Mitsubishi l200 vs toyota hilux: who is more reliable?

It is believed that pickups are very reliable cars, especially thanks to its frame. But not everything is as smooth as it seems at first glance. Today we look at the popular 4th generation Mitsubishi L200 pickups, which have been produced since 2005, and the 7th generation Toyota Hilux, which have been produced since 2004. If the Mitsubishi L200 has always been officially supplied to the Russian market, then the Toyota Hilux was officially launched in Russia only in 2010, after the restyling of this 7th generation. So, in the secondary market of the Toyota Hilux 2004 there are only imported from the Middle East.

Pickup mitsubishi l200

As a rule, they have a 4-cylinder gasoline engine 2TR-FE, the volume of which is 2.7 liters. The motor is quite reliable, it is already well known on the services, because it successfully worked on the Toyota Land Cruiser Prado. On cars that were released before 2008 there were cases that the crankshaft oil seal was starting to flow. But if you change the old seal to a more modernized one, this problem will no longer appear.

And so, in general, it is a powerful and reliable engine, which has a timing chain drive, for which the mileage is 400,000 km. - it's nothing. Also here it is necessary to manually adjust the gaps in the valve mechanism, then this procedure should be done after about 280,000 km. run The only thing you need to sometimes look after is the fuel system, because the fuel pump can fail after about 250,000 km. Its price is about 170 dollars, and it is located in the gas tank. And after the 320,000th run, the nozzles will have to be changed, each of which costs $ 43, and a non-original, about $ 27.

Hilux photo

It also happens very rarely that a 2.4-liter 4G64 Sirius gasoline engine is installed on the L200 imported from abroad. This is also a reliable engine that calmly serves at least 400,000 km. run But sometimes he can deliver some chores. The main thing is to pour high-quality oil into it and make sure that its level is normal, then there will be no problems with hydraulic compensators and the crankshaft. If the oil is of poor quality, then these elements will quickly come to an end. The new crankshaft costs $ 350. But it is clear that you should never save on oil. In this engine, the timing belt, which must be periodically changed, and if oil gets on it, the belt will wear out faster, this should not be allowed.

In addition, every 60,000 km is necessary. clean throttle and idle speed regulator. If this is not done, the engine will have floating speeds after about 150,000 km. run Also, the cause of floating speed can be nozzles and a temperature sensor, which cost $ 60 and $ 45, respectively.

l200 photo

Officially supplied Toyota and Mitsubishi

Most of the officially presented cars with diesel engines, but Toyota engines do not like low-quality diesel. In the Hilux suite installed 4-cylinder engines 2KD-FTV, the volume of which is equal to 2.5 liters and 1KD-FTV with a volume of 3 liters. These are motors with a cast-iron cylinder block, a timing belt and gears in a timing drive. Also, these motors with common injection system with common rail and expensive injectors, a set of which costs $ 510. They may already fail after 150,000 km. run And if the oil is not changed in time, it can lead to problems with the turbocharger, which costs 1,885 dollars for a new original.

Pickup Toyota Hilux

Unofficially brought Hilux, released in 2007-2009, with a 3-liter diesel engine designed for Euro-4, they changed the shape of the combustion chamber, so buying such versions is undesirable because after about 200,000 km. they begin to lose power, a gray exhaust will appear, and a knock will appear at idle. All because there are cracks in the pistons, the repair will be expensive - each piston costs $ 200. On cars produced after 2010 is already a more successful combustion chamber.

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mitsubishi l200 motor

On Mistubishi L200 is a 2.5-liter diesel engine series 4D56, which was first used for another Pajero 1983 release. In this engine, the injectors cost $ 370 each, and the turbocharger costs $ 530. This engine is even more sensitive to fuel quality. It often happens that already to 80 000 km. EGR valve clogged if the car often drives in urban traffic. You also need to follow the timing belts and balancing shafts. There are no hydraulic compensators in this engine, but the gaps should be checked after 90 000 km.

To prevent the crankcase ventilation system on the 4D56 motor from freezing, it was equipped with its own electrical heating. But years later, the contacts of this electric heating can begin to melt. In 2011, there was a revocable company in which this heated ventilation system was replaced with a conventional ventilation system. But if the motor is used carefully and does not allow overheating, then it will quietly serve at least 400,000 km.

mitsubishi l200 2008


These two pickups are united by the fact that they have the same 4-speed Aisin Warner A340 automatic transmission, it was installed on Toyota Hilux with a 2.7 petrol engine and the unofficial Mitsubishi L200. The box is old and proven, from the 80s, a simple design and will be able to serve at least 500,000 km. run

There is also a car with a 5-speed automatic box Aisin Warner A750E / F, which was installed on a 3-liter Toyota Hilux. These boxes in terms of reliability is also at altitude. For the boxes to serve for a long time, simply enough every 100,000 km. change gear oil. If the oil is not changed, then this will lead to an expensive overhaul.

mitsubishi pickup

But the automatic boxes in the Mitsubishi L200 are not particularly reliable, for example, the 4-speed V4A51 box and the 5-speed V5A51 box are a joint development of Mitsubishi and Hyundai. These boxes can start to fail, not changing gears. To make them work properly, you need to reflash the computer. But its 250 000 km. will be able to serve without repairs, but the friction clutches and the torque converter will have time to wear to this run, together they will cost $ 1600. You will also need to change the oil pump and the sensors of the input and output shafts.

As for manual transmissions, they are equally reliable in both cars. The only thing that active off-road driving will kill the grip ahead of time. A clutch kit in Toyota costs $ 400, and in Mitsubishi - $ 250. Typically, the clutch is approximately 160,000 km. But it happens that such troubles happen, that after 180 000 km. the sleeve of the Haylax box lever begins to wear out, and in the L200 it can knock out gears on a bad road.

mitsubishi l200

Also in Toyota reliable all-wheel drive, it can be used constantly, you can turn off the front wheels and drive only on the rear-wheel drive. The design is extremely reliable, but there may be problems with the electrician, for example, actuators connecting the front axle. But often this happens with cars from the Middle East. On all cars, it is necessary to monitor the front axle oil seals after 100,000 km. run

In the Mitsubishi L200, all-wheel drive is even more reliable than the Toyota, called the Easy Select, but it does not have a center differential, so driving on all-wheel drive is desirable only on off-road or on slippery roads.

L200 pickup

In the more expensive versions of the L200, there is a Super Select transmission with a lockable center differential, the same is in the Pajero. With this transmission, you can constantly ride all-wheel drive. But in terms of reliability, they are inferior to Easy Select. Approximately 100,000 km. Seals begin to flow and the suspension support has time to wear, then the drive shafts of the drive shafts wear out. In Toyota, the cardans are 2 times longer.

It also happens that after 80,000 km. in the control system the vacuum valve of the coupling brings in; the sensors are in a razdatka; But all these are problems that appear due to active and careless exploitation. If you follow the car and keep it in the garage, then most of the possible problems will be avoided. So that the body does not rust, it is necessary to immediately paint over the chips that have appeared, because in places where there is no paint, corrosion will appear.

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l200 pickup photo

Also in Mitsubisi, corrosion can appear on a fuel tank that is made of metal. And often it starts to rust from the inside, also due to this corrosion the power supply system can become clogged. To solve the current situation it is necessary to change the fuel tank, and its price is equal to $ 670. But to prevent this from happening, it is best to keep the gas tank always full, especially during temperature fluctuations, it is at this time that condensate may appear in the tank.

As for electricians, in Mitsubishi a lot of things can fail, because of bad contacts in the fuse box. But the most unpleasant problem is that during turns the steering wheel begins to crackle somewhere after 120,000 km. This means that you will soon have to replace the driver's airbag.

mitsubishi l200 instrument panel

In Toyota, too, there is something to refuse, for example, a generator, which costs $ 600, can refuse, and after 100,000 km. Diode bridge may fail. It also happens that the head units of audio systems, which also cost a lot of money, fail on both Toyota and Mitsubishi. Also in Toyota it happens that the windows themselves lower the windows. And the thing is that with the power window control unit something went wrong.


The salons of these cars are very similar, even it seems that they were made at one factory, materials of the same quality. Squeaks appear after 3-5 years of operation, also the steering wheels start to peel off, the buttons are erased, and scratches appear on the plastic. Leather steering wheel Mitsubishi after 130 thousand kilometers badly worn. The paint on the armrests and the interior door handles eventually gets scratched and rubbed off.

mitsubishi l200 салон


On the chassis of these cars everything is very good. But squeaks also appear, especially if you do not lubricate the updates of the liners, especially the rear springs creak, but if you do not forget about the lubrication, then everything will be in order. To run in 100 000 km. nothing will happen to Toyota's suspension, you can not even drop in there. But in Mitsubishi it is sometimes necessary to change the stabilizer bushings before this run. When mileage passes for 100 000 km. then on the L200, silent blocks on the front levers are already failing; on the rear axle they require the replacement of the hub of jet propulsion.


In Haylax, ball bearings also have to be changed, they cost $ 75 each. At about the same mileage shock absorbers require replacement. Only they cost differently - on the L200 the front ones cost $ 35 each, and on the Haylax - $ 130, the rear shock absorbers on the L200 stand at $ 30, and on the Haylax at $ 60. But the front bearings on the hub cost $ 55, and in Haylax on 45.

In the steering after 160 000 km. knocks may appear in both cars, it's all about the cardan, which has become loose. In Toyota, in order to eliminate squeaks, it is enough just to change this cardan steering, and in Mitsubishi, besides this, it is also necessary to process the shaft seals with silicone, they are in the engine compartment. By the way, even dealers tried to lubricate the steering column with a thicker lubricant during the warranty period. If cases are very bad, which happens very rarely, then you have to change the entire node for $ 1,350.

фото mitsubishi l200


The brakes of these cars are also different; on Hilux, the front pads need to be changed after 40,000 km. The original front pads cost 100 dollars per set, the disks cost 40 dollars, but they live 3 times longer than the pads. In the same L200 pads have to be changed after 20 000 km., The price for the front - $ 100, drives cost $ 70 and go to 50 000 km. Against the backdrop of the Toyota Hilax, it seems that the Mitsubishi L200 is not particularly reliable. This is only against the background of Toyota, as well as the L200, as a whole, a reliable car, especially since it is also cheaper than Toyota for 300-400 thousand rubles.

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Sensations from driving on pickups

After a long drive on the L200 with a manual box and a diesel engine, the whole body will hurt, especially for those who are tall, it will not be very convenient. Because in the car frame construction, so the floor is high, in general, for a tall person would not be particularly comfortable. In Toyota, too cramped, but here the seat is better, therefore, in general, - comfortable.

toyota hilux

If you drive on a stony surface at a speed of 50 km / h, then Toyota sways and rides gently, in the L200 everything is different - the suspension is stiffer, gives more driving emotions. Mitsubishi is also a more off-road car, since Toyota has a low bottom protection and often has various high hummocks. On Mitsubishi nothing touches, but if the road worsens, then it is better to slow down. Mitsubishi L200 - is considered a real SUV, so you have to turn a blind eye to the sluggish acceleration and crampedness in the cabin.

As for diesel Toyota Hilux 3.0 D-4D with automatic gearbox, this car is more suitable for long journeys on a more or less hard road.

Buying Tips

Toyota Hilux photo

During the purchase, it is necessary to remember that the VIN-code, which is located on the frame, is in the arch of the rear wheel and is not protected by anything, so sand and other dirt get on this number and can damage its symbols. But in Toyota, the frame is more resistant to this effect and does not give corrosion beyond recognition to change the number, but with the L200 in this respect, things are worse.

But if the number and rusted, this is not particularly nothing terrible, you can still put the car on the account. But an examination will still have to be carried out to determine the cause of the damage - corrosion or special destruction of numbers. But if the number is rusted, then as a rule the registration will be delayed for about a month, you will have to wait a long time until the examination results come.

Also, in addition to the frame number, you must also check the labeling plates, which are under the hood, they are made of metal, these plates have a VIN number, it is the same as the frame number. Therefore, if there is no such sign, and the number is not fully read on the frame, then it is better not to buy such a car.

Pickup L200 photo

Riding in big cities

Pickups are not particularly well suited for those who live in Moscow or other metropolitan areas. The problem is that pickups officially sold in Russia were imported as trucks, and they are subject to restrictions. There are streets where you can drive cars that weigh more than 2500 kg. Toyota Haylax weighs 2690 kg, and loaded L200 - 2850 kg. Therefore, the cops can get to the bottom, but if you quickly pass and do not focus, then everything will be ok.

This whole theme is called “cargo frame” and each district has its own streets that you can drive along. There are signs with a truck, the weight of which should not exceed 2.5 tons. And even the penalty for this is 5,000 rubles. Here is the sign on the photo.

Traffic sign

But as soon as the traffic police did not guess to slow down this seemingly inconspicuous pickup, but still an unpleasant situation, if some cunning DPS-nicknames think to check. Moreover, the traffic police are afraid - do not drive a car.

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