Toyota prado 150 - a car with an excellent cross

The excitement regarding the Toyota Prado 150 subsided, because since the Frankfurt presentation, held in 2009, where the new SUV was presented, enough time has passed. 150 model underwent a unique restyling in 2013.

land cruiser meadow 150

Prado fourth generation continue to compare with the previous 120 version. It was not possible to avoid comparison with other best SUVs of competing companies (Jeep Grand Cherokee, Ford Explorer, Nissan Pathfinder). Most experts and drivers are of the same opinion - Prado 150 at Toyota Motor Corporation has definitely turned out. The car is sound, reliable and comfortable. In confirmation of this, there has been a steady popularity of the new Prado and already used cars.

Timed Release

In 2013, the fourth generation of the Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 150, designed for the Russian market, began production in Vladivostok. After two years, in the summer of 2015, the Russian-Japanese agreement on the Prado assembly in Russia was terminated and the issue ceased. Since then, cars are delivered to Russia directly from Japan, so there can be no complaints about their quality. There are no fundamental differences from cars intended for the European and Asian markets.

Toyota Prado 150

Lend Kruzer Prado 150 является логическим продолжением предыдущего третьего поколения. Prado, как марка, сформировалась именно в 120 Series. Поэтому 150 построили на той же платформе, что Prado 120 и Toyota 4Runner. Но некоторые отличия все же имеются. Лонжероны рамы для усиления изогнули особенным образом и установили дополнительную балку. Это позволило усилить жесткость конструкции на кручение и повысить безопасность находящихся в салоне людей.

The external dimensions of the Land Cruiser Prado 150 were able to increase to the seven-seater version due to the large body size with the same size of the main platform. Off-road vehicle is available in two versions with 5th and 7th seats. The last row is not as comfortable as the front two, but if necessary, two people can freely sit in it. In the 7-local configuration in an SUV has a trunk - a small, only 104 liters, but there is. The maximum amount of space when the second and third rows are folded is 2 cubic meters.

Land Cruiser 150 с 2015 года в РФ предлагается приорбрести в 6-и основных комплектациях: Standard, Comfort, Elegance, Prestige, Prestige+ и Suite. В последних трех изготовитель предложил кресла, покрытые натуральной кожей с электроприводом и подогревом, но без функции запоминания, другие привлекательные опции. Изначально салон имел два цветовых решения – светлый и черный, немного позже был добавлен еще один – коричневый. На передней панели находится сенсорный четырехдюймовый многофункциональный дисплей.

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toyota land cruiser 150

For a comfortable stay in the cabin car equipped with a three-zone climate control. The new version has received better finishing materials (pleasant and soft to the touch) and modern design. The Land Cruiser Prado 150 did not receive major changes from the previous modification, and this, in fact, was not required.

Technical features

Land Cruiser Prado 150 - all-wheel drive frame SUV, which received more than one special function to improve performance. KDSS (Kinetic Dynamic Suspension System). This innovative electronics allows you to maintain the horizontal position of the body when driving on uneven ground. It is especially useful when changing lanes while driving on a highway. The stabilization system of the body changes the rigidity of the hydraulic anti-roll bars when passing difficult sections. It does this very quickly and efficiently.

In addition to KDSS, a CC system is installed (Crawl Control). You can also find it on premium Lexus SUVs. For a long time, moving around a section with difficult terrain after switching on the SS, the driver does not need to press the brake or gas pedal. For him, this makes the system, allowing you to maximize the focus on management. A constant speed of up to 10 km / h will be automatically maintained. There are several speeds that are set manually.

More on the Toyota LC 150 Multi-terrain Select system is installed. A similar electronic algorithm called Terrain Response can be found on Land Rover Discovery in version SE. The device operates in one of four modes (mud and sand, stones and gravel, hillocks and potholes, rocks). Control is possible to carry out in advance or during the movement. The buttons are located on the right side of the steering wheel, which is very convenient.

Lend Kruzer Prado 150

The principle of operation is that after selecting one of the modes, when you press the accelerator, the torque is optimized and the wheels are braked depending on the terrain. This allows you to easily overcome the most difficult obstacles.

The Toyota Land Cruiser 150 is equipped with an AVS (Adaptive Variable Suspension) adaptive suspension, operating in one of three modes: Sport, Normal or Comfort. In combination with AHC (Active Heiht Control Suspension) - the system responsible for the rear air suspension, the SUV can increase ground clearance under the rear axle in the 7 cm range (4 cm up and 3 cm down).

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Land Cruiser Prado 150 fuel consumption

Also included are electronic assistants:

  • A-TRC (Active Traction Control);
  • HAC Hill Climbing Assist Control;
  • assistant at the descent from the hill DAC (HillDescent Control).

This set in combination with the frame structure, the system of permanent all-wheel drive with the central differential Torsen, forced locking of the central diff with powerful enough engines, complemented by reliable transmissions, once again underlines the high off-road qualities of the Land Cruiser 150.

land cruiser 150

There is always a choice

The minimum configuration on the Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 150 was installed three different engines - two petrol and one diesel. As the main engine designers suggested 2TR-FE. 16 valve valve with a size of 2695 cm3 (2.7 l) with a power of 165 hp with a maximum whipping moment of 246 Nm at 3700 r / m. It was equipped with two checkpoints: five-position mechanics and an automatic four.

The manufacturer recommends the use of AI-95 as a fuel. Fuel consumption - a question for SUV owners is very relevant. In the city, cars with manual transmission consumes 12.3 liters per 100 km, with an automatic transmission - 12.7 liters.

На территории России редко встречается Тойота Land Cruiser 150 с 6-и цилиндровым 4-х литровым (3956 см3) бензиновым мотором 1GR-FE, мощностью 282 л.с. и АКПП на 5 положений. Они больше востребованы на Ближнем Востоке. Это объясняется большой прожорливостью.

The first modifications of the engine were presented back in 2002, since then it has been constantly improved and is currently producing 377 Nm at 3700 rpm. For 9.2 seconds, the SUV overcomes the mark of 100 km / h, and the maximum speed is 180 km / h. On the highway, the engine consumes about 12.3 liters, and around 15 km to 18 liters of gasoline may be required for a city depending on the traffic situation.

Тойота Land Cruiser 150

Regarding the diesel option, it should be noted that it has been replaced. Replaced the 3-liter unit 1GD-FTV engine capacity of 2.8 liters. Having lost a little in volume, the installation added power, now it is 177 hp (+20 hp) with a torque of 450 Nm at 2400 rpm. In combination with the 6-speed automatic turbo diesel, without a doubt, strong. He is perfectly balanced. This is especially felt when working at low revs.

Compared with the previous engine added about 10% of torque. Land Cruiser Prado 150 fuel consumption decreased by 8% and now stands at 7.4 liters in mixed mode. As the tests show, it can increase to 9-10 liters. On the road it is possible to increase consumption by 1-2 liters, which was to be expected, but this is not critical.

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After the restyling, the technical characteristics of the Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 150 improved significantly. This affected the performance of the inter-cooler, the working pressure increased to 2,200 bar. Upgraded fuel combustion and emission system. After the modifications, the SUV began to comply with the Euro 5 standard. For European drivers, an even more powerful diesel engine 1KD-FTV with a capacity of 190 hp is proposed.

There is always a choice

In off-road conditions, you should give preference to an off-road vehicle equipped with a diesel unit. This choice is due to a higher torque, especially at low revs. When overcoming rough terrain is more important than the power of the motor.

Land Cruiser 150

Count on the speed of the Toyota Prado 150 is not worth it. This becomes clear after a test drive, which confirms the instrument panel, the steering wheel. They have a minimum of information and controls. The car accelerates when driving on the highway very slowly. This is due to the established continuous bridge and a large enough unsprung mass. Suspension overcomes uneven tough (after all ramnik), but the patency remains high.

For operation in urban conditions, you can give preference to the turbocharged diesel version. In this case, the five-speed automatic transmission shows good dynamic performance. In addition, it is more economical, and the conditions of the city is important. Despite the high-quality vibration and noise insulation, a diesel engine works louder than a gasoline unit.

Toyota Land Cruiser 150 was presented at the peak of the popularity of the 120 series, when the sales of the younger brother overcame the mark of 6 million units. In collaboration with French designers from the studio ED2, we managed to combine the individual style of the LC 150 and preserve the traditional quality. Today it is delivered to 178 countries of the world. And true connoisseurs of off-road qualities order the first-generation Toyota Land Cruiser, which is still manufactured at the Tahara plant.