressor

The compressor from the company Elegant model Force Plus 100043

The product of the company Elegant, based on a rotary-piston scheme. Enclosed in a metal housing to effectively remove heat. Rubber support legs in the amount of 4 pieces provide stability on all surfaces.

Equipped with an automatic shutdown function, it comes with nozzles for swapping other items and has a long cord for connecting to a power source. The hose is reliable and reinforced, which ensures a long service life.

By cons, some include the use of an analog gauge in the kit. But it is not so scary. Plus, they often work more accurately than electronic counterparts.

Digimatic Pro 236

Compressor digimatic Pro 236

Heyner Compressor

A good multi-car compressor from Heyner. Included in the number of world leaders, because it deserves the highest positions in the ranking.

The manufacturer has equipped it with a powerful flashlight, automatic shutdown function and high-precision digital manometer.

There are certain complaints about the sustainability of the compressor. But with proper operation, this deficiency is imperceptible.

VP 610

compressor vp 610

Product of the company Voin compressor VP-610

The product of the company Voin, which is a piston autocompressor with an excellent capacity of 70 l / min and with a pressure of 10 atm.

The advantages include high performance, protection from dust and moisture, solid stability and a rich set.

But it has no additional functions, that is, only car tires can swing. It is completed with an analog gauge and works only on battery. There is no possibility to connect the pump through the cigarette lighter.

It is rather a device for garage use, since its weight is not the smallest. For some car trunks, it may seem too large.

RAC 640

compressor RAC 640

Ring Compressor RAC 640

Model of automobile compressor from the company Ring. It is a device according to the 2 in 1 principle, combining two pumps for different tasks. Switching modes by a special button.

High power and rich functionality make the RAC 640 one of the leaders of the rating. It has an auto-shutdown feature, a digital manometer with backlight, an overpressure relief valve and a bright LED light.

With all its obvious advantages and connectivity through the cigarette lighter, some complain about the large size of the compressor.

Decide for yourself what type and model of compressor to buy for your car. But we do not recommend saving. It is better to spend more money and take a pump that can serve for a long time and reliably.

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