Self-made winch from the starter

Going on a trip, motorists collect all the necessary accessories. This set may differ from drivers of different cars. Particular attention is paid to lovers of extreme travel to overcome the problem areas of the selected route. In such a situation, there will not be an extra electric winch made from the starter with your own hands.

A reliable tool will be relevant if you hit the car in a deep ditch or while overcoming a deep swampy puddle. The convenience of a homemade device is quite obvious, because the device can be designed and assembled from the very beginning for specific tasks or for a single user. Also, components are selected optimal, but in the end the winch will be cheaper than the factory equivalent.


  • 1 Demand for accessory
  • 2 Equipment for electricity
  • 3 Mechanism Assembly Procedure
  • 4 Installation Features
  • 5 System Testing
  • 6 Long and uninterrupted operation

Demand for accessory

The self-made winch from the starter is useful for high-cross frame machines. It is this transport that drivers safely exploit away from the road infrastructure of asphalt roads. Country roads can give a lot of trouble to unprepared motorists, especially during bad weather.

Tyagovity winch can help in solving the difficulties encountered in certain sections of the path. Manufacturers of some car models equip this additional unit with machines, installing them in the area of ​​the front bumper. Also, third-party companies are engaged in the release of universal winches, which can be independently mounted on the front. Craftsmen in garages have developed all sorts of options for such products, adapting to this the standard elements of cars.

how does a electric winch do it yourself

You need to know that often made electric winch with their own hands significantly exceeds industrial designs in its performance and reliability.

In the garage, it will be possible to put together a rotating drum with a cable screwed on it so that the system is set in motion from various types of rods:

  • electric;
  • mechanical;
  • hydraulic.

Considered the most acceptable ligament used by electric.

Equipment for electricity

As practice has shown, the power of equipment that receives rotation from an electric motor is higher, and also the operation is more practical than using other types of load. Also, a plus is the clarity of the design and assembly scheme. Hydraulic or mechanical devices are often problematic to mount on the car. The assembled auto winch from the starter does not take up less space with its own hands, and compactness in this situation is also an advantage.

Before you assemble the mechanism according to the drawings or diagrams, you need to stock up on the appropriate components. In most cases, such a set is useful:

  • lowering gear;
  • electric motor, in the role of which the starter acts;
  • frame or welded frame;
  • reel or drum for winding metal cable.
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Drawings are desirable to have on hand, so as not to make mistakes in the assembly. It is necessary to pick up a starter proceeding from parameters of the available car. The larger, heavier and more powerful it is, the stronger and more powerful the chosen electric motor for this purpose should be.

To improve the efficiency of the assembly will help electric motor, combined with the planetary gear. He needs a minimum amount of energy to generate significant productivity.

Mechanism Assembly Procedure

The craftsmen who make the pulling up device seek to orient the future product as much as possible for their needs. In this case, power units are formed with a high margin of safety, and materials are selected according to the same rule.

how to make a winch out of the starter with your own hands

If the entire required set of elements and components is available, the assembly does not take more than 2-3 hours, after which you can proceed to field trials. Traditionally, the central part of the drum is retained, holding the cable.

It is important to know that in the absence of a finished drum available, for its self-production, you will need a thick-walled pipe and a pair of large metal pancakes for end stoppers cut from sheet metal 4-5 mm thick.

The “cheeks” are welded onto the coil gently in such a way that there is a place on one side for fixing the driven gear on the drum. Through it, the rotation is transmitted from the electric motor. If there is a planetary gear with a starter, the task is simplified, otherwise it is necessary to look for a reduction gear separately.

It is advisable to choose small gears in size, so that the overall design fits on its own narrow frame and on the bumper of an SUV. Particular attention should be paid to the wiring of cables that supply voltage to the starter. All wires are mounted as far away from rotating or moving parts as possible so that they are not damaged during the operation of the winch.

Installation Features

Before you install a homemade design on the machine, you need to prepare for this a reliable platform. In modern cars, traditionally, a plastic bumper is mounted ahead, which is not designed for a new node. It is required to pre-form the power platform, securely fixed with the frame or body of the selected car.

As a platform, the use of a cut-out shaped sheet of steel no less than 4–5 mm is allowed, which will be fastened with several bolts to the frame. It is recommended to use nut locks or pins to prevent unwinding. The thread must be at least 8-10 mm.

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As soon as the work on the installation of the mechanical part is completed, the installation of the electrical system begins. Cable routing can be carried out from the cabin. There is also a button that is responsible for the start / stop of the system. The cable must withstand a current of up to 10 A.

System testing

It is preferable to use wiring with a cross section of at least 2.5 mm in diameter in the winch operation. This approach will ensure a stable supply of current to the system without loss. On the battery, it is preferable to use not stationary connections, but crocodile clothespins. The switch is brought to a convenient place, but without it you will have to constantly climb under the hood and fold or throw contacts on the battery.

how much is a self-made starter winch

In the process of testing, it is worth monitoring not only the build quality for lack of backlash and distortions, but also the strength of fixing the entire structure in its place. During the first testing should not run the tension on the maximum load.

In the first test, it is preferable to pull your car on a flat surface. This will provide an opportunity to identify some errors that were formed during the assembly process. Only if such a test is successful, it is worth moving to the next phase - a car with a maximum load with full equipment. This will identify possible problems that can occur in real conditions.

It is important to know if the driver puts a powerful winch, then you need to take care of installing a powerful battery or the presence of a second battery.

Long and uninterrupted operation

It should be borne in mind that the machine can be loaded in different ways, so you should not use a rope as a traction rope, even if it seems to be very tough to break. It is worth winding on the drum a steel rope that can withstand cars. The parameters at which the cable breaks can be found in the instructions for use. You should not choose an overly thick rope or too thin. Its parameters should be as close as possible to the mass of the car.

It is necessary to take care of the mechanism and carry out timely maintenance of its components. It is important to clean it regularly from dirt and debris that accumulates in raised places.

During operation, the winch should work with a maximum load of no more than 15-20 seconds. Next, it takes half a minute rest. It is possible to help the mechanism in such a situation by removing all things and passengers from it. These rules will extend the life of the mechanism.