Tuning vaz 2106 (six) do it yourself car transforms

Today on the road you can find a lot of cars of domestic production with a unique tuning. Although there are motorists who say that this is all superfluous, and that tuning is justified only in rally and at exhibitions. Real fans of their cars improve it for the soul for themselves, so that it is comfortable in all respects.

VAZ 2106 tuning photo

Tuning VAZ 2106

On the Internet you can find a lot of photos and videos, where craftsmen and tuning companies demonstrate real masterpieces. Even an avid car enthusiast sometimes does not always manage to make out in a tuned car, features of the familiar “six”, as everyone used to call it.

There are several types of tuning VAZ:

  • technical;
  • external;
  • tuning salon.

We will talk about them in more detail.

Technical tuning VAZ 2106

Tuning and refinement of the engine at the VAZ 2106

He is the “heart of the machine” and technical tuning begins with it. The motor perfectly maintains big loadings and long term of operation. Masters of tuning due to minor modifications and tuning of the engine increase its power.

engine tuning vaz 2106

Engine "six" with two carburetors

Method one - fine-tuning:

  • fitting and grinding exhaust and intake manifold;
  • relief and weight adjustment of all pistons, connecting rods and crankshaft;
  • completion of the ignition system and engine power.

Method two - carburetor tuning:

  • Remove the vacuum actuator spring in the throttle valve of the primary chamber. Due to this, the dynamics of the “six” will increase, but at the same time the consumption of gasoline will increase by 0.5 liters;
  • Replace with mechanical vacuum throttle valve actuator in the primary chamber. You can use the spring that we removed from the vacuum drive. Due to this, the car will smoothly accelerate and improve dynamics. In this case, fuel consumption does not increase;
  • Replace the primary chamber diffuser labeled 4.5 instead of 3.5. And at the same time replace for acceleration with a larger (30 to 40) pump spray. Fuel consumption will remain the same;

Also note that capital tuning engine VAZ 2106 can significantly change the behavior of cars on the road, and often at the expense of safety.

Tuning suspension VAZ 2106

For a sporty ride, the factory suspension of the “six” is not suitable because of excessive softness. The same can be said about almost all the vases, not even the exception will be the VAZ 2109, the tuning of which also requires serious work on the suspension.

Thanks to the improved suspension, the car will become a little tougher and can be lowered lower. All this will perfectly affect the handling and maneuverability of the car.

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VAZ 2106 tuning their own hands

What can be improved:

  • bust the entire car suspension;
  • install sports shock absorbers, gas-oil ones are best suited;
  • use double stabilizer.

In the latter case, the help of qualified specialists will be required, because there is a need for sufficient knowledge of engineering technology.

Tuning the brake system on the VAZ 2106

After tuning the engine and suspension go to the brake system "six".

The process in stages:

  • replace the main factory cylinder with a larger one. This will increase the pressure in the system;
  • improve the front brakes. Best suited for this kit from the VAZ 2112, which is perfectly in place of the old front brakes;
  • installation of a complete set of disc brakes.

VAZ 2106 tuning photo

This will require a support VAZ 2112, but tuned studio prefer to put ATE 520142 Power Disk. The latter have ellipsoidal grooves on the surface and due to this they are called ventilated. Such a kit without finishing the hub is ideal for the VAZ 2106.

To replace the rear brakes with modern discs, it is better to contact a professional car service center. To do this, you need machine tools and special tools.

Tuning and refinement of the clutch VAZ 2106

After the first three stages, we proceed to the finalization of the clutch of the VAZ-2106. This mechanism is intended for smoothly connecting the transmission to the crankshaft of a car in the process of moving and shifting gears.

Clutch tuning VAZ 2106

It is necessary to check the clutch pedal stroke so that it does not exceed 120-130 mm, otherwise it will be necessary to adjust it. But often the driven disc may require replacement due to the poor state of the clutch, which negatively affects the smoothness and start of the VAZ 2106.

 Gearbox for VAZ 2106

Factory box "six" remake a sports. It will be different from the classic gear ratios. The sports box has more elongated lower gears and shorter high ones. Gear ratios are selected depending on the driving style.

Tuning Gearbox VAZ 2106

In the PPC, it will still be necessary to replace the link on the short stroke. In this case, the lever travel will decrease, and as a result of this, the gears will switch faster.

Automatic transmissions are practically not used for the VAZ-2106. But, if desired, and financial possibilities, you can make any upgrades in the car.

 External tuning VAZ 2106

tuning VAZ 2106

VAZ 2106 tuning with their own hands is often used to rework the exterior and interior of the car. External tuning will help completely or partially change the look of the car

In this case, the body must be in perfect condition. All traces of rust and defects must be eliminated otherwise in the near future they will appear to a greater extent.

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 Headlights at VAZ 2106

Factory lights, although the light is relatively not bad, but the appearance can be improved. Thanks to modern halogen or fashionable xenon lamps with reflectors, lighting can be significantly improved. In this case, it is better to give preference to reputable brands.

VAZ 2106 tuning photo

Rear lights can be replaced with LED, with more expressive optics and bright lighting. This will not only improve the appearance of the car, but will protect you on the road, especially these lights are effective in times of poor visibility: fog, rain, snow.

 Body kits for the VAZ 2106

Here you can dream up and come up with an individual style for the VAZ-2106. By replacing the side skirts, rear and front bumpers, you will make your car look more attractive. Also this type of tuning is the least expensive in terms of finances and time.

tuning VAZ 2106

Wheels for VAZ

This is one of the important elements of external tuning, when classic discs are replaced with stylish cast ones. Thanks to this, your VAZ 2106 will look new.

In addition to the unique style, replacing discs will improve the dynamics of the car:

  • alloy wheels are much lighter than steel, and thus the load on the suspension will decrease;
  • alloy wheels cool perfectly.

To do this, some models of alloy wheels provide additional ventilation holes through which improved brake cooling occurs.

The diameter of the disc can be increased by low-profile rubber.

In this case, we get better maneuverability, the car will be better to enter the turns and out of them.

If you violate these parameters, the wheel may bulge for the arch, or with the slightest unevenness on the road will strike sharply about it. Dirt from under the wheels will spray on the car body.

There are also alloy and forged wheels. The first ones are much more expensive cast and stronger thanks to the bulk forming. The weight of forged wheels is 30% less than cast. Light alloy can also be selected under the VAZ 2106 and their price remains affordable.

Muffler for six

Each of the motorists heard the “roar” when a tuning car passed by. So it comes out straight-through muffler, which increases the power of cars to 10-15%, but significantly reduces the noise reduction of the exhaust system.

VAZ 2106 tuning their own hands

It can be easily done at home. There are also luxurious chrome exhaust systems for two tailpipes. They look great from the outside.

 Body tuning VAZ 2106

Using modern pearl or metallic colors, you can completely change the appearance of the "six". Along with the body today paint wheels and classic bumpers, and even part of the optics.

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VAZ 2106 tuning their own hands

Some elements can be wrapped with a carbon film for example: hood, roof, exterior mirrors or wheels. Some car owners the entire body of cars covered with carbon film. It is much stronger than the paintwork and perfectly protects the body from mechanical damage and corrosive environments.

Tuning salon VAZ 2106

Salon classic "six" can be completely changed beyond recognition. Put a foreign car seats, for example from a BMW or Mercedes. Install a more functional torpedo or skin the old one. It will be very similar to tuning the interior of the VAZ 2109, only in the six it will be a bit more comfortable, as it is more slightly.

Door cards covered with leather and insert the backlight. Instead of standard devices to put sports with LED backlight, digital display and bright colors. Install the on-board computer or multimedia sensor system on the center console.

Tuning salon VAZ 2106

Some elements in the interior of the car can be trimmed with a carbon film for any color, skin, etc. The abundance of proposals for tuning the salon offers unlimited opportunities to motorists.

Music lovers prefer to install expensive high-quality acoustics with an amplifier and subwoofer, which will allow you to enjoy music.

The ideal option for tuning the cabin is the use of LED lights in the rapids, under the feet, on the back shelf or in the ceiling. This will greatly decorate the overall look of the car, as well as create comfort for the driver and passengers.

Tuning VAZ 2106 depends only on your imagination, desire and financial capabilities.

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