Tuning volkswagen polo sedan - chip tuning with a good

Volkswagen Polo sedan It belongs to the category of budget cars, but in technical specifications it can compete with any car. Volkswagen has no body parts like a hatchback, for which he received a category C category. Externally, the car looks decent and belongs to German automakers.

Volkswagen Polo Sedan

Despite the impeccable quality Volkswagen Polo, you always want to make cars individual, because it is not like any other car.

Exclusivity shows its place in society, the character of the owner and his style. Make a Volkswagen Polo sedan tuning and you seem to society in a new light. Creating a new styling includes upgrading the external, internal and technical side of the car.

Outdoor transformation

Tuning Volkswagen Polo Sedan usually start from the outside. In this there is a certain similarity with the tuning of the car Volkswagen Golf 2. Here the car is pasted over with vinyl and set tinted on the windows. You can make the car a new color or apply individual strokes of paint. The use of airbrushing will make Volkswagen a skilful creation, the car will become unique, and you will find it among a million others.

Tuning Volkswagen Polo Saloon

Having established spoiler and body kits on the Volkswagen Polo, можно получить отличные аэродинамические характеристики и правильно перенаправить воздушные потоки. ATнешне такие характеристики создают впечатления мощности и окрас настоящего гонщика.

Сделайте аэродинамический подвес для динамичности автомобиля - так он будет выглядеть более хищным. Добавьте для всей красоты литые диски и спортивные автошины на повседневную езду. Для быстрого разгона авто, необходимо установить спортивную подвеску, новую резину, и уменьшить вес машины до 85 кг. ATес уменьшится, если снять задний диван, убрать заднее колесо с багажника, установить легко сплавные диски и использовать бензин АИ-95 плюс.

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Tuning Volkswagen Polo

AT Volkswagen Polo tuning Included is the installation of a lattice radiator, thanks to which the machine will receive sufficient air flow, the engine will cool down, and as a result, the efficiency of the system will increase.

On the trunk, set the grid with the railing, to secure things during movement. Under the hood, you can install the stop, so that he did not rumble while driving, and the backlight of the body, which tends to change colors during the beat of the music. Modernization of the exterior is not complete without installing new lights on cars. AT tuning Volkswagen Polo sedan входят ксенон, который не создают световую стену перед глазами и не мешает другим водителям. Установив дополнительные светодиоды и задние стопы, ATы внесёте новшество в авто и сделаете безопасным путешествие. Не забудьте про реснички на фары, они подчеркнут индивидуальность машины.

Тюнинг Volkswagen Polo седан (фото):

Volkswagen Polo Sedan

We equip beauty salon

We turn to the internal tuning of Volkswagen and make a comfortable and enjoyable salon for the owner. It all depends on your imagination and desire, so we present only some changes that can be made in the inner part of the car. You can replace the covers in the car, make upholstery or upholstery leather or fur, to give elegance to the interior. A modern accessory is the installed acoustics and subwoofer, TV and route maps. However, the installation of the speaker system is not without interior noise insulation. To suppress noise, vibration-absorbing and soundproofing materials are needed, which will reduce the hum by 40 percent.

Salon Volkswagen Polo

Tuning Volkswagen Polo Sedan (photo above)

We overclock the system

Replace the standard springs with Eibach springs, so you will not feel any bumps on the road and the ride will seem much softer. Tuning technical characteristics of Volkswagen Polo can be done according to your desire. If you want to make a car sporty: install a turbocharger on the motor, replace the gearbox with an automatic one and install an air filter to cool the powerful air flow. For a really fast ride, install nitrogen with a complete air system replacement. High-speed driving is not complete without smooth braking and easy handling - installing a new suspension in a car will cope with this. As you can see, changing one characteristic requires replacing the whole system of your unit.

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Chip tuning volkswagen polo sedan

Наверно всем знакома ситуация когда при обгоне другой машины, двигатель не сразу реагирует на нажатие газа. Проходят доли секунды, прежде чем машина «поймет», что нужно разогнаться и постепенно начинает набирать скорость. Чтобы не допустить такую ситуацию, и чтобы машинка быстро реагировала на любое нажатие, прикосновение ATашей правой ноги, устанавливают chip tuning volkswagen polo sedan. This important detail allows you to add 10% of power to the engine and increase torque by 14%. Changes in performance positively affect the easy start of the car, its dynamics, small and partial loads, torque at different engine speeds and fuel consumption. By making chip tuning volkswagen polo sedan, the car will be a pleasure to drive, and the firmware will make it much faster and more sensitive while driving.

The following is a small video from the tuning salon, engaged in the "pumping" of Volkswagen cars: