How to check the vehicle equipment by vin code

Идентификация автомобилей в мире происходит по определенной методике. Этому помогает установленный в каждом транспортном средстве специальный идентификатор VIN-код. Он является персональным для каждого транспортного средства. В некоторых случаях требуется выяснить, how to find out the complete set by VIN code.


  • 1 general information
  • 2 Encryption details
  • 3 Search features
  • 4 Problem solving
  • 5 decryption example

general information

The general structure of such a designation is regulated according to the international standard ISO 3779-1983. Thanks to her, she manages to encode a certain set of information that is characteristic of machines and almost without the possibility of falsifying it.

Through the introduction of this system, machines are protected from theft and theft. It will not be possible to uniquely unify a set of numbers and symbols, as there are common hidden databases that constantly store information about cars. Before checking the vehicle equipment by VIN code, you need to know that among these characters there is a control number that cannot be changed or interrupted.

Encryption details

American cars and cars manufactured in Canada strictly follow the ISO 3779-1983 standard, pointing out all the necessary symbols in the right order and place. European manufacturers do not always adhere to this rule recently.

determine the vehicle equipment by VIN code

VIN includes 17 characters. They are encoded as Arabic numerals from 1 to 9 and Latin capital letters, all except Q and I, so that they do not merge with the unit and zero.

Search features

It is necessary to take into account that it is quite problematic to determine the vehicle equipment by VIN code. This is due to the fact that there is no common database in which the relevant information is stored, and it is difficult to collect it.

In some cases, it is possible to get on the resources, covering a wide range of brands and models. One of them is the resource. Also found a considerable number of paid services. The price tag on them is set very considerable, which is a "minus" in this case.

It is necessary to know that pirated versions of such programs are found on the Internet, helping to break through a complete set of wine.

Having downloaded it, the user can try to use it. However, most of them either work incorrectly or refuse to install at all on the hard disk. Working programs have certain disadvantages:

  • interface in English;
  • interface in product manufacturer languages;
  • functional difficulties.
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In certain cases, there are crooked "Russified" versions. In this case, the problems will be aggravated rather than solved.

Problem solving

The way out of this situation is to use the help of some online stores that offer products in wholesale and retail lots. Their assortment uses goods from both domestic manufacturers and foreign automotive brands.

A prerequisite in such a situation is simple user registration. It is carried out by e-mail or through an account on social networks. Virtual sites provide digital versions of the catalogs on the cars you are looking for. In this case, the translation will be in Russian with a competent application.

how to find out the complete set by VIN code

You can use the online virtual resource On its pages is also available information of a similar nature. You can find out the VIN package on this site for many popular car models. In the manual search for convenience, you can select languages.

Decryption example

To understand the example of how everything works with VIN, take the character set in the following sequence: 1ZVHT82H485117896. The structure demonstrates the following information:

  • the first unit stands for American cars (produced in the United States);
  • The second and third signs indicate that the car is a Ford.

The next block allows you to determine the technical parameters of the vehicle. They hide under the HT82H set:

  • The first letter indicates the presence of four airbags, if in place of it stood B, then this would indicate the absence of such;
  • the second, third, and fourth characters coded a particular model from the Ford line, which is the Mustang Coupe;
  • The last letter indicates the presence under the hood of an eight-cylinder power plant, the volume of which is 4.7 liters, if there were N, then this information would be in favor of 6 "boilers", and not 8 mi.

The tenth position is occupied by the figure 8. It indicates the year of manufacture - 2008. Thus, the decoding is carried out. The work of most relevant electronic programs is based on this principle. You can also use the official information from the manufacturer. It can be found on the official site.

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