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A modern film fan, and even a simple lover of high-quality foreign films, can lose his head from the number of commercials in which there are new ultra-modern cars. To date, you can count about fifty interesting stories in which, in addition to world famous film actor, presentable expensive vehicles are shot. Cars are a cherished dream of not only guys, but also many girls, so almost all people like to watch action-packed crime stories involving cool cars. In the article below we will look at the most popular and most interesting films, in which the main role is assigned not only to people, but also to super class cars. It’s simply impossible to describe all existing videos, therefore we’ll give only top movies about cars.

Watching a movie about cars

List of the most interesting films about cars

Fast and the Furious 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

American films about cars occupy one of the leading places in the rating of the most interesting films about cars, and this is not surprising, because thanks to the Americans the whole world watched the unreal adventures of Paul Walker and Vin Diesel with bated breath. Fast and Furious, which in 2015 released the latest 7 series of the most interesting action movie, hit its fans no less than the previous 6 films. The creators of this cool crime thriller, most likely, will not stop there. They make action films, which hundreds of thousands of people who are interested in beautiful tuned cars and races cannot but watch.

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Fees 1, 2, 3, 4

Directed by Gerard Pires, being famous not only in France, during 9 years he produced 4 Taxi films, which are a very funny comedy that can be watched by both adults and children. This film will give only positive emotions, as a high-quality, funny comedy tells about the life of a single resilient French taxi driver who is ready to plunge into various adventures at any moment. Cinema will be especially interesting for those who love racing.

Poster for the movie Taxi

Carrier 1, 2, 3

Top movies about cars would not be complete if the list of the other films produced by American and French directors did not include The Transporter. Combining the style of a detective and an action movie, this film won many hearts with its most interesting plot, which made the audience sigh and worry about the main character every minute. Jason Statham is always guided by several rules that he defined for himself. Its services are used by those who need to carry out illegal transportation of cargo. In the film, there are races on prestigious S-class cars produced by BMW and Audi concerns.

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Need for Speed

The thrilling, exciting movie for Need for Speed, which first appeared on screens in 2014, talks about one very clever auto mechanic, Toby Marshall, who had a very dangerous hobby - he participated in illegal races. The main character of the film was to say goodbye to the family workshop, to save the common cause, Toby entered into a partnership with former NASCAR racer Dino Brewster, who had good connections and money. After several difficult months of work with Toby, everything began to take shape as well as possible, at this moment Dino decides to accuse his partner of a crime of which he did not even suspect. After two years in jail, Toby returns with a desire to take revenge on his former “friend”. Bright colors are added to the film by modern sports cars, which allow even a nondescript rider to achieve his goals and finish first.

Poster for the film Need for Speed

Gone in 60 seconds 1974

The list, which is headed by American films about cars, can continue the movie "Gone in 60 Seconds", which was released back in 1974. The picture is remarkable for its naturalness, it does not have as many special effects as in all current films. Adventure tape, by and large, - the chase, which involves real cars that fall into the real accident. Some film critics admit that the best car chase in the movies is reflected here.

Poster for the film Gone in 60 seconds in 1974

Steal in 60 seconds 2000

When it comes to film, in which people are trying to steal other people's movable property using all possible and impossible ways, only one movie about car thieves comes to mind - “Gone in 60 seconds”. Filmed in 2000, the film tells about the incredible abilities of the protagonist, who got into trouble because of his brother. In order to earn money and at the same time not get caught by the mafia and police, Randall Raines must steal 50 presentable cars in just one night.

Постер к фильму Steal in 60 seconds 2000

Vanishing point

Vanishing Point is another movie about car thieves that was shot by an American director in 1971. Action with a high rating captures the attention of the audience with its plot, the main character of the tape will hijack Dodge Challenger - the cult car of the Dodge concern, in order to go on it in San Francisco. The picture is full of picturesque chase.

Movie Poster Vanishing Point

Death race

American movies about cars are always full of fantastic adventures, direct proof of which is the thriller Death Racers, filmed in 2008. Racer Jensen Ames, who for his short life three times became the favorite of spectacular races, goes to prison, he is accused of imperfect murder. The champion behind bars are inclined to participate in unreal competitions, the victory in which can guarantee his freedom. Jensen is given a monstrous vehicle that has a lot of machine guns, flamethrowers and grenade launchers on board. The main character will have to destroy everything that will meet him on the way, and win a bloody race for survival on planet Earth.

Poster for the movie Death Race

Steep turn

Crash and Burn - a film about car thieves, which was released in 2008 by American director Russell Malcay. All events take place within the framework of Los Angeles. According to the scenario, the protagonist with several of his friends hijacks by necessity a party of cool first-class cars, which is recognized by a gang of their competitors, who will try to do everything possible to disrupt the plans of the main character.

Poster for the film Steep Turn

Fast afterburner

An interesting film about car thieves - Mad Bad, filmed in 2007 by John Keyes. Action packed races that provoked the thief machines Justin. Once having stolen a new Ferrari, the owner of which was a major mafia, the main character, in addition to the car, received a full trunk of export heroin. Once in a difficult situation, Justin tries to do anything to stay alive.

Постер к фильму Fast afterburner


Nitro is an action thriller about a professional racer who has unsuccessfully participated in street races all his life. The main character who departed from the dangerous craft urgently needs a large amount of money that only illegal street races can give, so he decides to return to his craft and show what he is capable of.

Poster for the film Nitro

No brakes

Top movies about cars does not exclude films Fast Track No Limits, filmed in 2008. Strangely enough, but in the picture the main place of the daring and ready-made driver is not a strong young guy, but a fragile self-confident girl who is ready to take part in street races, just to save her father’s auto repair shop and continue her favorite activity, which is repair and preparation cars for racing.

Trailer of the film Without brakes

Max speed

Redline is a colorful American action movie with a huge amount of racing. A characteristic feature of the film is its main character - a bold and at the same time daring girl Natasha, who belongs to the “golden youth”, having fun in her free time, spending heaps of money on crazy races in which only exotic racing cars participate. The main character wants to prove her superiority and become a winner in the race with the same guys as her.

Movie Poster Maximum Speed


American movies about cars, including The Fear of Speed, shot in 2002, could not do without the beautiful and sexy Brittany Sears, who is very afraid to drive in a car at high speed. A brave girl will have to say goodbye to her phobia, so that together with a professional racer and the world-famous kickboxer to resist the arrogant and self-confident drug lord threatening her friends. The couple will need to participate in illegal races, among other tuned cars, to become favorites and prevent evil bandits from using the secret super-weapon.

Poster for the film Acceleration

Street racer

Street Racer is an American fighter about a young guy, John, who “burned” with races, but never participated in such an event. The main character tried to do what he loved only away from the city, where he could afford any speed limit. However, once in a car accident, he maimed a teenager who needed expensive treatment. Feeling guilty, John decides to take part in the most dangerous illegal races.

Poster for the film Street racer

Extreme racing

Initial D, filmed in 2005, is a very interesting movie about the race, which reflects the drift in Japan. This film is in many ways similar to the American Fast and the Furious, will be especially interesting to those who like Japanese cars. The picture is not devoid of a certain plot, attracts a variety of different races and high-quality music.

Poster for the film Extreme Racing

Ricky Bobby - King of the Road

Another action adventure comedy - Talladega Nights - The Ballad of Ricky Bobby, which was released by an American director in 2006, the movie is full of racing, the main roles are assigned to two NASCAR riders who never knew their equal before the rider started to resist Formula 1. Cool guys are fighting for leadership, trying to be ahead of the opponent at all costs.

Ricky Bobby Movie Poster - King of the Road

Speed ​​limit

American films about cars of 2001 produced Landspeed in first place - a film in which modern sports cars overcome the speed of sound. Many different racers are ready to fight in an unauthorized race to become the owner of a prize, the size of which reaches 50 million dollars.

Постер к фильму Speed ​​limit


Top movies about cars includes a picture of Driven, the main role in which is assigned to Sylvester Stallone, the film reflects the race of the Indycar series. This film is recommended to watch everyone involved in sports or some favorite thing, but he does not have enough will to come to victory.

Trailer of the movie Racer

Man and woman

The top films about cars would not be complete without the film Un Homme et une Femme, despite the fact that the picture was taken fifty years ago, in 1966, its plot still remains relevant. The film can attract particular attention from the female side, as the beautiful relationships are revealed in the frame, the love between two young people is born directly against the background of the race, all this is mixed with beautiful racing cars of the past centuries. All actions take place on the track at Le Mans.

Постер к фильму Man and woman

Le Man

Feature films about cars can be no less interesting than cool American action movies with chases. Le Mans is an artistic and documentary film full of races in which those who are ready to do anything for the sake of Le Man’s gold participate. There are 2 presentable cars in the film: Ferrari, which is run by a German, and Gulf Porsche, which is amenable to an American. The film reflects the 24-hour marathon, in which rivals confront each other, the permanent leader of the race (American) is very afraid of the approaching race, as his good friend had just recently died on this route.

Poster to the film Le Man

Black Lightning

When you want to watch Russian films about cars, it’s impossible not to recall some of the most interesting domestic films. In the exciting action movie “Black Lightning”, which was released in 2009, the main character is a modern student from Moscow, who for several years seriously dreams of a new car, but instead of a presentable steep vehicle, relatives give the boy a birthday 21 Volga, which is not simple as it seems. The device, created in Soviet times, is an experimental model, in which, in addition to standard equipment, there is an ultra-modern installation that allows the car to float like a bird. Having learned about this latent ability, the young man tries to come to the aid of all who need it.

Black Lightning Poster


Street racers, released in 2008, were especially popular among young guys and girls, whose blood also, like the characters in the film, has an unbearable thirst for adventure. Young street racers can’t imagine their life without cool cars, the maximum speed and track is the meaning of their life. The film combines completely different people who live and feed strength from their passion for racing cars.

Poster for the film Street Racers

Cinderella 4x4

Русские фильмы про автомобили довольно многообразны, даже детям будет что посмотреть. Например, в киноленте Cinderella 4x4, молодая девушка, сидя в гараже, в котором появляются на свет презентабельные внедорожники для трофи – рейдов, мечтает когда-нибудь попробовать себя в роли настоящей гонщицы. Вероятнее всего, взрослым это кино будет малоинтересным, смотреть его предпочтительно вместе с детьми.

Постер к фильму Cinderella 4x4

4 taxi drivers and a dog

In 2004 and 2006, the Russian cinema took a funny adventure comedy in two parts, the main characters of which were 4 taxi drivers who constantly fell into various scrape, and their only dog ​​always helped them to emerge victorious from any incident.

Постер к фильму 4 taxi drivers and a dog

watch out for the car

Released on screens in 1966, the detective story “Beware of the car” left a bright imprint in the hearts of all compatriots. In the film, well-known Russian film actors were shot, who so skillfully played the roles intended for them, that the viewer with experience and joy looked not only at the policeman, but also at the "crying" villain. In this film, everything seems simple, familiar and very pleasant, most likely, these feelings arise because of the positive energy that is present in each shot. Eldar Ryazanov created a film with nonexistent, but very good heroes, because not a single modern detective has such a shy and modest thief who would steal Soviet cars in hundreds and never part with the book of the great Shakespeare. Opposed this villain strict and experienced police officer who played in the national theater. The film "Beware of the car" is considered to be a classic of cinema, which everyone should see.

Poster for the film Beware of the car


Top movies about cars includes not only action-packed adventure action films full of bloody fights of non-existent cars, unimaginable races and broken fates. In the above list of the most famous films, in which not the last role was assigned to cars, there are good and funny comedies that you can watch in your free time with your whole family.