The right choice of car dvr


Сегодня каждый автолюбитель знает о том, сколько пользы может принести обычный видеорегистратор для автомобиля. С его помощью можно не только установить причину ДТП, но и доказать свою правоту или найти правонарушителя. DVR уже давно стал неотъемлемой частью работы такси, полиции, скорой помощи, маршрутных автобусов и так далее. Но как выбрать регистратор, чтобы он соответствовал всем заявленным требованиям?


DVR is actively used by car owners.

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The purpose of the DVR

In the modern world, most of us strive to acquire an iron horse. Many families have two or more cars. From this it follows that the number of cars on the roads of the country increases markedly every day. Therefore, more and more accidents occur. If you have already become a member of one of them, then the DVR will help prove the case. There are many examples: from a small scratch in a traffic jam to unscrupulous law enforcement officers who will try to impose someone else’s wrongdoing on you.

In such situations, if you have a DVR recording, you can resolve any conflict on the road, saving your own time, nerves and money.

What are the registrars

If you decide to buy a DVR, you first need to know what they are and what features you can use.

DVR для автомобиля — небольшая камера в пластиковом корпусе, которая крепится на лобовое стекло и ведёт непрерывную съёмку происходящего. Состоит непосредственно из камеры (различаются качеством записи), процессора для обработки информации, а также флешки для хранения данных.

Most modern models of recorders are equipped with a small LCD display, which is duplicated video from the camera. Also with it you can watch the video that is already recorded on the recorder's flash drive.

Mount the device to the windshield

Fixing the device to the windshield using a sucker

For fixing the device, in most cases, a special sucker is provided, which reliably fixes the recorder on the windshield and does not allow the car to detach during movement. Some manufacturers equip devices with low-quality fixings, so they need to be glued. An additional feature may also be the built-in GPS-module, which tracks the current location of the car, its speed and offers a route to a certain point.

How to choose the right DVR

In order not to be mistaken, you need to think carefully about all the parameters by which you should make a choice. Start with the number of cameras. Modern manufacturers offer a choice of devices with one or two cameras, which are easily rotated 180 degrees using special mechanisms. This allows video recording of what is happening in front of the car and parallel to the back of the car (or in the cabin).

If you think that the recorder will interfere with the view through the windshield or simply do not want it to be visible outside the car, pay attention to the DVRs without a display. They have all the functions of a full-fledged recorder, except for the ability to view recorded files. This can be done only by connecting to a laptop or smartphone, Wi-Fi connection or a memory card.

If you need the functions of the recording preview, as well as the ability to perform actions with files on the recorder's flash drive, then you will need a device with a display. In addition to the above, you will be able to fine-tune the field of view of the camera recorder.

DVR with a viewing angle of 180 degrees

180 degree viewing angle

As for the design of the device, then you can choose a model with a swivel screen. This mechanism allows you to place the recorder in any place. To view the recorded video is enough to expand the display to yourself. Some recorders are equipped with a removable display, which allows you to combine the functions of a full-fledged recorder and compactness, which is achieved by disconnecting the screen from the main module.

As in any other technology, manufacturers offer push-button or touch control device. Of course, the lack of buttons will increase the display.

Determine the characteristics of the camera

The first step is to determine the quality of the recorded video. This parameter depends on the resolution of the device matrix - from 0.3 to 16 MP on modern cameras. The quality of the recorded file ranges from 800x600 to 1920x1080 pixels. Writing in higher resolution allows you to see smaller details (car number, incident details, and so on).

The next parameter to pay attention to is the number of frames per second (FPS). This indicator determines the smoothness of the recorded video stream. Low quality recorder records video at a frequency of 15 frames per second, the best option is 30 frames per second, recorders with a video frequency of 60 frames per second are suitable for recording high definition video (HD and FullHD).

Further note the angle of view of the camera. This characteristic determines the amount of information transmitted on the video. So, recording from a camera with a viewing angle of 90 degrees will transmit information within the windshield of the car. It is also better to give preference to cameras with a large viewing angle - this will allow you to see what is happening to the right and left of the car. The only drawback to recorders with a wide viewing angle is that straight lines can be displayed as curved (horizon, walls of houses).

DVR with remote camera

With remote camera

As for fixing the image at night, the quality recorders Discounts for new cars! Profitable loan from 9.9% installments 0% equipped with night shooting features. This can be an IR light or a regular LED flashlight. In the second case, simple LED bulbs are used, so this option is not a solution to the problem of recording video in the dark. As for the infrared illumination, the recording quality here is much better - the lack of illumination of the image is compensated by infrared radiation, which is sent to the main subject of shooting. Radiation is safe for health.

Other criteria that affect the quality of the image - the size of the matrix device, the camera lens, the sensitivity of the sensor. To understand the differences, check out the quality of the transmitted video directly in the supermarket equipment.

Additional functions

Here is a list of major additional functions that may be in the registrar:

  • Slot for connecting an additional camera - some models of modern recorders allow simultaneous recording from four cameras;
DVR with 4 cameras

Device with 4 cameras

  • The GPS module is a useful addition that will allow you to record the route of movement, the average speed, save or mark places on the map;
  • Accelerometer - necessary for fixing indicators such as force and direction of impact (in case of an accident, it reacts to a sudden change in the speed of movement or the position of the car in space). The G-sensor allows you to copy the recording of an incident into a separate video file (responds to a jolt), as well as provide detailed information about the jerk and its strength;
  • Internal storage - this function provides the ability to record video not on the memory card, but on the internal hard disk of the device. The main drawback is that during the registration of the accident law enforcement officers will offer to provide materials for the case, so the registrar will have to part with the time. And it is important to properly configure the device - you need to turn on the mode of continuous circular recording, otherwise the device will simply turn off after filling the memory;
  • Wi-Fi - the addition reveals many features. There is a possibility of wireless access to information on the device using a smartphone, tablet or laptop. And you can also broadcast video directly via the Internet online;
  • The permissible size of the used memory card is - the larger it is, the more information can be stored on the device;
  • A microphone that allows you to record video with sound. This function will be indispensable when communicating with inspectors of the road service;
  • Additional digital outputs. For example, the HDMI output allows you to connect the recorder directly to a TV or laptop;
  • The battery allows the device to work even in the absence of power. Such a function will be indispensable in case of a serious accident or in the parking lot;
  • The built-in motion sensor saves battery life and guarantees the recording of everything happening within the boundaries of the camera view when any movement occurs. The sensor activates the device and recording begins. This feature will allow you to see what happened before the car during parking.

As you can see, in order to choose the right DVR for a car, you need to carefully consider all the functions that you may need. If you already have experience in choosing such a technique, share your comments under this article.