Galvanized car body

When buying a car, the first thing you should pay attention to is, of course, the body. In the event of a breakdown of the engine or electronics system, repairs will cost much less than you repair the body itself. The idea is that if the body began to be covered with corrosion (red mushrooms), then this process is very difficult to stop. After a couple of years, in the place of the emergence of Ryzhikov, already distinct holes will appear.

To repair such a car is quite expensive, and it will be possible to sell it only for a ridiculous price. Therefore, when buying a car, you need to remember - to get the maximum useful properties of the body, such a body should be at least galvanized. Audi was one of the first real galvanized bodies praised at the end of the 80s. So today you can meet these legends of the Bavarian automobile industry on our roads, while their body will look at least on the rating of "good."

Skoda Octavia and Skoda Fabia - the difference in galvanization

In the Volkswagen Group, cars have a fully or partially galvanized body. The fact is that the technology of anti-corrosion protection, the corporation Audi, formed it back in 1986. To date, this technology is called hot or thermal galvanized body. This entire process is performed on all Audi cars, and on most of the expensive Volkswagen and Seat cars. In the same way cars Chevrolet Expica and Opel Astra are galvanized. Cars get very high quality protection, but sometimes the whole process of galvanizing is not performed according to the criteria that are needed. The well-known favorite brands of Skoda Octavia cars differ from Skoda Fabia in galvanized body types in many criteria:

  • Octavia completely galvanized the whole body, but today on new models the corporation has started to save considerably;
  • the galvanized bottom of the Fabia does not protect the sills, arches, and lower parts of the doors from corrosion;
  • The plant gives a 7 year warranty on penetrating corrosion only on Octavia, since he is confident in this car;
  • both cars have become for the Volkswagen Group a small part of the low-budget market, these cars began to save.
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If you pay attention to the Skoda Octavia 1998-2002, then almost all cars are corroded on the most dangerous places, which in a couple of years will bring the body into disrepair. Here you need to understand that the affected places are very difficult to restore, even after treatment with special means or even if you brew this place, corrosion will spread even faster. The galvanized body of such cars is “treated” for chipping and scratching in a certain way at specialized service stations.

Galvanic galvanization of cars Mercedes and BMW

Almost all Mercedes and BMW cars received high-quality galvanization. The eternal rivals Volkswagen and Audi decided not to use the technology of the eternal rival, they invent their own technology of galvanizing the body. This technology has become - galvanized galvanized body, which has acquired certain advantages and today has become the optimal solution for protecting the body from corrosion. On our roads, and to this day drive Mercedes 90s, in which the body, to say the right - ideally.

Among modern new cars, models are considered to be especially high-quality galvanized bodies:

  • SUV Mercedes G-klasse, and also premium GL;
  • Mercedes GLE and GLK - they offer high-quality and durable body operation;
  • excellent galvanization offer premium sedans S — Klasse and E — Klasse;
  • Among BMW crossovers, the BMW X6 and BMW X5 boast excellent body characteristics;
  • popular BMW 5 Series sedans are also fine-tuned at the factory;
  • BMW 7 has a great galvanized body, as well as the entire range of the M series;
  • Of course, the relatively budgetary A-Klasse and C-Klasse series from Mercedes have quite good galvanization;
  • but BMW cars from an inexpensive model range, galvanized body, to put it mildly, can not be proud of its reliability.
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Cars with a galvanized body - an excellent and reliable acquisition that will allow you to operate it for quite a long time without noticing any problems with the body. Budget cars are simply not profitable to fully zinc, it is easier to add zinc elements to the paint or primer and to assure the consumer that the body will remain in its original condition for decades. Negligent manufacturer for such fraud, it is natural to wind the price tag as for a full galvanized body.