The device of the carburetor solex 21083 1107010

There is one of the modifications of the Solex carburetor 21083, which is equipped with an automatic sub-pump, thanks to which the fuel system is automatically filled.

Solex carburetor 21083 1107010

The driver does not have to pump up the fuel system using the accelerator or the valve on the carburetor. Carburetor Solex 21083 1107010 allows you to quickly and easily start the engine, and also shows the best technical performance.

Such a carburetor has found wide application in domestic LADA models, which were produced at the time of the transition period to the injection system. These carburetors are more resistant to breakage and other faults. Let us consider in more detail the device of the Solex carburetor 21083 1107010.

The device carburetor Solex 21083 1107010

1. Sector heating carburetor; 2. Throttle first chamber; 3. A fitting (pipe) for suction of discharge crankcase gases; 4. Drive lever for acceleration pump; 5. The drive cam of the accelerator pump; 6. accelerator pump diaphragms; 7. Jet of fuel economizer power modes; 8. Pump body; 9. Special aperture of power mode economizer; 10. Shut off solenoid valve; 11. Jet of fuel idling; 12. Cover for the carburetor; 13. Air main jet of the first chamber; 14. The air damper; 15. Accelerator pump sprayers with a fuel mixture supply valve; 16. Starting device diaphragm; 17. Screw adjusting device starting; 18. Screw adjusting device amount of mixture for idling; 19. Special lever to lock the second chamber; 20. A fitting (pipe) for supplying a vacuum regulator to the vacuum distributor; 21. Screw adjusting the quality of the feed mixture for idling; 22. Throttle valve control unit; 23. Throttle valve drive lever; 24. Screw adjusting for opening the throttle valve of the first chamber; 25. Air flap control lever; 26. Starting device; 27. Wire end switch for economizer idle; 28. Air damper lever; 29. Air main jet of the second chamber; 30. Emulsion tube; 31. Spray dispensing main system of the second chamber; 32. Fitting (pipe) fuel supply; 33. Drain pipe fuel tank; 34. Fuel filter; 35. Needle valve; 36. The throttle valve of the second chamber; 37. Throttle lever of the second chamber; 38. Fuel main jet of the second chamber; 39. The throttle valve drive lever of the second chamber; 40. Float

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Solex carburetor 21083 1107010 is installed on domestic cars with contactless ignition system of the supplied fuel mixture. This carburetor is a two-chamber emulsion type, with opening sequential throttle valves.

The device carburetor Solex 21083 1107010

It has a balanced float chamber, heating for the throttle valve directly to the first chamber, as well as a suction system for exhaust crankcase gases directly behind the throttle valve.

In the carburetor Solex 21083 1107010 there are two main metering systems, the second and first chambers, the transitional system of the second chamber, idling with the transition system of the first chamber. Ekonostat, economizer of power modes, starting semi-automatic device and accelerating diaphragm pump.

Solex carburetor 21083 1107010

At idle in automatic mode, the economizer of regulation of idling starts up. All cars equipped with fuel consumption sensors, as a rule, work with the Solex carburetor 21083 1107010-31, which differs from the basic version by the absence of a fuel drain pipe.

Many car owners are trying to replace their own carburetor “Weber”, “Ozone” with a more modern Solex carburetor 21083 with auto-suction unit. Due to its improved design of longer diffusers, the Solex carburetor 21083 reduces consumption, and the engine runs stably under all loads and temperature conditions.

Solex carburetor 21083 with autosubsosom

It uses a separate system of regulation of idling, which is much easier to set up.

Also, if you decide to adjust, refine, tuning the Solex carburetor, then you should pay attention to the jets, a similar description and comparative table of which is presented in our next article.

A small video about the Solex carburetor Avtopodsos 21083 1107010.