Vehicle passport replacement - title exchange procedure

Each car owner has a vehicle passport on his car. In fact, this document is necessary only in the case of selling a car to a new owner. There are cases when the PTS is lost or there ends up a place for inscribing a new car owner. In such cases, it will require replacement.

The cost of replacing the TCP

Замена паспорта транспортного средства – порядок замены ПТС

PTS replacement service is of course paid, but not critical for the family budget. To begin, you will need to pay a state duty, for all car owners it is the same - 800 rubles according to article 333.33 clause 36 part 2 of the Tax Code of the Russian Federation. Then it is necessary to pay the state duty for the replacement of the certificate of registration of the vehicle, the price of this state duty is 500 rubles. In general, the replacement of the TCP will cost 1300 rubles.

Can I not change the TCP

If in the passport of the vehicle there is one place for the new owner, it is not necessary to change it at all. When changing the personal data of the owner of the car, if available there is an empty space for inscribing a new car owner.

Required documents for the replacement of TCP

To prepare a package of documents take seriously. Even in the absence of one document, you will receive a refusal to replace the TCP and lose time.

First, you will need to provide an application that needs to be properly filled out according to a sample. It is necessary to provide the application with a passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation, a certificate of payment of state duties, insurance policy CTP, TCP (if any). When changing the passport of the vehicle, there is no need to come by car for which you will change the TCP, because car inspection will not be carried out.

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Замена паспорта транспортного средства – порядок замены ПТС

There is nothing complicated in the statement, you can download the application form on the Internet, you can also download a sample of the application, or you can find a sample on the information boards in the traffic police. Try to make a photocopy of all the attached documents.

The timing of the replacement of TCP

After all documents are submitted to the traffic police at the registration point, it may take from one day to thirty days to get a new TCP (it all depends on the specific situation). Of course, in most cases, the receipt of an already new TCP is carried out on the first day of treatment, or the next day.


The procedure for replacing a vehicle passport is quite simple, the main thing is to collect all the necessary documents, fill out an application correctly and pay state tax.