Rating of used suvs cheaper than 500,000 rubles


Before creating a list of used SUVs at a price of up to 500,000 rubles. .

SUVs for 500

Used SUVs at prices up to 500,000 rubles

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Off-road vehicles at a price of up to 500 thousand rubles with mileage

To buy a new SUV for 500,000 rubles today is very problematic, even in the family of urban small car. What can we say about SUVs? However, in the used car market for this amount you can find quite decent offers. True, you need to be prepared for the fact that the purchase will require investments: from body work and ending with the replacement of rubber. So what to choose, having in your pocket half a million, so as not to regret the purchase and enjoy all the benefits of cars, adapted to life off the road?

LADA 4 × 4

lada 4x4 suv

"Niva" does not plan to leave the assembly line

The well-known Niva, produced by AvtoVAZ since 1977, does not plan to leave the assembly line, despite all the assurances of the auto giant that the car will soon be seriously updated. The last change in the exterior of this car is due to the appearance of 4 × 4 Urban - the same “Niva”, only in a more modern body kit. Today, the famous off-road SUV not only in Russia can be purchased at a price starting at 455,900 rubles, choosing the three-door version in the Standard package - 1.7 liters 8 cells. (83 hp.), 5MT. Already for the money the driver will get ABS + BAS, EBD, DRL, front ESP, power steering and factory tint. There is no need to talk about the elements of comfort - a socket and a cigarette lighter, that's all you should count on.

All other configurations will cost more than 500,000, but when buying a used Niva you can find a car for this money not only in a more expensive version, but also undergone off-road training from the previous owner. In general, if you need a new (or slightly used) car just for participation in off-road tests, 4 × 4 from VAZ is the best option. However, for everyday driving in the city (and for family transportation), such equipment should not be recommended.

Chevrolet Levels

shevrolet niva for 500

Chevrolet Levels in a more modern version has not lost its shortcomings

Chevrolet Levels - despite the American automaker's nameplate, the Niva, in a more modern version, has not lost its shortcomings. Among them: poor workmanship, poor interior, poor paintwork, lack of resistance to corrosion. A rather outdated design is far from the most important in this price category (and, to admit, not the worst creation of AvtoVAZ and Chevrolet designers). But the most common in Russia engine of 1.7 is not pleased with its high-pitchedness. However, everything is compensated by a continuous rear axle and which has become a legendary suspension, about the huge moves that tell any owner of an SUV. Take an obstacle from overclocking? No questions. Of course, this car is not a sample of comfort, but it is much better suited for urban conditions than the native Russian 4 × 4, and good off-road qualities attract extreme lovers.

Taking into account the fact that the most expensive equipment of the new Chevrolet Levels even costs 700,000, used SUVs up to 500 thousand rubles are available with the richest set of options - front ESP, CZ, alarm, adjustable steering column seats, PTF, heated passenger legs, power steering, ABS.

УАЗ Patriot I

UAZ Patriot SUV

400 000–500 000 rubles can be purchased in good condition / used restyled UAZ Patriot I

For 400,000–500,000 rubles you can buy a second-hand restyled UAZ Patriot I in good technical condition, coming off the assembly line in 2012–2014, 210 mm ground clearance of this car Discounts for new cars! Profitable loan from 9.9% installments 0% adom.ru says that the resident in front of us is clearly not urban. But on the restyled model, the UAZ tried to make a lot of changes so that using the car in everyday conditions was comfortable: the gearshift lever became more convenient, its gaps disappeared, noise insulation became acceptable, and the constant creaks of the panels became silent. A definite plus is the volume of the cargo compartment, which is 2,300 liters with the back of the rear seats folded down. But there are also disadvantages - for example, the “base” gasoline engine of 2.7 liters is poorly suited for driving along the tracks - the dynamics suffers (which is also indicated by the maximum speed of 150 km / h, which is dangerous to reach ). The consumption - 11.5 liters at a speed of 90 km / h. On the roads, the machine can consume up to 20 liters. The diesel engine does not help either - here the limit is generally set at a speed of 135 km / h, which can create problems with overtaking. Well, all motorists say “sail” after reaching the mark of 120 km / h.

The “Patriot” configurations were no longer “empty”: ABS, seat heating, central locking, ESP, on-board computer, heated mirrors, power steering, adjustable steering wheel height and quite pleasant interior for its time - the car looks good. In general, just as an SUV - a great option. But for the city and highway consumption and dynamics are not inspiring. In addition, do not forget the saying: “UAZ is never 100% serviceable”. But even the corrosion resistance of the Ulyanovsk auto is not peculiar.

UAZ Hunter

uaz hunter suv

UAZ Hunter для тех, кто хочет приобрести машину для испытаний в «боевых» условиях

Производимый в Ульяновске с 2003 г. внедорожник UAZ Hunter — явный выбор тех, кто хочет приобрести машину для испытаний в «боевых» условиях. Планирующим же купить мощное авто для комфортного передвижения, рекомендуется сразу перейти к следующему пункту. Максимальная скорость в 130 км/ч, разгон до «сотни» за 35 сек. и расход топлива на трассе в 13,2 л на 100 км пути — модель явно не предназначена для регулярных поездок. Зато за 500 000 рублей можно купить верного товарища, готового хоть после подписания договора отправляться туда, где уже заждалось бездорожье.

The fact that the car will be used, in this situation only speaks in favor of the purchase - it means that the car has been exploited. Naturally, you don’t have to dream of comfort - power steering, fabric upholstery ... That's all. In this model, first of all, it is necessary to study the technical condition of all units, as well as the degree of "charge" - for half a million you can find very fresh copies with good off-road tires and traces of the attention of the previous owner.

Mitsubishi Pajero III

mitsubishi pajero III

BU Mitsubishi Pajero III can be purchased at least 2004 release

If domestic cars are not satisfied, we will discuss which foreign used SUV up to 500,000 is better to buy. For example, it is possible to find a more or less decently preserved “Japanese” for a specified budget. True, the cars will be, in the overwhelming majority, not younger than 2004. Of the obvious advantages is a spacious interior, an interesting design even by modern standards, automatic transmissions, comfort for the driver and passengers, availability of climate control, full electric equipment, etc. Of the minuses - a very “voracious” 3.5-liter gasoline engine or a 3.2-liter diesel engine sensitive to fuel quality (which was also able to kill automatic transmissions on cars of the first years). When choosing a used SUV in the first place you need to pay attention to the state of the transmission, as well as the front suspension. The legendary reliability of these cars forced the owners to ignore the need to carry out regular maintenance, which leads to serious costs when buying parts.

Toyota Land Cruiser

of the Latter Crusher Pendulum

When buying a Land Cruiser Prado, pay attention to the condition of the front axle of the Toyota Land Cruiser Prado.

If the age of the car is not a critical parameter, then you can direct your eyes towards Toyota. Here, the legendary used Toyota Land Cruiser 80 Series, released in 94–96, fit into the budget. last century. Despite the fact that many of them have already turned more than 20 years old, these cars are still able to please with reliability. Spacious interior, huge trunk, climate control and leather interior make the "tractor" very attractive in the eyes of those who like to ride through the mud. When buying, you should pay attention to the condition of the front axle - this is the most painful element of the design of an SUV. As a rule, it requires a full bulkhead with a range of 150,000 km. It should be understood that these cars were new a couple of decades ago. And preparing them for regular use may require considerable amounts. Therefore, if the budget is limited to 500 thousand, including the initial repair, Toyota Land Cruiser is not the best choice. If there is an opportunity and desire to invest a considerable amount in this "dinosaur", then 80-ka will serve as much as it has already existed.

Jeep Grand Cherokee

Jeep engines with volume from 3.0 to 5.2 liters consume 20 and more liters in the city

The temptation to buy a real "Jeep" when buying an SUV is great. Moreover, in the price category fit many models of the Jeep Grand Cherokee. But such a purchase is a decision solely for those who are willing to spend a lot of money on a car, investing in it also time and energy. Motors with a volume from 3.0 to 5.2 l “please” with consumption of up to 20 liters or more in urban areas, razdatka requires certain oils, and a rich electric equipment, due to age, begs for constant attention ... If you can take care of such a car, he will give all the joy of using climate control, ABS, ESP, cruise control, power steering, all kinds of sensors and other options that are not present on all more modern cars. But the repair of the “Grand Cherokee” is very expensive, and a used SUV for 500,000 rubles will obviously not have a “factory” condition.

Great Wall Hover H3

great wall hover h3

Great Wall Hover H3 2011-12 will enter the designated budget

Those who are not afraid of the combination of the words “Made in China” should pay attention to the Great Wall Hover H3. The designated budget will include very fresh cars 2011–2012. release. It should be noted that they, as is typical of the “Chinese,” will win over competitors with a wealth of equipment - airbags, power steering, ABS + ESP, full electric equipment, air conditioning and other things that make driving an SUV enjoyable, are present here. Consumption reaches 13 liters in the city, and the dynamics are very mediocre - up to 20 seconds. takes up to hundreds. But who cares if the "Chinese" on the roads shows results comparable to the "Patriot"?

And what used SUVs in the price range up to 500 thousand rubles do you think is the best choice? Tell us about your preferences in the comments to the article.