Running in a new car will ensure its durability.

About such a moment as running a new car, they say a lot. But not all “experts” understand what the car that has just been acquired really needs.

running in a new car

Часто появляются мнения, что большинство современных производителей решают эту проблему так называемой «холодной обкаткой». Но, как бы вы не надеялись – это не панацея. Первые пару километров можете считать свой автомобиль новорожденным ребёнком. Он требует внимания и правильного обращения. В обратном случае, вы рискуете ему скорее навредить. Мало что в автоделе вызывает столько же споров, сколько running in a new car.

The first thing I want to warn you about is not to build a hero of militants in the spirit of "Carrier" and load a poor car for 200% of its capabilities. Ideally, the run-in was done by a professional.

What you need to remember?

When you buy a new car, running in is far from the simplest. First, it is advisable to carefully study the instructions. Many do not, considering that already well versed in cars. Unfortunately, this is not always true.

Обкатка новой машины требует соблюдения нескольких правил, и они довольно просты. Во-первых, правильная running in a new car по инструкции сводится к нескольким простым пунктам:

  • The crankshaft should not rotate with too much frequency. This leads to rapid wear. This is especially true when driving a car in lower gears.
  • New cars from Germany do not like driving at a constant speed. Therefore, try to change the speed of movement in the process of running. However, it is not necessary to overload the car. Sharp acceleration and braking are fraught with early wear of pads and discs.
  • Avoid long-term operation of the engine at idle.
  • You can not overload the new car with extra extra weight. So if you planned a trip to the country, it is better to postpone it.
  • It is necessary to transfer to a low gear in a timely manner in order to avoid unnecessary loads on the car engine, which occur at low revs.

Here is a table of recommendations:

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правильная running in a new car

Many people think that the new cars of American brands do not need to monitor the level of oil. This is mistake. If for any reason you have problems and the engine does not have oil, then you expect serious problems and major costs for repairing the unit.

Check the engine oil regularly and have a spare tank with you in case you need a replacement.

нужна ли running in a new car

Многие автолюбители спрашивают, нужна ли running in a new car вообще? Ответ – однозначно да. Детали нуждаются в притирке. И без этого обойтись невозможно. Для чего нужно регулярно менять масло? Ответ прост. Внутри двигателя длительное время сохраняется металлическая стружка, которая постепенно вымывается из узлов, после замены масла.

Running in required and the car, which passed the engine overhaul. For example, if you have a six and you have done a serious tuning of the VAZ 2106, which included tuning the engine, transmissions, etc., then running in is definitely necessary at first. Very soon, the details will be worn out and it will be possible to drive at maximum speed, the main thing is neat.

How to get a run-in of a new car?

Not only the engine needs to be run-in, but also car tires, the manufacturing technology of which in no way guarantees the perfect adhesion of new tires to the road. Therefore, the first 300 kilometers should be given to take this moment into account. Otherwise, you can not calculate, and the car will just carry.

running in a new car

The same applies to the brake system. Even the BMW car manufacturers recommend a "grinding", which occurs after a run of 500 km.

In general, the need for running in and the so-called "zero TO" depends on the manufacturer. If the same BMW can afford to produce parts in such a way that they do not need a long lapping, then companies with less loud names can not always boast of such.

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What should always be remembered - even if you bought an expensive car from Germany or Japan, you should treat it as carefully as possible at the beginning of its operation, avoiding overloads.