Why can a gas cylinder explode on a car

Nissan Murano 1st generation bitter experience from owning this monster Nowadays, gas installations are considered very popular among car enthusiasts, and many believe in the safety and relevance of such equipment, although here you can highlight both the positive and negative sides of such additions.

The biggest fear of any driver using HBO is the explosion of the cylinder. Mechanics say that these fears are groundless, because HBO is much safer than a simple gasoline tank, try to figure out how true this statement.

Почему может взорваться газовый баллон на автомобиле

When the cylinder becomes explosive

Theoretically, HBO is indeed no more dangerous than a tank with gasoline, but there are certain factors that can affect the properties of a gas system. Experts point out several reasons why a balloon in a car might explode:

  • Incorrectly chosen installation, which ideally should correspond to the car's power, engine volume and other indicators. If the installation is chosen incorrectly, you can notice this due to a significant loss of power when the car simply does not pull, to quickly wear parts;
  • With substandard equipment, which is often inferior in price to modern installations and therefore is considered quite popular. Modern HBOs are distinguished by a multi-layered structure of the reservoir, a protective valve, which, if not properly charged, releases excess gas until the pressure inside the cylinder is optimized. In addition, they are shock resistant and are not afraid of temperature changes. At the same time, outdated makeshift versions are made of simple metal, which is amenable to corrosion, may have cracks and explode when heated, refilled, blows;
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Почему может взорваться газовый баллон на автомобиле

  • In case of irrelevant mixing of fuel, when propane is combined with butane. The explosion hazard in this case is explained by different requirements for the temperature regime. In order to save, propane is often mixed with cheap butane, but this gas can only be used during the warm season, because when it is freezing, such raw materials become inactive. If in the winter period to mix these two types of fuel, then when heated, it is possible that the container is bursting and even its explosion;
  • Excess refueling can also lead to an explosion, because the gas tank provides for a filling of no more than 80%, when overflow the pressure in the cylinder rises and an explosion occurs. For more modern polymer-composite options, the excess fuel is not terrible, because such installations are equipped with a pressure relief valve, but even such devices can fail and open the valve out of time;
  • In case of cracks in the fuel tank, an explosion may also occur, therefore, to check the integrity of the cylinder, it is recommended to periodically pass the seams with soapy water - this makes it possible to timely detect holes;
  • Improper maintenance is often the cause of the gap, HBO requires timely cleaning of condensate, checking the permeability of pipes and performance, should be inspected by experts.

Почему может взорваться газовый баллон на автомобиле

How to protect your car from the explosion

So that your desire to save on fuel does not turn out to be a threat to life, first of all, the choice and installation of HBO should be trusted by professionals. In this case, always require that you provide a service booklet for installation.

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Watch for temperature changes and the quality of fuel raw materials and do not forget to monitor the state of the gas fuel system, in time to check in service. If during operation you have noticed a decrease in the level of performance of the car or you feel the smell of gas, immediately switch to the classic type of fuel and contact the service center.

And most importantly: be careful on the road, because emergency situations threaten to explode for any fuel system.