Brilliance v3 will reach the russian car market only in a

Brilliance V3 доедет до российского авторынка только через год

New SUV Brilliance V3, officially presented at the last Shanghai Motor Show three weeks ago, is already being offered for purchase in the Celestial dealer network The car will arrive to the Russian buyer only in a year. Given the fact that our country is not particularly noticeably selected from the crisis, this Chinese slowness can be easily explained. Brilliance V3 - This is the second car in the niche of compact crossovers (SUV) of this Chinese brand. It was expected that it would be painted in a two-color palette, but the Chinese changed their mind, whether it was difficult for them to choose colors, or if they thought it was cheaper than monochrome variants. All the other nuances of design, conceived by the designers in his predecessor, including the original "front", stand with black accents and hidden in them rear door handles remained unchanged. Brilliance V3 доедет до российского авторынка только через год Traditionally, the V3 is equipped with a 1.5-liter turbocharged engine that delivers the power of one hundred and fifty horses. But now there are "Diamonds", driven by aspirated 112 hp You can purchase a version with a five-speed manual, and with a gun on the same five gears.

Brilliance V3 optionally equipped with air conditioning and a multimedia system with a seven-inch screen, a socket for connecting various devices, USB-port. The system is synchronized with the driver's smartphone via Bluetooth.

Brilliance V3 доедет до российского авторынка только через год In the Middle Kingdom, for the new "Brilliant" they take from 65 to 103 thousand Chinese money, in translation into our wooden ones it will be about 540-840 thousand rubles. How many dealers are going to sell this car in Russia is not yet known, but as soon as the information appears, this will be reported.

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We, by the way, are already being implemented SUV Brilliance V5It costs 736,000 rubles for the basic configuration with a 1.6-liter engine. From 811 thousand rubles worth version with automatic transmission. It used to be rumored that Brilliance V5 will be produced at the Syzran Automobile Plant, but the management of Brilliance has denied these rumors.