New 2013 ford mustang has undergone some changes.

Ford Mustang - an American car in which everyone who is driving, looks cool.

ford mustang gt 500 2013

The 2013 Ford Mustang has a completely updated front end with a new nose and looks more aggressive. It is the grille that gives the car a menacing look.

If you look at the car from the side, you can see that now there is no black plastic, which didn’t please the customers. Now all the Ford Mustang models come with colored thresholds. You can also choose the wheels for every taste, for buyers there are 12 wheel options to choose from.

Another interesting feature is that when you open the car in the dark, you can see a horse projection under the mirrors.

Ford Mustang 2013

As for the cabin, it has not changed much, remained familiar and familiar to the Mustang. The steering wheel is covered with leather, looks great and is the standard for all models. The LCD display looks great, the seats look quite expensive, and they are made of high-quality materials, so they are very comfortable and comfortable.

Ford Mustang 2013

A 4.1 inch display is located between the tachometer and the speedometer, which in a very convenient form shows all the necessary data, such as fuel consumption, travel time, how many kilometers traveled, etc. In general, this on-board computer is very conveniently located and is always clearly visible.

The power unit of the new Ford Mustangs (5-liter V8) has become slightly more powerful and produces 420 hp, which is 8 horses more than the 2012 model. But now the distribution of these horses has improved - each horsepower goes to traction, so the new Ford Mustang has become faster. When you press the gas to the floor, the car makes such a sound that it seems as if Armageddon has come, it is typical for American cars Mustang.

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ford mustang gt 2013

Ford Mustang 2013 accelerates in 4.4 seconds to a hundred. The gearbox comes with a manual and automatic 6-speed. The weight of the Mustang is 1641 kg, which is not enough, and it is this weight that seriously affects the acceleration and braking of this machine.

Among the shortcomings - these are weak brakes, the suspension is tight, control, but there is rear-wheel drive, so you can do some fun on this car. To make the brakes more agile, Ford has a solution - the Track Package, which includes a more serious braking system.

Ford Mustang 2013

This new Mustang can be bought for only 2,200,000 rubles, which is relatively not expensive.