Kia sorento prime equipped with a new v6 gasoline engine

Kia Sorento Prime оснастили новым бензомотором V6

Orders for Kia Sorento Prime, equipped with a new 3.3-liter V6 petrol engine, you can now leave in the salons of Russian dealers of the Korean automaker. Prior to this, the motor line of the crossover was represented only by diesel units. They will start selling the novelty on the last day of November 2015, a little more than a month is left to find "extra" 2,270 thousand rubles in their budget for the purchase of a car. It is for this price that the basic equipment will be traded. new Kia Sorento Prime. Kia Sorento Prime оснастили новым бензомотором V6 By the way, for our car market for some reason, the Koreans decided to reduce the power of the gasoline engine. For themselves, they set to Kia Sorento Prime The new V6, capable of demonstrating the power of 270 horsepower, will be delivered to Russia with crossovers with a "deformed" twenty horse "engine." Explain this savings in vehicle tax: for the extra twenty horsepower would have to pay a lot, and this load would lay down clearly on the shoulders, or rather, the wallets of buyers. Transmission for all-wheel drive Kia Sorento Prime proposed the same as for a complete set with a diesel engine: only six-speed automatic transmission. The crossover to the test “weave” on asphalt accelerates in just over eight seconds, which is one and a half seconds faster than the model with a diesel heart. Kia Sorento Prime оснастили новым бензомотором V6 The petrol crossover has only two complete sets: prestigious (Prestige) and premium (Premium), they are all seven-seater. For diesel kia  Luxe version with five-seater salon is available, dealers ask for it from 2 170 000 wooden.

Prestige grade will cost the same with the diesel version with exactly the same "body kit" - from 2,270 kilorubles. What is included here? Parktronic on both bumpers, cruise control service, xenon optics, HPD adaptive amortization system, rear view camera, keyless entry, smart trunk, opening at a stroke legs under the bumper, light and rain sensors, the ability to switch travel modes, three-zone climate control, seven-inch panel multikombina, navigation system, heated and adjustable front row seats and so on and so forth. Kia Sorento Prime оснастили новым бензомотором V6 Basic version of the new Kia Sorento Prime Equipped with a dopack of options called "Warm Options." This package allows you to heat the rear rows of seats, and the steering wheel, and mirrors with a windshield in the area of ​​"parking" wipers.

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Sorento Prime Premium will cost the buyer 2 490 000 rubles. The crossover in this configuration has four cameras that provide all-round visibility, blind spots are monitored. The SPAS car driver will allow the driver to take a break from parking gestures. The premium package includes an electronic assistant when moving backwards, there is an electric parking brake, there is a multimedia system with an external amp, subwoofer, nine speakers, etc. The list of options is impressive. What is no wonder for such an amount.