The best models of silent tires for 2018 cars


The purpose of car tires is not only to ensure the safety of the car on the highway due to excellent adhesion to the road, but also a guarantee of comfort for the car owner. When staying behind the wheel for a long time, intrusive sounds coming from under the wheels of the vehicle often unbalance the driver, reflecting on his attentiveness and concentration on the road. Most often, these sounds are felt in the summer, when you have to open windows in hot weather, however, often the lack of tightness and sound insulation of the car provoke such troubles in the winter.

Rating of the quietest tires for cars

TOP of the quietest tires for cars.

Решением проблемы в такой ситуации является подбор автошин, которые по своим технологическим характеристикам обладают противошумными свойствами. Рассмотрим в этой статье, существует ли в продаже «тихая» резина для авто, какие факторы стоит учитывать при её подборе, чтобы купленный комплект доставлял как можно меньше дискомфорта автовладельцу. Выделим из ассортимента шинной продукции самые бесшумные летние шины, а также рассмотрим лучшие варианты по критерию противошумного эксплуатирования среди покрышек зимнего предназначения.Читать далее про рейтинг самых тихих шин для автомобилей-->

The urgency of the need for noiseless rubber

There is a lot of discussion about the need for noiseless tires. Some car owners believe that noise is not a very important factor for tires, the main thing is that tires comply with the main operating requirements, provide decent grip in any weather and have a maximum service life and wear resistance. This opinion is more than correct, however, for car owners who spend more than half a day behind the wheel, the noiselessness criterion is not in a secondary place. This fact is not a simple whim of drivers, but a fact proved by science.

According to numerous researches of scientific workers, long monotonous sounds negatively affect the human nervous system, bringing it out of balance. The noise at forty decibels, which is issued from under the wheels already when the car exceeds a speed of thirty kilometers per hour, adversely affects the human condition, contributes to headaches and irritability. As practice shows, at such a speed few people exploit the car, only in the mode of traffic jams or in areas with low-quality road surface.

Tire effect

Poor health, nervousness and irritability are primarily reflected in the care of the driver, and therefore on the indicators of safe driving, both for themselves and for other road users. Accordingly, the problem that has arisen requires the search for an adequate solution in the form of quiet tires, which manufacturers are actively engaged in. We'll tell you further how to choose the quietest tires from a huge range of products, what criteria to pay attention to when choosing tires for your car, so that the tires you buy have a maximum level of noiselessness.

Criteria for causing tire noise

Characteristics of tires are determined by the material from which they are made, as well as the design features of the products. When choosing a “shoe” for your car, it is important to focus not only on the noise criterion, but also to take into account other tire characteristics, such as the stopping distance and the coefficient of traction. So how do you find the perfect tires so that they are quiet, reliable and safe to use at the same time?

First of all, it should be understood that a set of noiseless rubber, which meets the paramount criteria of safety and quality, cannot be cheaply evaluated, it is always necessary to pay extra for comfort. Many engineers from leading manufacturers of tire products are working to create noiseless tire covers, and not without success. On the other hand, buying even very expensive silent rubber, you should not expect that the consumer will not hear absolutely no sounds when using the machine. The concept of "the quietest tires" or "silent" in this case is explained by the publication of less noise when operating the vehicle, compared to standard tires. Often, the manufacturer of the category of noiseless rubber indicates on the product label itself.

Tire noise during braking

The following factors also influence the tire noise criterion during operation:

  1. The softness of the raw materials of which tires are made. This criterion is considered relevant in the selection of summer tires. Soft rubber for summer with dynamic friction on the roadway will emit significantly less decibels, however, the flip side of the coin is faster tire wear. At subzero temperatures, winter tires harden faster, as a result of which they do not provide a decent grip, the braking distance is significantly increased, so you should choose moderately soft tires.
  2. Width tires. The smaller the area of ​​contact of the tire with the roadway, the less noise will emit the wheels when driving. It is necessary to take into account the weight of the vehicle and other criteria, so that reducing the width of the tire does not affect other indicators of vehicle safety.
  3. Tread pattern. Рисунок протектора отражается не только на показателях сцепления с дорогой при разных погодных условиях и динамичности машины на скорости, но и влияет на критерий шумности. Чем агрессивней протектор, тем более шумно будет вести себя автомобиль на асфальтированном дорожном покрытии. При этом агрессивный протектор обеспечивает лучшую проходимость машины в условиях бездорожья, потому водителю перед покупкой комплекта резины важно взвесить, какой из факторов для него является более важным исходя из условий эксплуатации транспортного средства.Tread pattern Discounts for new cars! Profitable loan from 9.9% installments 0%
  4. Acceptable speed indicators declared by the tire manufacturer. On the longitudinal side of the tire, next to the engraving of the brand, there is a Latin symbol, indicating the speed limit at which the tire has acceptable noise parameters, without compromising safety properties. Latin V indicates the permissible speed of up to two hundred and forty kilometers per hour, the sign S allows you to operate tires in a speed mode not exceeding one hundred and eighty kilometers, the letter Y indicates a speed limit of three hundred kilometers per hour.

Consider next options for the best silent rubber for the seasons of 2018.

The quietest tires

Each car owner, choosing between tires, presented by modern manufacturers of tire products, must take into account many factors. Selecting the quietest tires, you should not forget about the criteria of stability on the road, stopping distance of the car, coefficient of traction, which directly affect the safety of movement on the vehicle. When choosing tires, it is important to give preference to those models that combine the necessary characteristics for safe driving and comfort criteria for the driver in the form of noiselessness, while the first indicators should remain in the priority place.

It is worth while selecting goods that it is more wrong to choose between the level of noise and safety indicators of tire operation, as this may cause an accident with irreversible consequences. Consider which tires, according to consumer reviews and monitoring results, entered the rating of the quietest and safest tires in 2018.


When purchasing winter tires, the buyer should take care of the stability of the car in frosty weather on icy pavement or snow cover. In this case, you have to find a compromise solution when buying a comfortable quiet rubber or moderately quiet, however, as reliable as possible in any weather. The unequivocal correct statement would be that the velcro winter tires will behave much quieter on the road compared to studded models. Nevertheless, to find a compromise options for a quiet and high-quality products have the opportunity both among studded and in the range of not studded winter tires. Consider how noiseless tires have proven themselves as well as possible during operation and testing.

Opens the ranking of the best winter tires, characterized by a quiet course, the manufacturer Nokian tire line Hakkapeliitta. At the same time in the TOP of a quiet winter rubber includes both studded products and velcro tires. Among studded wheels, the leader in various rating publications is the Hakkapeliitta 8 SUV, which is characterized by durability, handling and excellent adhesion with both dry asphalt and ice-covered surfaces.


New tires Hakkapeliitta R2 are characterized in the modern market as the quietest tires, which most satisfy the generally accepted standards for reliability and safety. The uniqueness of this model is its equipment with specific rigid components that guarantee an even distribution of weight when moving over any surface. Due to the special technology of manufacturing Cryo Crystal rubber, microcrystals are included in the composition of the raw materials, which, on the one hand, increase the controllability and maneuverability of the machine, on the other hand, do not create noisy sounds during operation and do not damage the asphalted surface. Consumers call the only disadvantage of Nokian rubber the high price policy of the manufacturer, however, as practice shows, quality products rarely fall into the cheap category.

Dunlop Winter Sport 5 is confidently included in the ranking of the quietest winter tires in 2018. Tires have earned recognition thanks to the state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques from a unique rubber compound, which includes silicone. These wheels are characterized as the softest tires among winter options, which is reflected in the predictable controllability of the vehicle, maneuverability and stability on a variety of surfaces in any weather. Tires are designed specifically for sports-class cars, are characterized by low weight, structural, deep tread, impact on the economy of fuel resources, have a stylish look.

Dunlop Winter Sport 5

The undisputed leader among studded tires on the criterion of noiselessness is Michelin with the new model X-Ice North 3. Its main feature is the unique composition of the raw materials that are equipped with tenon cells. At sub-zero temperatures, the spikes allow the driver to feel confidently on the icy surface, and as the temperature rises, a softening of the rubber structure is noted, which makes it possible for the spikes to hide almost completely, ensuring a quiet and soft ride on the asphalt surface or loose snow. The sidewalls reinforced by steel components of the tire support the correct configuration under any operating conditions, and the rubber composition with a higher rubber coefficient in it increases the wear resistance of the products. The average cost of a tire is five thousand rubles, which also pushes the product to the position of the best tires in terms of price and quality characteristics.

X-Ice North 3


Tires of the silent category for summer operation are more in demand among buyers, because their range is much broader in the modern market, and manufacturers make every effort to reproduce quiet products with appropriate characteristics.

The undisputed leader in the current time among manufacturers of tire products is Michelin. According to the results of many studies and reviews of professionals, the tires of this manufacturer Pilot Sport 3 deservedly received the title of “The Quietest Summer Tires”. Noiselessness is not one priority quality of these tires. Operation Pilot Sport 3 can significantly save fuel resources, up to five percent, and are also characterized by wear resistance due to the reinforced design of the sidewalls of products. Tires are distinguished by a good criterion of controllability, which is directly affected by the low weight of tires, which is reflected in a decrease in the unsprung mass.

Pilot Sport 3

The advanced tread configuration allows you to control the car in different weather conditions, while the well thought-out pattern ensures effective water diversion from the point of contact of the tire with asphalt without creating annoying sounds. The indisputable advantage of these tires is their long period of operation, which exceeds the similar indicators of low-noise tires from other manufacturers by about twenty percent. The cost of the tire can be safely attributed to the middle category, the price of a tire R15 ranges from four and a half to five thousand rubles.

The most silent summer tires produced by Avon - Euromaster VH100, however, put it on the leading positions in the rating tables do not allow other technological characteristics that affect the braking distance and controllability of the car. The manufacturer in the manufacture of tires made a significant emphasis on noiselessness, while sacrificing the braking trajectory, which is about four meters on wet asphalt, which is far from the optimal criteria that guarantee road safety. In addition, Euromaster VH100 is the softest summer tires on the modern market, which, in contrast to driver comfort, has a negative effect on the handling of the car, as well as the period of use of tires. We can say that the only positive quality of the model is its noiselessness, since the price for a tire also does not greatly please the consumer: the cost of a unit, with the parameter R16, is close to seven thousand rubles.

Avon – Euromaster VH100

Many experts in the selection of tires that have low noise characteristics, advise to pay attention to tires from the manufacturer Goodyear - Asymmetrical Eagle F1. This summer tire perfectly combines the criteria of noiselessness and durability due to the chemical composition of the raw materials used to make products. The sidewalls of tires, strengthened by aramid, guarantee the correct distribution of the load when the car is moving, which is reflected in the noiselessness, comfort and reliability of the products. Eagle F1 could be defined as the best tires for the summer by the criterion of reliability and noiselessness, if not for their pricing policy and orientation to expensive models of cars with massive wheels. The range of tires begins with the size of R17 with an estimated cost of seven to ten thousand rubles per item.

Asymmetrical Eagle F1

The manufacturer Dunlop presented to the consumer the Sport BluResponse tires, which can be regarded as the quietest tires at a reasonable price with decent performance. Consumers have excellent controllability of the car on these tires in all weather conditions and reduced fuel consumption against the background of a low noise level, and the price within five thousand for a sixteen-inch chassis model is a priority for the average car owner.

Sport BluResponse

One of the best in the ranking of the quietest summer tires in 2018, experts call tires Nokian NRHi, which are both comfortable, reliable and noiseless. According to the results of many studies, the tires showed excellent results of handling both on a smooth and serpentine road on dry and wet asphalt. At the same time, users note that in extreme conditions, on a wet road, tires behave even more reliably than when operating on a dry road. Tires Nokian NRHi could rightly be called the ideal purchase option, combining at the same time the criteria for noiselessness and operational reliability, if you do not take into account the starting price of ten thousand for a fourteen inch tire.

Nokian NRHi

Let's sum up

The importance of the noiselessness criterion when choosing a tire is debated by many professionals. On the one hand, the quiet running of the car is a criterion for protecting the environment from increased noise, as well as the car owner from the influence of harmful decibels on the body, on the other hand, taking into account this parameter, you can significantly lose on the quality characteristics of controllability and safety on the road. Almost “perfect” tires that combine noiselessness with important parameters are rare, and they are not affordable for everyone.

Experts advise when choosing tires in the first place to focus on the parameters of tires that directly determine the vehicle's handling and behavior on the road under different weather conditions, rejecting noiselessness secondary place. With good sound insulation of the car and the purchase of high-quality tires, the noise from the wheels will not be heard in the cabin enough to significantly affect the health of the driver.