The best car dealerships of russia


The choice of a new car, as a rule, begins with a visit to a car dealership. After all, it is one thing to look at the description of the model on the manufacturer’s website, and it’s quite another to sit in a new car in person, to evaluate how it fits your ideas in practice.

Лучшие автомобильные салоны России

Some car dealers also sell used cars, about 3 - 5 years old. There are specialized salons of a certain brand, and sometimes a wide range of different automakers is offered for sale.

Читать о рейтинге автосалонов России-->В крупных городах обычно очень много различных автомобильных салонов, у которых схожий ассортимент. Выбрать наилучший поможет наш рейтинг автосалонов России, составленный с учётом различных критериев.

Criteria for evaluating car dealership

When choosing a dealer, there are several important points to pay attention to:

  1. The range of models. It is important how many models are in stock, for which cars a test drive is provided. How long the car will have to wait from the factory if the necessary modification is not available. What terms of the contract are offered in case of pre-order, is the price fixed at the time of delivery All these are important points, not paying attention to which, you can later get into an unpleasant situation.
  2. Lending terms. If you take a car on credit, then check out these programs. Many stores have their own advantageous conditions, which differ from standard banking products.
  3. Staff. How competently and reliably provided information. Sometimes managers can not even answer basic questions. Sometimes some controversial facts are held back or bypassed.
  4. Warranty and service. The integrity of the company in the event of a marriage or breakdown is important when choosing. Usually, before making a purchase, all sellers are extremely polite and attentive towards customers. But, having received the money, they no longer zealously fulfill their obligations under the contract. Try not to go to salons with a negative reputation in this regard.
  5. Additional services. Typically, this assistance in the design of documentation, transaction support, insurance. The presence of an additional service is an advantage in the case, of course, if it is not imposed on the buyer.

The following are the 10 largest car dealerships of the Russian Federation with a positive reputation and high quality service.

Rolf Center

The Rolf Group is the largest dealer network in Russia and the leader in sales of new cars. Motor Show Rolf Center in Moscow is the official dealer of brands such as Ford, Mitsubishi, Skoda, Jeep and Renault. There are also used cars on sale. The history of the dealership has more than 25 years. Long years of successful work also say a lot in favor of the company's reputation.

In addition to sales directly, there is a full service, in stock or on order, you can purchase original parts for repair. It also offers a wide range of insurance services, legal support, roadside assistance. Possible extension of warranty for 1 - 2 years. Various loan programs are provided for all brands that are commercially available, including those for used cars.

The car dealership offers its own loyalty program, which provides for the accumulation of points for accessing car-care center services. You can spend points on repairs, maintenance, or on the purchase of cars or spare parts. The program works in all dealerships of the Rolf group.

Automobile Salon Rolf Center

Automobile Salon Rolf Center

TransTechService Kazan

The second largest dealer holding in Russia works in the territory of the Republic of Tatarstan. There are several salons in Kazan, the largest of which at 194 Pobedy Ave., offers such brands as Huyndai, Jaguar, Jeep, Kia, Land Rover, Lifan, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Peugeot, Skoda, SsangYong, Subaru, Toyota and UAZ . Also auto dealerships and used cars. In other salons of the city you can buy Audi, BMW, Ford, Lexus, Porsche, Renault and Volkswagen. The company has a single website through which you can pick up a car of any model among all auto centers of the network. Plus, each brand has a separate site with a detailed description and contacts of the company's auto centers.

The car dealership offers warranty and post-warranty service for purchased cars. There are a number of additional services that are provided free of charge. For example, inspection after a month after purchase, seasonal storage of tires subject to their purchase in the tire service company. Directly in the car center you can conclude an agreement on various types of insurance, there are credit programs for different car brands. The company has its own free hotline, where you can get the necessary information or complain about the work of the salon. A wide range of brands and a convenient site make it easy for buyers to choose and compare cars they like.

Automobile Salon TransTechService Kazan

Automobile Salon TransTechService Kazan

Major City New Riga

In third place is another large dealer holding with 86 salons in Moscow and 7 in St. Petersburg. The largest of these is the auto center on Novorizhskoye highway, 8 km from the Moscow Ring Road. On the territory of the complex there are salons of more than 35 car brands, plus motor centers offering motorcycles and service for them. The range of cars just huge: from the domestic Lada and UAZ to brands such as Cadillac and Hummer.

The salon offers a wide range of insurance, lending and leasing services, including both for legal entities and individuals. When using the services of a car service, an accumulative bonus card is issued free of charge.

There are also used cars on sale, and you can additionally conclude a guarantee contract, and the age of the car up to which the warranty is valid is limited to five years. For new models, the purchase of an extended warranty is also provided. There are also a number of services for corporate clients, car and motorcycle rental, tow truck and roadside assistance, purchase of used cars.

Автомобильный салон Major City New Riga

Автомобильный салон Major City New Riga

Autoworld Moscow

Car centers of the company are represented in different cities of Russia and in Kazakhstan. The largest two car dealership complexes are located in Moscow, in the area of ​​Schelkovskaya metro station and Petrovsko-Razumovskaya metro station. Chevrolet, SsangYong, Suzuki, Kia and UAZ are represented in the first car center, Renault, Mazda, Suzuki, Hyundai and Skoda are represented in the second car center.

Automobile dealers offer not only the sale of new cars, but also repair and service. You can sign up through a single website of the holding, you can also search for the desired parts through a special form. At the time of repair there is a paid car rental service. Discounts for new cars! Profitable loan from 9.9% installments 0% Also, customers are offered around-the-clock possibility of evacuation in the city. For corporate clients there is a separate range of services, including leasing and special discounts for the purchase of large quantities. A discount program, insurance and favorable loan programs are provided. Get information about the accumulated discount points can be in your personal account on the holding's website. As well as learn about the current promotional offers for one or another brand.

Автомобильный салон Autoworld Moscow

Автомобильный салон Autoworld Moscow


The company has an extensive network of auto shows in Moscow, representing such brands as Porsche, Audi, Nissan, BMW, MINI, SKODA, Infiniti, Volkswagen, Citroen, Datsun, Hyundai, KIA, Mazda, Peugeot, Mitsubishi. The range of services includes the full range of services, maintenance, insurance, credit and support. In addition, for each brand there are branded programs from the manufacturer, which the auto show also supports.

In addition to passenger cars, the center also sells trucks and commercial vehicles of domestic and foreign production. Promotional offers of the service center are constantly being developed, and insurance and credit programs also exist for used cars. The car dealer offers a profitable accumulative bonus program, the possibility of buying a car, legal and technical support on the road. There is also a car rental service. Clients of the auto center can receive information on the progress of repairs and work already performed in their personal account on the company's website.

Automobile Salon AvtoSpetsTsentr

Automobile Salon AvtoSpetsTsentr


The Nizhny Novgorod group of companies is among the ten largest sellers of cars in Russia. In addition to Nizhny Novgorod, there are salons in 8 Russian cities. In N. Novgorod itself there are also several salons. Car search can be carried out through the site, which shows the current availability of models. The same information can be viewed on used cars.

Agate является официальным дилером марок Ford, Hyundai, Infinity, Lada, Lexus, Mitsubishi и Skoda. Больше всего машин в наличие у Huindai, Mitsubishi, Skoda и Lada. Дорогие марки и комплектации доступны под заказ. Сайт компании не очень удачен по структуре, но обладает хорошей функциональностью. Можно заказать обратный звонок, рассчитать затраты на ремонт, задать вопрос консультанту. Работает бесплатная горячая линия, и есть личный кабинет.

The loyalty program provides several options for packages of additional services. Such as technical support, legal assistance, calling a taxi or ordering a transfer, the service "sober driver" and much more. There is also a standard set of all major car dealerships, including credit programs, insurance, redemption and exchange, maintenance and service.

Автомобильный салон Agate

Автомобильный салон Agate

Favorit Motors

Автосалоны Favorit Motors предлагают в Москве новые легковые и коммерческие автомобили, а также машины с пробегом. Несколько дилерских центров расположены в разных районах Москвы. Компания является дилером марок Шевроле, Киа, Ситроен, Шкода, Форд, Вольво, Пежо, Рено, Фольксваген и Кадиллак.

On the dealer website, you can select from the characteristics of the model of any of the brands presented. You can also view available cars, both new and used. As for the second, detailed information is presented with photographs, data on the number of owners, the results of the technical condition check. Here you can calculate the insurance program, use a loan calculator, and also reserve a car for 5 hours during the working day for free. For each car the information is indicated in which car show it is located.

The company provides warranty service, repair and maintenance, there are lending programs, leasing for individuals, services for corporate clients. The loyalty program provides for the accumulation of bonuses when contacting a car-care center, you can use your personal account to track savings.

Автомобильный салон Favorit Motors

Автомобильный салон Favorit Motors


The Genser group of companies has a wide network of car dealerships in Moscow, and is also represented in some regions. It is a dealer of a large number of brands, both European and American and Asian, budget and premium segments.

The company has its own quality control department, which strives to meet the highest standards. The car dealer is actively working with corporate clients, including with government organizations.

Through a single website for the entire network of car dealers, you can view the available models and brands, although there is no indication of the presence of a specific configuration in any of the salons. The salons also sell used cars, but there is no information about them on the site.

But there are a large number of options for service, discount program and promotional offers. Each brand has its own attractive services, for example, Cadillac provides free seasonal storage of tires in case of contacting the dealer’s tire service.

Автомобильный салон Jenser

Автомобильный салон Jenser

The car dealer is not an exception among competitors and also offers various financial services, such as advantageous insurance, credit programs, leasing, commission and auto exchange. There is an expanded program of legal and technical assistance on the road.


Another large regional dealer network with a large number of dealers in the south of Russia. Most auto centers are located in Krasnodar. There are even brands such as Mercedes, Bentley, Lexus, Jaguar, Land Rover. There are also less expensive cars: Toyota, Renault, Volkswagen, Hyundai, Mitsubishi, Ford, Skoda and Kia. In addition, the company sells trucks, buses and motorcycles.

На сайте можно узнать информацию о наличии нового или подержанного автомобиля, осуществить подбор по интересующим параметрам. Есть собственная программа лояльности с разными вариантами пакетов дополнительных услуг. Действует она по всей дилерской сети Klyuchavto.

Cars can be leased, take advantage of lending or trade-in, choose the best insurance, after-sales service. Service and repair, including warranty, is carried out in professional service centers. For corporate clients there are special favorable terms of cooperation.

Автомобильный салон Klyuchavto

Автомобильный салон Klyuchavto


Замыкает десятку лучших автосалонов РФ дилерская сеть с 20-летней историей AutoGermes, чьи автоцентры расположены в разных районах Москвы. Сеть осуществляет продажу марок КИА, Хёндай, Генезис, Сузуки, Рено, СсангЙонг, Лада, УАЗ, Равон, Лифан и Ховер, а также коммерческого транспорта Лада и УАЗ. На сайте можно осуществить подбор моделей по всей сети, в том числе среди имеющихся в наличии. По автомобилям с пробегам представлена довольно подробная информация с несколькими фотографиями и техническими данными. Можно сразу посмотреть, в каком именно автоцентре машина находится.

Automobile Salon AvtoGermes

Automobile Salon AvtoGermes

Also online you can order a free assessment of your car by filling out a special form. The discount card network covers both the purchase of cars and spare parts, and services. There is also a standard set of insurance services, lending, buying cars from individuals and organizations. There are special offers for taxi services, maintenance of commercial organizations.

This is the ranking of the best car dealerships of Russia for 2017. In modern conditions, especially in large cities, we are talking about the whole dealer networks that have points in different areas and regions, but work as a whole, having a common base and service standards. Thus, the best quality of service is achieved, it becomes easier to search for the right car and select additional services. That is why among the best auto centers in the country is represented by a network of salons, since they have sufficient resources to ensure a wide range, a high level of service and responsibility.