Rating best battery for cars


Car battery is included in the list of the most important components for any vehicle. The lack of battery does not even allow the engine to start. In many ways, the performance of electronic systems of cars depends on the battery. The market offers a huge range of batteries, which is quite difficult for an average person to understand. Therefore, you need to carefully approach the study of this issue. Often a great help when buying a battery becomes the current rating. Here 3 ratings among car batteries of different types will be considered immediately.

Best car batteries

TOP of the best car batteries.

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Criterias of choice

Motorists with great experience do not even doubt what exactly is the best fit for their vehicle. But newcomers have to carefully analyze the market in order not to fall into the tricks of sellers who are more often interested in selling stale goods than in real help to the buyer. Therefore, it will be better if the driver independently prioritizes and responsibly approaches the procedure for selecting the battery. When buying a battery, you should pay particular attention to several key selection criteria.

  1. Voltage indicators. In general, experts consider this characteristic key. Although in reality the vast majority of batteries have a voltage of 12 V. This is enough for passenger cars. But if you have a large SUV, a large minivan or some commercial vehicle, then it is better to take a battery with a higher voltage. Here it is better to look into the manual for your car.
  2. Capacity. It implies the amount of electrical energy that the battery will give per unit of time. Suppose you took a model with a capacity of 75 Ah. This allows the battery to work for an hour, provided that the discharge current is 7.5 A. When choosing this characteristic, always look at the nominal capacity. It is usually listed directly on the battery case itself.
  3. Serviceability The current range of batteries can be divided into 3 categories. One includes serviced batteries, and the second contains maintenance-free batteries. Plus, there are so-called low-maintenance batteries. The first category needs topping up the liquid, therefore the corresponding holes are provided in the design. The second group does not need the addition of water, but the price is the highest. The third type does not have operational limitations, and their price varies from cheap to fairly expensive.
  4. Housing Manufacturers offer European and Asian versions of the housing. The first can be used for machines of European manufacturers. Here, the terminals are located in special grooves, and the height of the battery is up to 19 cm. Korean enclosures are designed for Korean and Japanese cars. Terminals for the terminals are missing, because of what they are located on a certain elevation relative to the hull.

Having decided on the necessary technical characteristics and suitable design, you can proceed to the choice of a specific model of the battery.

Leading manufacturers

Many would agree that when choosing a quality product they pay special attention to the products of well-known manufacturers. The big name speaks not only about a well-conducted advertising campaign. Leading companies are not interested in offering low quality products. If they start doing this, consumers will simply go to competitors. So in the case of batteries. Rating the best batteries for cars clearly shows that the priority of consumers products from well-known brands. Therefore, if you want to get a quality battery and do not face the negative consequences of operating a little-known battery, you should pay attention to the best in your business. Now to those include several firms.

  • Bosch. German manufacturer of automotive products, among which there are excellent batteries. They are of high quality performance. Bosch battery company perfectly replenish the lost charge, they can be easily restored. Batteries are characterized by increased stability when operating at low temperatures;
  • Varta. Another manufacturer from Germany, offering excellent products. Their batteries have a long service life and are resistant to corrosive processes. Despite the excellent quality, the cost of the battery from Varta is quite low;
  • Topla. A manufacturer that has existed since the last century. In its assortment there are calcium and hybrid batteries for passenger cars. Against the background of competitors, they are distinguished by high starting current and the ability to operate effectively in low and high temperatures. Batteries perfectly perform their functions even at -45 degrees Celsius;
  • Akom. Well-known domestic manufacturer, which regularly goes to the leading position in the ratings of the best batteries for cars. The company works on modern equipment and works closely with foreign partners, which allows us to achieve the desired quality of the battery. Their batteries are characterized by low self-charging speed and are equipped with the ability to self-disconnect. Due to this function, the battery turns off as soon as the charge level reaches 95%;
  • Mutlu. The company from Turkey offers excellent rechargeable batteries, the quality of which is constantly improving. The company has existed for more than a decade, but during this period the demand for products has not fallen. Batteries are stable, convenient indicator of charge and long service life.

Nobody forces the buyer to stop the choice on these brands. But the experience of motorists and statistics clearly show the frequent superiority of leading manufacturers over little-known firms.

Selection of battery manufacturer

Ratings of the best batteries

It’s very difficult to name the best car batteries among the huge range that the market offers us. After all, there are several types of batteries that have their own distinctive features, characteristics and advantages. To make the rating more objective, it will be divided into 3 categories:

  • AGM batteries;
  • gel batteries;
  • lead acid batteries.

In each rating, there are 5 candidates who possess optimal characteristics and capabilities, according to experts and ordinary motorists.


This is a special technology, on the basis of which modern batteries are made, designed for new cars. Their main feature is the ability to cope with the loads of numerous electronics, typical of current machines. The disadvantages of batteries made by AGM technology, can be attributed only to the high price. But it is worth justifying the outstanding technical characteristics and functionality. According to experts and motorists, such models were included in the rating of the best batteries for cars among AGM batteries.

  1. Bars Premium. The product from the company Kainar, which is characterized by a pleasant combination of price and technical parameters. The cost of such a battery is about 5.5 thousand rubles. The device behaves well in conditions of severe frost. Therefore, for drivers living in the northern regions of the country, Bars Premium can be an excellent solution. Bars Premium
  2. 5951. Model battery manufactured by Bosch. The product is resistant to long-term charge in low current conditions. Motorists who have personally experienced this battery have noted the ability not to lose charge even with rare vehicle operation. The disadvantage can be considered a small indicator of starter current, which here is 480A. It will cost to buy this device at 5.8 thousand rubles.
  3. AGM Stop&Go. Аккумулятор от словенского производителя Topla, который пользуется повышенным спросом на отечественном рынке. АКБ прекрасно адаптирован под работу на автомобилях, которые используют систему Старт Стоп. Аккумулятор выдерживает длительные нагрузки и обеспечивает продолжительный срок службы. Неоспоримым достоинством можно назвать цену, поскольку за аналогичные деньги найти близкую по характеристикам батарею практически невозможно. Актуальная стоимость составляет 10 тысяч рублей. AGM Stop&Go Discounts for new cars! Profitable loan from 9.9% installments 0% adom.ru
  4. AGM S5. A worthy competitor for Topla from Bosch. And the price they have the same, constituting 10 thousand rubles. A great example of the best value for money. The device is suitable for most cars, has a high starting current. This parameter is 760A.
  5. Red Top. Remarkable battery made by AGM technology. The manufacturer is the Mexican company Optima. Among the competitors in the ranking it is here that the highest starting current is at 815A. The device is perfectly adapted for use in conditions of strong frosts, and therefore in Russia is in deserved demand. But the price is appropriate. For the battery of this level will have to pay about 15 thousand rubles. Optima Red Top

The purchase of such batteries, where the AGM technology is the basis for production, is fully justified when operating a modern, electronics-filled car. Then the price is fully consistent with the advantages and opportunities that a motorist receives when installing such a battery.

Gel batteries

In this rating of 5 best batteries for cars entered gel devices. They are in many ways similar to AGM batteries, since they are also designed for installation on modern vehicles with a high rate of energy consumption. Some believe that the price of gel models is too high. But the majority of drivers consider their cost to be fully justified, taking into account all the advantages and technical capabilities. If you are interested in purchasing a gel battery, take a look at the leaders of the 2018 rating.

  1. GX 12 60. Delta car battery. Although we have before us a Chinese battery, there are no complaints about the quality of the assembly or the technical characteristics here and there cannot be. The model first appeared on sale only in 2017. The declared service life is 10 years. The battery does not need to be changed even in the case of a deep discharge, since the charge is easily restored. Maintains serious temperature loadings and differences. Equally effective at +40 and at -40 degrees Celsius. The purchase of such a car gel battery will cost 13 thousand rubles. Delta GX 12 60
  2. GZBP 12.3000. Worthy of your attention battery from the company Ground Zero. The device has standardly located terminals and optimal dimensions for the majority of modern passenger cars. Despite the high technical capabilities and starting current of 3000A, the weight of the structure remains insignificant, as for automotive batteries. But such a device costs about 30 thousand rubles.
  3. SP800. Good rechargeable battery gel type production brand Stinger. The capacity of the device is 30 Ah, and the starting current here is 470A. Fully justifies its cost, which is equal to 32 thousand rubles. Great for expensive and electronics-filled cars. Stinger SP800
  4. Running Bull. The most interesting battery type gel from Banner. Here, experts note excellent current performance and stable operation at low temperatures. Finding some flaws is difficult. Against the background of competitors represented in this rating, the price of 10 thousand rubles and a set of decent technical parameters, Banner looks very attractive in the eyes of potential buyers.
  5. Yellow Top. Gel battery from the US manufacturer, which is characterized by a high starter current of 765 A and a capacity of 55 Ah. The battery amazes with its small dimensions and small weight with such impressive parameters. The equipment has a high resistance to stress and sudden temperature changes. It costs a little more than 18 thousand rubles. Yellow Top

Buy gel batteries or not, the question is personally of each motorist. They have their undoubted advantages. If you take a high-quality device with suitable technical characteristics for a particular machine, even large financial expenses will be fully justified. But sometimes to spend extra money on expensive batteries is meaningless. This applies to domestic cars and old cars, where the amount of electrical equipment is insignificant. And therefore the level of energy consumption in such vehicles is low. They will be quite enough opportunities from lead-acid devices.

Lead Acid

Such car batteries are the oldest and most popular. Although their release began a long time ago, they do not lose their relevance. Largely due to the large number of old foreign cars and domestic cars on our roads. Lead-acid batteries are classified as low-maintenance. They are the most affordable. But still the main advantage of such batteries is their ability to withstand voltage drops in the on-board power network. This favorably distinguishes lead-acid batteries from the previously presented batteries of a higher price category. Taking into account the reviews of motorists and expert opinion, a rating of the top 5 batteries for lead-acid type cars was made.

  1. Calcium Silver. A good battery for a variety of passenger cars manufactured by Mutlu. The device is characterized by the ability to withstand severe loads and temperature drops. Does not lose its effectiveness even at a temperature of about -40 degrees Celsius. At the same time it is such a pleasure only 4 thousand rubles. Happy Calcium Silver
  2. Premium EA722 Carbon Boost. Another great Exide lead acid battery. This is an American battery with excellent technical characteristics. The starting current indicator here reached a value of 640 A, which surpasses all competitors in this category. The price of 5 thousand rubles does not look too high. Therefore, the demand for the presented model is deservedly high.
  3. Premium. The development of the domestic brand Tyumen Battery, which has 12V, a capacity of 64 Ah and a starting current of 590 A. This is a real record in terms of resistance to frost and sudden temperature changes. As a manufacturer from Russia, he perfectly understands all the necessary requirements for rechargeable batteries for cars. Without problems, it continues to perform its functions, even when the temperature overboard drops to -40 degrees Celsius. And the price is more than attractive, since it amounts to 4.5 thousand rubles. Tyumen Battery Premium
  4. Standart. Product manufactured by Akom. This car battery has been ranked, although it cannot be used in extremely cold conditions. The limit is -15 degrees Celsius. At the same time, the battery is resistant to discharge, can restore it even when completely lost, and is characterized by an extremely long service life. Given the current cost of 4.5 thousand rubles, such a car battery can be an excellent choice. It is worth noting the capacity of 65 Ah and the starting current of 580A.
  5. Standart. Another lead-acid rechargeable battery with a standard name. But from the brand Aktex. This is a budget solution from a domestic manufacturer. The device is characterized by a good backup capacity of 124 minutes, as well as a main capacity of 44 Ah. The starting current is 430A. Although the battery does not have unique technical parameters, the model is ideal for working on an average and budget car. The undeniable advantage is the price, which is only 3.4 thousand rubles. Standard Aktex

Every car owner should understand that the battery is not a consumable, which should be changed several times during the season. The battery is purchased for at least 3-5 years. With proper selection and reasonable operation, many batteries can serve for about 10 years. Therefore, it is very important to responsibly address this issue. When choosing a specific model, consider your own financial capabilities, vehicle requirements and real battery characteristics.