Manufacturers want to reduce the price of lada granta in

Производители хотят в 2017 году удешевить Lada Granta на двадцать процентов Как сообщило руководство российского автогиганта AVTOVAZ, в следующем году отечественные автолюбители могут купить Ладу Grant at a lower price than what is offered today. The exact size of the reduction is not called, but it is said that the cost of components will be reduced by twenty percent. Based on this, we can assume that about the same "discount" will be released on the car assembly.

Лада Grant is the most demanded domestic model in our country. therefore Nicolas Mor, the new director of AvtoVAZ, I am sure that after reducing the price of a car, which is so important for crisis Russia, its sales will go up sharply, which in turn will make it possible to offset the costs by reducing the cost of components for Grant, which it takes on AVTOVAZ. As a result, everything will be fine: both for buyers - for the majority of the country's low-income population, and for producers: warehouses will quickly become empty. In addition, cheaper Grant will become a more preferred "piece" for those who are going to buy a car in the secondary market. Производители хотят в 2017 году удешевить Lada Granta на двадцать процентов It is interesting, due to what are going to AvtoVAZ to reduce the cost of components for Лады Grant? As said Nicolas Mor, he is going to observe the Monozukuri principle, which is well-known in the automotive industry, which means only one thing: maximum optimization of production at all its stages. By the way, it will be said that the suppliers with whom these issues have already been discussed seem to be not even against such an innovation.

Today for the "chetyrehdverku" Lada Granta dealers ask from 384 to 562 thousand wooden. Liftback will cost anyone who wants to buy it from 405 to 572 kilorubles. These are all prices without any discounts or special offers, which sellers often announce on their goods. Under the hood that the sedan, that liftback are the same petrol aspirated: these are 1.6-liter engines, capable, depending on the firmware to issue 87, 98 or 106 horsepower. The motors work with a five-speed mechanical "handle", a four-band automatic transmission or with a robotic transmission (AMT). Производители хотят в 2017 году удешевить Lada Granta на двадцать процентов Grant, as already noted above, is the best-selling car in our country. In January - July 2016, the Russians bought out a little over fifty thousand "grant". This, however, is twenty-two thousand less than last year, but also still a significant figure. More Russians bought only Korean Solaris - almost fifty four thousand cars. With all the coming cheaper, on Grant more soon will hang additional equipment. This is a system of ERA-GLONASS.

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