How to open a car without a key quickly and without

Almost every car owner met with a banal situation: the doors are locked, and the car keys are in the cabin. In this case, the second set of saving keys, which, by the way, neither everyone has, can be located at the other end of the city and there is no time for a long trip in public transport or to search for a friend who will take there and back. Do not panic - you can open the door of a car without keys.

The first way how to open the car door without a key

How to open a car without a key?

How to open a car without a key? To do this, you need to "hack". Before you start "hacking" the lock of your car, you need to explain to people who are currently nearby (working in nearby stores or other institutions) that you are trying to open your car.

This is due to the fact that vigilant citizens can call law enforcement officers at the sight of those actions that are performed to open a car without a key, even if you try to open a pathetic six in this way (VAZ 2106). At the same time, it is extremely difficult for law enforcement officers to explain that this is your car without having documents for it (as a rule, documents also remain with the keys in the cabin).

How to open a car without a key?

After possible explanations proceed to the immediate opening of the castle. To do this, do the following:

  1. First, we hook a part of the sealant window of the driver’s door from the side of the lock. This will most easily be done using any sharp object: a small screwdriver or a nail file.
  2. Hooking the seal, take it out. Pull out the entire glass seal is not necessary, it takes a few centimeters of operational space.
  3. For further work, we find a piece of wire long, equal to the length of the door. Next, at one end of the found wire, we make a hook at an angle of 45 and about 2 centimeters long.
  4. After completing the preparatory work proceed to the opening of the castle. Formed hook planted in the opening between the door and the glass. After the wire has rested against the barrier, (in most cases it is the mechanism of the locking device), we perform a “bypass of the lock”, searching for a special mechanism for opening the door. This is done as follows: without loosening the pressure on the wire when it rests on the barrier, we shift the hook to the right side until it “fails”. After that we get him to the right.
  5. We find the locking mechanism of the lock, which without experience is done by numerous attempts. If this mechanism was found, then hooking it with a hook, pull the wire. The lock should open.
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How to open a car without a key?

For those who are still wondering how to open a car without a key on its own, we offer the second method:

Use a rope or line to open the car without a key

You can also open the lock of a car without a key by also using a thin rope or fishing line (these guys definitely have these things for those boys who do tuning with their own hands). For this you need to do the following:

  1. At the end of the selected rope or fishing line we set a loop, which should be the size of the internal door lock button.
  2. We take the cord and, pulling at the two ends, we stretch it. In the tense state, through the upper corner of the door, push the string inside the car.
  3. We move the formed mechanism in different directions to put a loop on the button of the lock of the lock and pull it up.

How to open a car without a key?

It is worth noting that if the rope or the fishing line can not climb, then you need to bend the edge of the door. To do this, we hammer a wooden wedge with the hand into the formed space between the pillar and the door. If space allows you to use a thin wire, then creating a kind of loop at its end, you can also get into the cabin by pulling the lock lock.

Here is a pictorial video on how to open the doors of a car without a key:

In conclusion, we note that every motorist should know how to open a car door without a key. However, if you can call a special service, you need to use it.

And finally, another illustrative video about how to open a car without a key: