How to get a discount on the car in the cabin


Are you going to buy a new car? The desire to get a discount from 5 to 10% is quite explainable. It's one thing to buy in the car market or from friends when it is easy to negotiate. But how to get discounts on new cars from official dealers? Is it possible at all? Surely you will be surprised, but a certain discount can be obtained in the official motor show. And for this there are quite a lot of possibilities. In this article we will tell you more about some of them. Using our recommendations, you can save a significant amount.

The best ways to get a discount on a car from a dealer

How to get a discount on a car from a dealer.

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What are dealer discounts

How does almost any auto show? The manager usually represents the car manufacturer, so he is most interested in selling the car to you. And although the customer is always right, any manager and seller will try to sell you a car with the maximum benefit for themselves. But at the same time they do not want to lose you as a buyer, especially if the car is quite expensive, and sales due to the economic crisis are not the highest. That's it at this moment and you need to try to achieve for yourself the maximum discount. We now turn directly to the discounts that can be achieved.

Seasonal discounts

Quite often, the most profitable purchase of a car can be made at a certain time of the year, for example, at the very beginning or closer to the New Year. This is quite understandable. For example, there are periods when the demand for cars falls. Then, in order not to disrupt sales plans, car dealers are ready to offer discounts, sometimes quite significant. If you study the market situation well, you can save a lot.

Seasonal discounts

Buyers discount cards

Some car dealers offer discount cards for wealthy customers and regular customers. Their owners can count on some discounts or additional services. If you are not buying the first car, and you have such a card, study its capabilities in more detail. When the first car, try to find someone who has a discount. In the case when the card is not the same, you can try to negotiate with the seller.

Gifts instead of discounts

Suppose a manager is not ready to give you a cash discount. Then you can try to knock out a gift. What is meant by a gift? For example, you can offer a set of tires, mats, alarm, nezamerzayku or something else. Savings will be that you do not need to additionally buy these accessories. The seller does not want to make concessions? Try to go to another salon, maybe there they will meet you.

Trade in

Such a scheme is becoming more and more popular among Russian motorists. What is its essence? You change your old car to a new one and pay the difference. The logic is simple - the more expensive you give your current car, the bigger discount you will end up with a new one. Try to find out all the conditions and pitfalls of such a deal and achieve success.

Trade in

Birthday automaker

Regarding the anniversary or the anniversary of the creation of the automobile manufacturer in the branded auto shows can be offered various discounts. Why not use them? Some discounts are quite substantial.

Try to bargain

No matter how strange it may sound, but sometimes you can simply bargain for a discount on a car. Look for arguments, negotiate with managers, come to a compromise.

Competitive Method

Even several salons of the same manufacturer may offer different conditions when buying cars. Why not compare prices in several salons, then buy a car where you will be offered the most favorable conditions?

Bargain when buying

Optional accessories

Since in most cases the prices for cars are set by the manufacturer and are standard in all salons, the majority of dealers earn on various additional services and accessories. Naturally, they will do their best to sell them to you. Weigh carefully if you need them. In addition, it would not hurt to find out how much the offered services and accessories cost outside Discounts for new cars! Profitable loan from 9.9% installments 0% salon. Very often, dealers offer something at a greatly inflated price. You have the full right to refuse.

Defects and mechanical damage

Quite often minor damage occurs during transportation. In some situations, the dealer is trying to eliminate them. Feel free to ask for a discount on the car! If the damage is not critical, it can often be much cheaper to repair in another workshop. The main thing that such a workshop had the appropriate license.

Possible deception


Since any promotions and offers have a limited duration, you may be denied a discount at the very last moment. Like, the expiration date came out while you were bargaining. Moreover, there have been cases that the dirty trick was found after payment or loan processing. Fortunately, good car dealers value their reputation for not allowing such actions.

Expected car and demo car

You can find a car at an attractive price on the Internet or in the showroom itself. But here you are informed that the model you have chosen is a demonstration one, or it is not currently available at all, and its delivery is expected. You are offered to wait, you agree, even pay an advance payment. But, as often happens, the car is delivered at a higher price. Nobody wants to return money, you spoil your nerves and lose money.

Possible options for cheating

Shipping and other imposed services

Some stores may impose some additional services for an additional fee. For example, delivery of a car from a factory to a car dealership. Do not hesitate to call the factory to clarify all the details. Usually transportation is included in the price. The same can be said about other services.


If you follow these simple tips, you can get a good discount when buying a car. In the comments we ask you to tell you whether you managed to get a discount on a new car.