Renault quid are going to promote not only in the indian car

Renault Quid собираются продвигать не только на индийском авторынке

On the Indian car market budget French hatchback Renault Quid confidently beats all records of popularity. It began selling there only in September of the current year, and seventy-five thousand copies have already been sold, and the flow of new applications for the novelty is not going to dry out. Such a demand probably inspired the developers to expand the motor line for baby Quid in the near future and target another sales audience outside the Indian subcontinent.

Renault Quid It was first officially shown to a mass audience six months ago. The “kid” is based on a Reno-Nissan modular platform, officially referred to as CMF-A. This budget compact hatch is produced only on Indian capacities, and only for the urgent needs of the Indians. Initially, the model was positioned as an affordable car for car markets in developing countries. It was decided to start with India, and then, as the card will fall. The map went down well, and in September of the future, in 2016, assembly shops will begin quid serial release also in Brazil. We must assume that this "baby" will soon arrive in our car market. Russia is a developing country, the population does not live better than Hindus and Brazilians, and therefore it can claim to be Qvida, as a car that is quite affordable. Economists do not promise anything good in the future for a couple of years to come, because the government of lawyers can only lie from the stands about the next crisis bottom, and it’s impossible to achieve real changes in the economy the power of the legal brain to comprehend the laws of economics, and to call for help economists or poverty of the mind, or religion does not allow. Therefore, we are waiting for Kvid, gentlemen, if by that time there is even enough money for him. Renault Quid собираются продвигать не только на индийском авторынке Brazilian version Renault Kwid absolutely no different from his Indian counterpart. Well, perhaps, minor design elements. Under the hood of the “Brazilian” there will be exactly the same 0.8-liter 54-horsepower little motor that every time starts up under the hood of the “Indian”. The transmission, of course, is also the same, mechanical. But, they say, the Brazilian version of the motor can eat not only gasoline, but also ethyl alcohol. Although why this “innovation”, when ethanol is several times more expensive than gasoline, is not clear.

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By February 2016 under the hood Indian Quidu install another, liter benzomotorchik that will work with a robotic transmission. The novelty, too, probably, will move to Brazilian version of Quiddah. Renault Quid собираются продвигать не только на индийском авторынке Цена Renault Quidа for the Indian market ranges from 272 thousand rubles, if you convert rupees into our currency at the current rate of the Central Bank. By the way, budget models assembled on CMF-A modules expand their geography: next year, the recently restored Japanese auto brand Datsun is going to show the world its development from this automotive segment.