Comparative characteristics of drum and disc brakes


Advantages of drum brakes

Professionals are well aware of the difference in the structure of disc and drum brakes. They can be found on various types of cars. Let's leave the device internally for the masters. Let's talk about the disadvantages and advantages of each type, in order to understand which of them is better.

Drum brakes for a long time used for installation on trucks, because they are more durable. The option of installing a disk on them was not even considered. The main difference from discs is erasure resistance. It is very important for trucks that often travel long distances. Stops for repairs on the way for them are extremely undesirable. Drum brake is a closed mechanism. Its internal parts are well protected from dust and dirt. This ensures their long service life, protects against premature wear.

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Drum-type features

At the same time, they have several drawbacks, due to which they had to reconsider the attitude of manufacturers to drum brakes. It is undeniable that the stopping distance of the drum is much longer than that of the disc brakes. Moreover, to start the drum brake to perform its function, the pedal has to be pressed with much greater effort. Accordingly, braking performance is significantly reduced.

Another significant drawback worth talking about. Under emergency braking, the drum mechanisms get very hot. The heating temperature can reach 500–600 degrees Celsius, this unpleasant fact does not have the best effect on the braking process, especially there is an urgent need.

Drum brake circuit

Thus, certain advantages, undoubtedly, are. Reliability, durability suggest that drum brakes are better than disc brakes. However, its shortcomings make us think about the correctness of this statement.

Alternate type

Disc brakes are most common in the automotive industry. They just do not overheat during braking, therefore, much more effective. This view is better cooled because it has an open structure. They are cooled by the flow of air. But this was not enough for manufacturers. They went further in their developments and put on the mass production of pads with additional ventilation. Without a doubt, this significantly increased the effectiveness of inhibition. Braking distance has been reduced by at least twenty percent.

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However, they require replacement almost three times more often than the drum ones, because due to their open device they become vulnerable to dust and dirt, which fall inside the mechanism along with the same cooling air stream.

Disc brake circuit

Needless to say, road safety is largely dependent on quality brakes. At the moment, abrasion resistant alloys are used for production in order to increase service life. How many accidents in the world occurred during the lifetime of cars due to faulty brake pads? Not surprisingly, manufacturers and motorists are looking for the best and safest options.

Successful combination

One of these options is often installed on inexpensive cars. Manufacturers put the rear brakes drum, and the front - disc. Thus, it turns out the combined option to install the brakes. The same principle is used by many manufacturers of crossovers. In addition, he liked the owners of budget car brands. The rear wheels are more prone to pollution, so it is reasonable to position the drum and disc brakes in this way.

Practice shows that discs are better than drum ones. The facts show that in sports cars, which more often than any other car use emergency braking, only disc mechanisms are installed.

Currently, many models of brake pads are also equipped with special wear sensors, which tell owners when it is time to replace them. In addition, all drivers are advised to pay attention to the mileage, and regularly check the condition of the brakes.

One can argue about the disadvantages and advantages of drum and disc brakes. It is important that the outcome of the dispute was a choice in favor of security, not economy.