Subaru brought the concept of the largest crossover to los

Subaru привезла в Лос-Анджелес концепт самого большого кроссовера

Japanese automakers presented a conceptual version of the largest crossover in the history of the brand Subaru at the los angeles auto show. The concept of a future serial crossover is today called Subaru Viziv-7. Как будет назваться серийное воплощение модели, пока не известно, но ясно, что таким же название не оwill becomeся. Слишком оно не серьезное и на слух не кроссоверное вовсе. Концепткар является красноречивым образчиком того, насколько внушительных размеров может достигать японский кроссовер и какой  вместительности можно добиться такими "размерными" экспериментами.  Японцы претенциозно сказали, что эта концептуальная модель демонстрирует все основополагающие ценности бренда Subaru. It is about unconditional safety, unquestionable reliability and durability. This development top managers Subaru They consider it extremely promising, basic for further experiments Although much more experimenting. At least with the size. And so literally the tank turned out.

Subaru привезла в Лос-Анджелес концепт самого большого кроссовера

The Japanese, meanwhile, are confident that the full-size models will be the most popular on the crossover market, which is why they will bet on three-row bodies. Future prototype production model Subaru Viziv-7 will become the biggest crossover in history not only Subaru, but in general in the segment of the currently existing SUVs.

From this statement of the vice-president of the company Subaru it can be concluded that the production version will be an even larger concept car. By the way, serial crossover based on  Subaru VIZIV-7 will appear for the first time in the car market of the North American states at approximately the end of 2017 - the beginning of 2018. No technical and technological details about the conceptual version. new crossover the Japanese did not disclose. They told only about the size of the concept. In length, the Subaru VIZIV-7 "stretches" by 5 meters 18.2 cm. In width, the designers stretched it a little over two meters, the model rises 1 m 83 cm above the asphalt. The wheelbase at these sizes is 2 m 97 cm. Concept -car stands on the 21-inch original cast "rinks" with a 265/55 rubber formula. Subaru привезла в Лос-Анджелес концепт самого большого кроссовера Most likely, the serial embodiment of the conceptual model Subaru VIZIV-7 will take place in the product line of the auto brand flagship crossover Subaru Трибека, which has already been removed from production lines.

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