Skoda believes that we will sell two thousand octavia scout

Skoda верит в то, что за год продаст у нас две тысячи Octavia Scout

Despite all the difficulties of the market, representatives of the Russian office of the Czech automaker Škoda are confident that they will be able to realize two thousand in the remaining ten and a half months of 2016 newых универсалов Octavia Scout. Czechs do not count on some unrealistic demand: all the predicted figures are verified by the company's marketing specialists. According to their layouts, exactly two thousand Russians on average in 2016 will need to spend money to purchase a new Czech station wagon.

New Škoda Octavia Scout has a high cross, because it has all-wheel drive. And this is what is needed for the Russian road realities, say the Czechs. But they make adjustments to the plans for the total impoverishment of Russians in the current economic crisis, so their plans to sell this interesting car are so modest. Skoda верит в то, что за год продаст у нас две тысячи Octavia Scout Target audience for new generation Octavia Scout loyal buyers who own Czech cars for years and genuinely love this model are exactly that. Such loyal car owners, according to Skoda marketing experts, in Russia there are about two thousand people annually. Chekhov is not embarrassed that, even before the crisis, this model did not differ much. They blame only that then only a manual transmission was used as a transmission. But now the machine has been installed, all obstacles in the technological perfection of Octavia Scout are eliminated, nothing prevents to buy a wagon and enjoy its advantages. If it were not for the exchange rate, because of which the cars jumped in price, but in proportion to this, the demand fell.

New Skoda Octavia Scout got a system of intelligent all-wheel drive. This is its difference from the classic version of the wagon. In addition to the 4x4 drive and plastic lining protecting the body, the new station wagon differs from its predecessor by the ground clearance increased to 171 mm. Skoda верит в то, что за год продаст у нас две тысячи Octavia Scout A 1.8-liter 180-strong TSI is registered under the hood of the station wagon, working in tandem with a six-speed DSG robot. The basic equipment has a climate system, a leather-covered steering wheel with buttons for controlling a multimedia combine, this multi-combine itself is a Columbus or Amundsen, with an almost seven-inch touchscreen and an integrated navigation system. The wagon stands on seventeen-inch cast Polar rollers.

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How much is Skoda Octavia Scout? Price starts from 1 777 thousand rubles.