Anti-theft systems for cars: rating of 2016

At present, it is impossible to imagine the operation of a car without the use of an alarm Many car owners, both beginners and experienced, the question arises about which anti-theft systems are the best.

This choice is quite difficult to make, because the abundance of car alarm models on the automotive market causes confusion. They differ in very many parameters, ranging from the set of possible functions, the method of guarding the machine to the cost of the equipment itself, and its installation.

To select the best anti-theft system, various brands from different manufacturers are compared and compared.

Naturally, the most important thing when considering the rating of anti-theft systems for cars is to decide what the user specifically needs: some need the function of an automatic engine, others can safely do without it. It would also be useful to consider the reliability rating of car alarms, which includes models that provide maximum protection against theft.

  • passive engine blocking: the car alarm is triggered if the ignition is turned on in less than 20 seconds after turning off.
  • Alligator CM-30 GC

    The Alligator CM-30 GC alarm system is considered by users to be one of the most reliable anti-theft systems for cars from the 2016 rating. When it was created, modern technologies were used, the latest research that allows it to provide a high level of protection, including from signal hacking, which is facilitated by dynamic coding.

    The main features of one of the best car alarms include the ability to autostart the engine, giving additional comfort to the owner. During the trip, the system reads the parameters of temperature sensors, if necessary, corrects the cooling of the turbine.

    Another feature is the ability to voice control. With the help of a special microphone located in the cabin, the alarm “listens” to what is happening and responds to commands.

    The main features are standard and provide maximum security.

    • Protection of the car when you turn on the guard. With a strong impact, opening the door and similar events, the “alarm” is activated. With a weak push triple beep sounds.
    • Removal to the keychain data on system operations during the absence of the driver. When disarming, information is displayed on the display.
    • In case of power failure, the protection will be restored in the same condition.
    • Including security, the user has the ability to select the connected sensors: only for a blow, optional.
    • You can turn on the security mode in case of malfunction of one of the zones (not active).
    • If passive protection is disabled, then even in case of problems with the key fob (battery is broken or discharged), protection can be activated.
    • The possibility of silent protection, setting, disconnecting.