Top spark plugs for gas engines


You decided to switch to gas equipment on your car to save, of course, there are many questions during installation. One concerns the spark plugs: whether to leave gasoline or install new ones, specifically for gas? In general, are there gas plugs, which spark plugs are better for gas, more economical, more efficient?

NGK spark plugs

Gas mixtures are poorer than gasoline, the rate of combustion is lower. A gas-powered motor needs a higher voltage than gasoline to ignite a fuel-air mixture: 16 kW and 14 kW, respectively. The temperature in the combustion chambers should also be higher, both during ignition and during combustion of the gas mixture.

Читать далее, какие свечи лучше для газа-->Такие особенности приводят к довольно быстрому износу электродов на свечах зажигания. Значит, на газовые конструкции лучше устанавливать свечки с низким калильным числом.

Spark plugs for gas fuel have a slightly different design than those intended for gasoline engines. To reduce the voltage going to the ignition coil, the spark gap is reduced. Companies use different materials for the manufacture of electrodes: platinum, iridium, silver.

Candles Beru Ultra

Many candles work well on gas and gasoline equipment. For example, BERU Ultra 14R-7DU. French-made products are not intended for gas, but quite successfully perform their work with gas equipment. And yet the use of gas-oriented products allows to increase power up to 5%, to save fuel.

Compiled by the top 5 spark plugs included products that are better suited for gas according to test data, it will help you make the right choice.

5. Super GAZ Plasmophore

Ukrainian manufacturers offer their products for gas cars. Brand Plazmo for manufactures candles for all models of the domestic, as well as foreign auto industry. The entire range of decent quality, especially pleased with the low cost - about 280 rubles. Each product, according to the manufacturer, undergoes strict control at each stage of production, tests for sparking are carried out.

Plazmofor Super Candles

Qualitative characteristics are confirmed by international experts, the magazine "Behind the wheel."


  • low cost;
  • improved thermal performance;
  • high reliability

The disadvantage is that in the complicated conditions the indicators get worse.

4. Brisk LPG LR15YS Silver

Products of Czech manufacturers are known not only for their quality, also the low cost of 320 rubles. The central electrode is made of silver. The spark gap is designed in a special form: the middle silver electrode is made in a small diameter, the distance between the electrodes is 0.55 and 0.7 mm, this design facilitates the ignition of the gas.

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The engine runs smoother, a bit more dynamic. Power is increased by 5%, the equipment behaves well in extreme conditions. Of course, the figures are lower than with brands supplied with an iridium or platinum electrode, but at a low cost, quite reasonable characteristics are obtained.


  • large electrode thickness compared to platinum;
  • low toxicity reduction characteristics;
  • lack of efficiency.

The advantage of the model is that the orientation is precisely on the gas engine.

3. Bosch Platinum WR7DP

German quality and originality of the design put these products in third place in the top of the best gas models. The thinnest platinum electrode in them is completely recessed into the insulator. Manufacturers have increased the number of fire, made less spark gap compared with gasoline counterparts. The result is excellent performance. The price is reasonable - 640 rubles.

Bosch Platinum WR7DP


  • platinum refractoriness helps to serve Bosch Platinum for a long time - over 60 thousand km;
  • steady work of the motor;
  • additional 5% power with the throttle open;
  • surpasses many models in environmental performance.

Недостаток — несколько lack of efficiency.

2. NGK LPG Laser Line 2

Japanese quality, manufacturability is always on top, NGK candles are also distinguished by quality. However, they are quite expensive compared to the others represented in the rating. Associated with the use in the design of precious metals: in the manufacture of the central electrode was used iridium, the side - platinum.

NGK LPG Laser Line 2

The central electrode is made with a copper rod that improves heat dissipation. NGK show good results also when working on gasoline engines.


  • high profitability;
  • eco-friendly candles;
  • increase the power of the engine, and working on gasoline too.


  • high cost, about 3200 rubles;
  • insufficient reduction of toxicity in the exhaust gases.

1. Denso Iridium IW20

The leaders in our top are also products of Japanese technologists, which showed the best characteristics during tests. Denso make candles universal, well working both on petrol, and on gas motors. The central electrode of Denso Iridium is thin - only 0.4 mm. The U-shaped notch was made, unlike the NGK competitors, on the side electrode.

Denso Iridium IW20

According to the manufacturers, they sought to imitate the increase in clearance. As a result, Denso better than many reduce the toxicity of exhaust gases. The cost of the kit is about 2,200 rubles.


  • the discharge arrives stable, equally effectively ignites gas, gasoline mixtures;
  • candles, thanks to refractoriness, durable, may well survive the engine itself;
  • high environmental friendliness.


  • lose to other candles in power;
  • show not so high characteristics of profitability.

So, the assortment of candles is pretty solid. When choosing, consider: it is better to use thinner electrodes for HBO, they have an advantage in tests, iridium is recommended.