How to choose a dvr for the car correctly and inexpensively

Чтобы понять, how to choose a DVR для автомобиля, нужно знать несколько простых вещей.

To begin with, we will explain what the DVR is and why the owner of the car needs it. In fact, the DVR is a surveillance camera that records everything that happens in the process of moving a car. She registers various incidents on the road and her entry will be an indisputable proof of your correctness in an accident, an argument for the traffic police.

how to choose a DVR для автомобиля

It also allows you to record the route traveled (if we are talking about a passenger route taxi, bus, or a car transporting cargo.

How to choose a DVR in the car, if you do not understand them?

As we have said, any DVR is a portable video camera that records the image and saves it to a video file of one of the standard samples on a memory card. Subsequently, the resulting files can be saved to your hard disk and viewed.

To figure out which DVR to choose, you should immediately figure out what you will use it for.

If you are going to simply fix the route, then a simple budget model will suit you. If you want the device to help you in case of an accident to prove your innocence, a more serious model is required. They differ in video resolution.

For example, let's compare a DVR recording video of size 640x480 and a model capable of recording high resolution (1280x720).

how to choose the right DVR

High resolution (1280) allows you to see license plates, signs on the road, various nuances that will help you when dealing with traffic police.

how to choose a DVRThe same image in 640x480 resolution

The photo obtained from the budget device, shows us the obvious difference. The picture is blurred, “snowing”, the letters are illegible. In the event of an accident, recording from such a device is unlikely to help you.

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which DVR to choose

So, the recorder for the car is a small and compact device that is mounted in the cabin of your car, on the windshield, or above it, depending on the type of fasteners. On the way, he records the video sequence, which is written on the memory card in the photo - the first frame.

Devices for video registration differ in image quality, the amount of supported memory cards. Some of them work from the cigarette lighter, others only from the internal power source. The part is connected to the onboard computer of the car. There are many nuances on which depends how to choose a car dvr.

How to choose the right DVR

Among the many products offered on the market, it is sometimes very difficult to choose one that is ideally suited specifically for your car. All devices have their advantages and disadvantages. This is not only the maximum amount of memory and video resolution. Even if you have a VAZ 2106 tuning, you can pick up a less expensive DVR, why keep expensive equipment in the basin? :)

There are video recorders with GPS. You may not need a navigator, but it will constantly record your current speed, which one day may play into your hands if a traffic police officer charges you with an unfounded charge of speeding. However, car inspectors do not trust the readings of the navigator too much, relative to speed.

Device cons

DVRs do not like low temperatures. When the glass is frozen, the suction cup that attaches it to the glass can also freeze over. If the device falls, it may be damaged. And this situation can happen quite often, if you do not do tuning on ordinary old cars.

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