Antigravival headlamp protection

There are not rare cases when the car in front of you, often "throws" gravel from under the wheels. At the same time, not only the paintwork of your car suffers, but also the glass of daytime running lights. We can rightly say that installing anti-gravel protection for headlights can significantly save your budget, because replacing headlight glasses will cost much more.

Антигравийная защита фар

Advantages of anti-gravel protection of headlights

If, nevertheless, you are not worried because of cracks and chips on the headlights, then do not be in a hurry to abandon the anti-gravel protection of headlights. There are also such unpleasant factors that adversely affect the glass headlights. Over time, especially on plastic glasses, clouding appears, simply the glasses become cloudy, while the light transmittance decreases several times from here that driving a car becomes uncomfortable.

Антигравийная защита фар

Of course, various polishes can cope with headlight fogging, but the best of all, without loss of time and constant expenses for polish, of course, the anti-gravel protection of headlights does it.

Антигравийная защита фар

Why choose anti-gravel protection

Again, here you can repeat: - Long-term preservation of glass headlights in its original form; - no extra cost and time to constantly restore the original type of headlamps; - the absence of chips and cracks on the glass headlights.


By law, we can say that anti-grit protection, in many respects, favorably affects the protection of glass headlights, because once you install such a film, you can forget about chips and cracks, especially when selling your car, it will not lose its presentation.

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Антигравийная защита фар