Rating the best italian cars


Passionate and temperamental

Automotive world has its own geography. Refined France, reliable Germany, practical Korea - each country seeks to present to the world something special, typical only for it. Of course, the autoworld map would be incomplete without a hot and passionate Italy. Italian cars already by their names make the hearts of car enthusiasts beat faster.

Ferrari 458 Italia

Bright, extraordinary, contrasting, speedy, ultramodern, temperamental - such cars are made in Italy. One thing is clear to all. They give the driver what he expects from the car - speed.

Читать далее о лучших итальянских автомобилях-->В сочетании с роскошным дизайном, неординарностью форм и великолепными техническими характеристиками, итальянский автопром если и не занимает большую часть мирового авторынка, то является самым необычным, самым престижным его представителем, о котором говорят и мечтают все.

Top Ten

So, Rating presents its list of the best cars of Italian brands.

Let's start it with the legendary Lancia Stratos. Excellent driving performance, sporty design and a rich history of victories at world championships speak for themselves. Tenth place.

Italian Lancia Stratos

In ninth place, the car, which the Italians themselves fell in love with for the perfect combination of price and quality Lancia Ypsilon. He does not have such a rich sports history, like Lancia, but he is very convenient as a family car.

You can not talk about Italian cars and not to discuss Ferrari. This is a dream of all motorists without exception. Super speed, conceptual, presented in limited series, they are like expensive wine, the value of which only grows with time. Ferrari Enzo was named in honor of the creator of the brand Ferrari. Issued in the amount of 400 copies. Eighth place he got for an elegant design and a real sporty character.

Ferrari Enzo Supercar

Ferrari Enzo

Alfa Romeo Giulietta is popular not only in Italy, but also far beyond its borders. The concern began its work more than a hundred years ago, and the issue of Giulietta was established sixty years ago. Today, drivers can enjoy all the advantages of the third generation of this car. With its expressiveness and unusual design, Alfa Romeo Giulietta has earned the seventh place in our list of the best Italian cars.

Alfa Romeo Giulietta

Alfa Romeo Giulietta

There are cars that are considered the symbol of the country. If in France it is Citroen, then in Italy it is definitely Fiat 500. Small, maneuverable, it is perfect for narrow streets. It can be safely called legendary. Not many cars are mentioned in the songs of Italian singers. The Fiat 500 was awarded this honor many times. By the half-century anniversary, the Fiat Nouva 500 was released. For national love, we unanimously gave sixth place to him.

Prestigious leaders

Alfa Romeo cars have long become a symbol of prestige and refined taste. They dream about, their owners envy. Alfa Romeo Spider is a worthy representative of its manufacturers. Once it was a retro car Discounts for new cars! Profitable loan from 9.9% installments 0% adom.ru, now, having passed the path of evolution, has become a fashionable conceptual car. It is he who opens the top five.

Alfa Romeo Spider

Alfa Romeo Spider

Cars have long ceased to be just a means of transportation. It seems that they have long lived their lives. They have their stars, there are brands that flashed on the fashion show and disappeared from memory, and there are very real workhorses. And then there are those that are always spoken about. They stand out of fashion and time. Such a car in Italy is the Ferrari 250 GTO. Its design was ahead of its time. To purchase it, you had to pass a personal interview with the owner of Ferrari - Enzo Ferrari. But those who knew a lot about fashionable cars did not stop at nothing to just become its happy owner. For maneuverability, unique design and extraordinary power - the fourth place.

Ferrari 250 GTO

Ferrari 250 GTO - one of the most expensive cars in the world.

Test drives the car, which took third place, to put it mildly, impressive and in our days. It is still called the automobile symbol of the era of the seventies of the last century. Someone may grin and say that this car is too old to occupy such an honorable place. But we have something to argue. Technical specifications still can not surpass many modern famous brands. Of course, we are talking about Maserati Bora.

Maserati Bora 1976

Maserati Bora

Enzo Ferrari put a lot of effort into creating his brand. He was worried about the fate of each car. Interviewed personally with potential owners. As a result, Ferrari for many remained an unattainable dream. Not only because of its transcendental value, but also largely due to limited releases. Ferrari F430 Spider is recognized as the most stylish car of this brand. The power of this car is amazing in our days. The second place for a dream car of millions of car enthusiasts.


Three times in our rating were Ferrari. Twice - Alfa Romeo. It speaks eloquently about the attitude to these cars around the world. However, our winner has not yet met in the list of the best Italians. Probably, about him and do not need to talk a lot - his name speaks for itself. Lamborghini Aventador LP988-4 GT Edition DMC. With its acceleration of up to 380 km per hour and the ability to accelerate to 100 km in just 2.5 seconds, it literally overtook all its competitors at full speed and took the top place. His design has earned top marks in all exhibitions. The prestige of this car makes the richest and most famous to part with a whole fortune for the sake of being able to possess them. And all this from the manufacturer, who was once engaged in the release of tractors.

Lamborghini Aventador LP988-4 GT Edition DMC

Lamborghini Aventador LP988-4 GT Edition DMC

Maserati, Ferrari, AlfaRomeo, Fiat, Lancia, Lamborghini - the names of Italian cars sound like music. Their engines, like the Italian opera, are sonorous and harmonious. Their design is ahead of its time. And their character is hot and passionate, like Italy itself. They dream about, their owners envy. And all this they - the best Italian cars in the world.