The best scanners for working with obd2 errors in the car


If the car starts to behave incorrectly, there are suspicions about violations in the system. This requires a mandatory visit to the diagnostic center. But the cost of such services is high, which forces car owners to independently engage in diagnostics. This requires purchase of a special OBD2 scanner.

auto diagnostic scanner

Vehicle Diagnostic Scanner

Таких сканеров на рынке достаточно много. Подобрать устройство для своего автомобиля не так сложно, если знать возможности, функционал сканеров, а также особенности собственного авто.Читать далее о лучших сканерах для OBD2 -->

Professional equipment, adapted to specific brands and models, is mainly offered for diagnostic centers and specialized service centers. Buy them for personal use is problematic.

Because car owners choose analogues that are suitable for their cars and will cost relatively little.


The presented devices, which fell into the rating, were conventionally divided into two categories:

  • inexpensive amateur models;
  • multi-brand professional devices.

For personal use, you can choose a scanner from among amateur. They are simple, accessible and allow you to obtain the necessary information about the state of the vehicle by connecting the device via the diagnostic connector HBS 2.

If you need to pick something more serious, then choose from the category of professional diagnostic equipment.

After weighing all the nuances, you will be able to decide for yourself which of the OBD 2 adapters is better to buy specifically for your car.

Amateur devices

They are suitable in order to scan and check the actual data on the operation of the car.

Among the amateur diagnostic devices should be identified two devices that are most popular with Russian car owners. Buy them and can not go wrong.

If you manage to get a good diagnostic scanner for the car, then you will be able to save on payment for the services of diagnostic centers, as well as get a number of additional information about the car.

ELM 327

scanner ELM 327

The most popular diagnostic OBD2 scanner

The most famous diagnostic OBD2 scanner in Russia. Now a huge number of devices developed in China are produced under this name.

These ELM 327 adapters are a product of an American company. They were the first to develop a special interface to convert data from automotive protocols into more understandable information on the screen of a reader.

Most of the scanners on the market are Chinese clones. Even they act as good diagnostic devices connected via USB, Wi Fi or Bluetooth. Fashionable recently Wi Fi versions promise high speed information transfer, but in fact their level of information is much lower compared to Bluetooth and USB connection.

Such a clone from China costs 1200 rubles on average. Its availability and a huge number of free diagnostic programs have made the model so popular.

CReader V

Scanner for car

The device does not require an additional interface in the form of a tablet.

Fully autonomous diagnostic tool that does not require the additional presence of an interface in the form of a tablet, computer or smartphone.

To display information on the scanner provides an LCD screen. It works only through the OBD 2 protocol for connecting to the computer and for diagnostics.

Reads and saves errors, displays the current parameters, allows you to manage the injection system.

Information on the screen can be presented in the form of graphs or text data, which allows you to comfortably carry out a number of diagnostic procedures.

The functionality is rather limited, but not bad for an amateur level scanner. There is such a device about 4.5 thousand rubles.

Professional equipment

Not all professional-grade diagnostic devices are very expensive. There are models that are reasonable to buy, except for planning to open your own diagnostic center. Although some car owners do not spare money even for their one car, buying expensive devices for it.

Therefore, in the category of professional scanners there are more models than among amateur ones. The second give only a minimum of information, which is often not enough.

KTS 570

scanner KTS 520

Discounts for new cars! Profitable loan from 9.9% installments 0% Scanner KTS 520 from Bosch

Development from Bosch worth more than 135 thousand rubles.

This is a professional diagnostic equipment that supports OBD 2. Allows you to work with cars and trucks.

The device offers the broadest access to all functions. In fact, this device is dealer level. Coding, configuration changes, tests and adaptations are available to the user.

The device is connected via a computer or laptop. It also includes an oscilloscope (dual channel) and a multimeter. They are used to diagnose electrical circuits.

All necessary software is attached to the program. The scanner supports work on 52 brands of cars and trucks. The well-developed help system and the function of instrumental diagnostics make this unit the best in its category.

The disadvantages include the high cost of the purchase and the subsequent support of the scanner. Therefore, for a personal user, the device is rarely bought.

Scan VG+

skaner carman scan vg

Multi Brand Diagnostic Scanner

The device from Carman is considered the most powerful multi-brand scanner among those available on the Russian market. The device received a universal interface for diagnostics. It helps to work with cars from Europe, USA and Asia.

The functionality is huge, and the price of 400 thousand rubles allows you to guess about it. The scanner is enclosed in a shock and shock resistant casing. It has its own touch screen. Control can be carried out through the sensor, or by using duplicated conventional buttons located device assembly.

This is a diagnostic scanner, a simulator of signals from automotive sensors and an engine tester in one device. This is a powerful and informative auto scanner for computer and instrumental diagnostics.

Alas, not every service station can afford to buy a similar OBD2 device.

Maxidas DS708

mvaxidas ds708 scanner

This scanner is compatible with approximately 50 car brands.

Universal device from Autel, which is compatible with about 50 car brands (USA, Europe and Asia).

The scanner uses the Windows CE operating system. All diagnostic data is displayed on a 7-inch touch screen. The body is made of shockproof materials with additional rubber linings. This provides a comfortable grip and protection against damage.

It has a good diagnostic level for working with machines. But it is better to scan European brands, if you want to get a scanner almost dealer level. These scanners have the function of saving graphs and their synchronous display. This allows you to compare and find faults in the process of long-term diagnosis.

Work with HBS 2 is performed quickly and efficiently. But beyond that, it offers extensive functionality. Plus, the manufacturer offers completely free support and updates during the first year after the scanner purchase. The device itself costs almost 73 thousand rubles.

It should be noted that the size of the display does not allow to fully work with graphs and displayed information. Therefore, under the scanner is recommended to pick up a computer or laptop.

Scanmatic 2

scan scanner 2

The cost of this domestic scanner is about 17 thousand rubles.

Domestic OBD2 scanner that connects via a USB cable or using a Bluetooth port. This is the best option with good functionality, but oriented specifically for Russian cars.

Despite the cost of 17 thousand rubles, this is the best machine for domestic production. It is widely used for personal purposes and in diagnostic centers, automotive services.

The advantage is the ability to work with popular foreign cars. The manufacturer of the scanners in the kit offers special models that allow you to connect to cars Chevrolet, Kia, Mitsubishi and more.

The developers have worked well on the software shell. Functional, allows you to work in real time and simultaneously display several information graphs.

The scanner allows you to connect via a computer, smartphone or tablet running Android or Windows Mobile. In this case, all the functionality is preserved.

The scanner fully justifies its cost, has excellent support from the manufacturer and regularly receives updates. But the number of supported car brands is small. Plus you can not connect via devices on iOS or Windows Phone.


autocom cdp pro

Multi-brand scanner from the Swedish manufacturer

Excellent multi-brand scanner from the Swedish manufacturer Autocom. Available in separate versions for cars and trucks.

In Russia, it is easier to meet Chinese support than the original. Therefore, unlicensed copies were included in the rating.

Although these are fakes, nothing bad can be said about these scanners. They cost about 10 thousand rubles and are one of the most financially available scanners in their category with wide functionality.

Swedish programmers did a great job on the interface and convenience, and the Chinese just successfully hacked the scanner. The result was a great cheap development.

The problem is updates. If you do not install them on the scanner, sensible diagnosis you will not succeed. Programs are tied to the serial numbers of the car scanner. To get the next update, the owners of Chinese clones have to wait, when in China, once again, an update is hacked that will fit the scanner.

Here the role is played by luck. If you buy a high-quality copy, then even with problems with updates, you will have an excellent diagnostic scanner at your disposal. But many users complain about a poor build, which is why scanners often break down.

Launch X431 Pro

launch X431 scanner

The ideal scanner for car services

The scanner costs about 60 thousand rubles. If you plan to open a car service center or update diagnostic equipment, this device will be optimal in terms of cost and functionality.

We can say that in front of you is a tablet based on Android from China, which was enclosed in a shockproof shell and installed a wireless module for connecting to OBD 2 in a direct way. The kit includes adapters that allow you to connect to different brands of cars, depending on the features of their OBD 2 connector.

Although the scanner is considered mobile because of the tablet format, in fact it discharges very quickly. You have to always keep a charger nearby.

The advantages of the developer of the scanner include the continued availability of updates. For some reason, they believe that creating programs for cars like Bugatti is more important than releasing updates brought to mind for popular and popular cars.

Standard diagnostic software is not suitable. It is ineffective and often useless. Because you have to download everything yourself. Well at least the Android platform provides access to a huge number of software.

A bit strange diagnostic scanner that does not have a standard interface. Under each model it will be different, which is why there may be difficulties when working in the service station.

To scan a car’s condition, one of these devices is required. For personal amateur use, a simple model with a minimum set of functions and connection to OBD 2 is suitable. If you need a scanner for serious work or even equipment for a car service, then you must take the device from the category of professional diagnostic equipment.

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