How to pass on the right from the first time

Greetings to all car lovers! Experienced drivers remember well, and novice candidates only have to go through exciting minutes of passing the practical and theoretical exam in the traffic police. This is quite a stressful moment for a person, however, not enough to forget the basic driving skills and traffic rules. Of course, not everyone can boast of strong nerves. And it’s quite normal to worry a lot before passing an important test. In the proposed article we will try to figure out together how to pass the exam at the traffic police on the first try and not waste such an expensive time on retake.


  • 1 Examination Procedure
  • 2 Theoretical exam in the traffic police
  • 3 Practical exam in the traffic police
  • 4 Features of the practical part of the exam in the city
  • 5 How to pass on the right from the first time: major errors

Exam Procedure

Many have an idea and know what needs to be done to get a driver's license. Significant physical strength and large cash costs for this is definitely not required. The driving test is simple and straightforward.

Driving school

Obtaining rights begins with the study of traffic rules in a driving school

At their own request, practical and theoretical training can be obtained in a specialized driving school or pass an external exam in the relevant unit of the traffic police. This applies to driving categories B and C.

It is also fairly easy to prepare the entire package of necessary documents for obtaining rights, however, provided that a person has no contraindications to driving a vehicle. Permission to drive a car confirms the presence of a medical certificate.

The exam on the law in the traffic police is very simple and consists of two stages:

  • Theoretical exam. The knowledge of basic documents, traffic regulations and requirements for vehicle equipment is checked;
  • Practical exam. Check of skills of driving in the conditions of the city and on the autodrome.

There are many effective tips based on the personal experience of drivers that will help in passing the test.

Theoretical exam in the traffic police

How to pass the exam in the traffic police from the first time: the theory

Theoretical exam in the traffic police

To successfully complete this stage, you must:

  • Thoroughly learn traffic rules, all signs and road markings. You can practice using the online services for passing driver's tests;
  • Before the exam, you can not take any sedatives. This will greatly interfere, since the action of the drug significantly reduces brain activity;
  • Do not ask too many questions and irritate the traffic police representative. Conversations with neighbors are best avoided;
  • It is very important to pay attention to working with a computer and correctly press the keys. An accidental touch can spoil a good result.
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In any case, the main thing is to learn the traffic regulations qualitatively and then you can be confident in the successful completion of the theoretical task.

Practical exam in the traffic police

Driving test on site

After the theoretical exam is driving skills test on the site

Most often, the initial stage is driving at the circuit, and then - driving around the city. Here are some tips on this:

  • It is best to pass the exam in the first entry of the group. The examiner is the same person as the rest of us. With each next challenger, he may become nervous, especially if several uncertain candidates are caught;
  • Do not take extra things for the exam (umbrellas, bags, backpacks, etc.). You need to take only the most necessary;
  • For the delivery of practical tasks required to choose comfortable clothes and comfortable shoes. Things should not interfere with the driving process;
  • If the instructor starts to get nervous and scream, you do not need to wind up and respond to him in the same way;
  • The examiner can give advance provocative commands that violate traffic rules. It is impossible to carry out such orders, because the driver is responsible for the correct movement of the car.

Features of the practical part of the exam in the city

Before you start driving, you need to adjust the seat and rear-view mirrors for you. You also need to make sure that the pedals are comfortable to press, the controls of the car are easy to operate, the mirrors allow you to have a good overview. It is always important, under any conditions, to wear a seat belt. After these actions, you can safely begin the trip.

City driving test

Final stage - driving in the city

Do not forget the simplest rules for the initial movement: turn on the left turn, look in the mirror and make sure that there are no interferences or skip the vehicle. Additionally, for the instructor, you can turn your head to the left side and once again finally make sure that there are no obstacles.

When driving around the city strictly adhere to all established rules. Observe the need to specify road signs, marking requirements and relationships with other road users.

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How to pass on the right from the first time: major errors

Here are some of the errors that most often lead to a test blockage and a retake:

  • Exceeding the established speed limits on certain sections of the road;
  • The subject did not miss the pedestrian where the situation and the place required it;
  • Markup violations (most often the intersection of a solid line);
  • Violation of the requirements for making a turn or turn.

Another very significant aspect that is characteristic of drivers who are unsure of their skills are candidates. Some from the very beginning try to settle down behind the passenger transport and move slowly. At a certain stage, the vehicle ahead stops completely, which is what you have to do. At the same time, the ability to quickly change lanes is absent. At this stage, the exam will be over, and you will go to retake.

During the execution of a stop, it is also necessary to recall all the basic rules. It is required to choose a place, the stop in which is not limited to road signs, then turn on the right turn, just park, do not forget to put the car on the emergency brake, stop the engine and unfasten the seat belt. Then it remains to wait for the conclusion and assessment of the instructor on the implementation of the practical part of the exam.

We sincerely believe that such rather simple and simple tips will be useful to you when you pass the theoretical and practical exam in the traffic police and help you get so desired driver's license from the first time. Good luck!